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Автор Kenyon Donner (6 месяцев)

Автор Ronald Matters (6 месяцев)
This sounds like a demo around 'Destiny Fulfilled' era. It's very similar
to "T-Shirt" and was probably produced by Vidal Davis.

Автор Tiana Mclain (16 дней)
I cn't believe I forgot about this song. I used to listen to this my
sophomore year in high school.

Автор Mart R. (10 месяцев)
B'day or DIL era, probably DIL era tho.

Автор Chinia robertson (1 месяц)
G5's cured all my ailments. Yes

Автор edward lunsford (5 месяцев)
BEYONCE - Body Rock: http://youtu.be/zD5WUiuHiKk

Автор Andre' Morris (6 месяцев)
This song takes me back to the Dangerously In Love era. I live!

Автор Luis Cuyares (7 месяцев)
Can't believe I'm discovering this song now, sucky ass stan lol.

Автор Josh Helton (3 месяца)
Silena Murrell - Bring It Home (body rock)..... :( great job B. Personally
I prefer Silena Murrell version.

Автор Latoya Titus (2 месяца)
Miss the old B.... Maybe when she finally over Jay z she will go back to
the woman we know...

Автор Taiara Ward (3 месяца)

Автор Fatima Bangura-Amori (8 месяцев)
Happy Birthday +Beyoncé this is a old gem

Автор Ernest Hernandez (6 месяцев)
Definitely dangerously in love era, maybe even early b'day era

Автор cece petite (10 месяцев)
This song is not long enough.

Автор Victoria Ahmed (7 месяцев)
Daaaammmmmmnnnnnn. Mmmmmmhhmmmmm is all I can say x

Автор Oliver Fielding (1 год)
Bey is belting some high notes in this song!!

Автор laura flore (1 год)
Beyoncé - Body Rock

Автор itachibones (1 год)
that's my song, just puts me in the mood lol.

Автор Jayda Byrd (6 месяцев)
love this

Автор tylermwells (1 год)
Sounds like Slow dance by Keri hilson

Автор Dee Greer (1 год)
Vocals tho >>>>>> ❤❤

Автор itachibones (1 год)
can't believe this song is unreleased God she is so good. Love it so much
Love Queen B

Автор Tylesha Butler (1 год)
Where can i download this song

Автор Bubbles Morgan (1 год)
love this so much <3

Автор james Jordan (1 год)

Автор Shanterial Washington (1 год)
This on repeat <3

Автор Zachariah Hilton (1 год)
I love it.

Автор Brian Mayora (1 год)
Sounds like her "Dangerously in Love" era

Автор Damion Postell (1 год)
Recorded for Destiny Fulfilled by Destiny's Child under the title "Body
Scott Storch production...

Автор Dion Fisher (1 год)
WOW I love THIS ♥

Автор Joe Blackmon (1 год)

Автор Arslan4083 (1 год)
Hello, folk, I have some photos of Beyonce on the beach for you all!!!
Here's the link: http://fileups.net/file/0tc677 Sorry, but you will
have a sort of a small poll when you download them)) ENJOY THE Photos.

Автор missAmeliaLove13 (1 год)
which of her albums is it??!

Автор feiistybitch (2 года)

Автор jaebey1932 (2 года)
Love this song, its amazing. I wish she would have put it on the album

Автор Lo daniel (1 год)
body roooock<3

Автор Tonya Bunch (1 год)
Why aren't they playing this on the radio?

Автор ldst4 (2 года)

Автор Rubiano Ribeiro (1 год)
perfeição define esa girl is beautiful

Автор rihanna fan (2 года)
1 2 3 4 555 til i cant take no mo 6666 then we move to the flo 7777 8888
9999 1000000 ohhhhhhhh i always get my life at this part

Автор SuperCountrycityboy (1 год)
It was never actually release not even in an album,unfortunately.

Автор ariel spruill (2 года)
gahhh this song ! ;)

Автор Bryanna Cooper (2 года)
i can't stop playing this song smh

Автор Alex Cross (2 года)
@alicia5962 ummmmnm...?????? You're point?

Автор Angilique Johnson (2 года)
What yu negative as ppl fail to realize is that she still doin her thing
and making her money

Автор Bernisha Lewis (1 год)
i wannna do some things wit dis song on llsss jp

Автор Vontai Hughes (2 года)
lol..you can keep your sarcasm..I've got enough of my own & don't need

Автор The1JazzyBelle (2 года)
Use "Listen to Youtube". It rips the audio and you can download the mp3.

Автор SOLIDC0LD (2 года)
aw well i like 2 give & im not selfish. thought id share!

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