BEYONCE - Body Rock


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Автор Dee Rich Houston ( назад)
damn baby

Автор Beysus Freak4 ( назад)
I love popping my pussy to this song! Yasss bitch! Fuck me up with these
sexy ass slow jams!

Автор Natasha Duren ( назад)
This is the Beyonce I love...yes!

Автор Diamond Jackson ( назад)
my fav song by her

Автор Claudine Clarke ( назад)
this Is the song that Give Me a Baby

Автор Ayanna Berg ( назад)
OK so yes this is a wonderful song only if it was created by her... I love
Beyonce, but this is my aunts song and its called "Bring It Home" by Silena

Автор larry ship (babydollpinkkoolaid) ( назад)
i miss the old beyonce.

Автор Sugar Free ( назад)
This is my jam! I love Beyonce!

Автор Janice Zeno ( назад)
I only wished you enlightened me earlier. I can't change what I did, but I
could make it better. I was just searching 4 truth. I apologize and hope
you forgive me. I love you no matter what the circumstances. Please just
try 2 find strength and love in your heart 2 forgive me 4 everything I've
put you through. My life is yours now...♥

Автор Tatiana costa ( назад)
Body rock was actually made when B was in destinys child

Автор thedarkknight646 ( назад)
this song and slow dance by Keri hilson sound so similar I can't ignore it

Автор Jahmal Murray ( назад)
bring it all to me

Автор Victor Mejia Arroyo ( назад)
Called "Bring It Home" (aka Body Rock) Scott Storch made it for Silenna
Murrell, but put B on it too

Автор Tiana Mclain (1302 года назад)
I cn't believe I forgot about this song. I used to listen to this my
sophomore year in high school.

Автор Nia R. (167 лет назад)
G5's cured all my ailments. Yes

Автор Latoya Titus ( назад)
Miss the old B.... Maybe when she finally over Jay z she will go back to
the woman we know...

Автор Taiara Ward ( назад)

Автор Josh Helton ( назад)
Silena Murrell - Bring It Home (body rock)..... :( great job B. Personally
I prefer Silena Murrell version.

Автор Ernest Hernandez ( назад)
Definitely dangerously in love era, maybe even early b'day era

Автор Ronald Matters ( назад)
This sounds like a demo around 'Destiny Fulfilled' era. It's very similar
to "T-Shirt" and was probably produced by Vidal Davis.

Автор Andre' Morris (72 года назад)
This song takes me back to the Dangerously In Love era. I live!

Автор Luis Cuyares ( назад)
Can't believe I'm discovering this song now, sucky ass stan lol.

Автор Victoria Ahmed ( назад)
Daaaammmmmmnnnnnn. Mmmmmmhhmmmmm is all I can say x

Автор Mart R. ( назад)
B'day or DIL era, probably DIL era tho.

Автор cece petite ( назад)
This song is not long enough.

Автор Oliver Fielding (698 лет назад)
Bey is belting some high notes in this song!!

Автор itachibones ( назад)
that's my song, just puts me in the mood lol.

Автор Tylesha Butler ( назад)
Where can i download this song

Автор tylermwells ( назад)
Sounds like Slow dance by Keri hilson

Автор Bubbles Morgan ( назад)
love this so much <3

Автор Shanterial Washington ( назад)
This on repeat <3

Автор Zachariah Hilton ( назад)
I love it.

Автор Dee Greer ( назад)
Vocals tho >>>>>> ❤❤

Автор Brian Mayora ( назад)
Sounds like her "Dangerously in Love" era

Автор Damion Postell ( назад)
Recorded for Destiny Fulfilled by Destiny's Child under the title "Body
Scott Storch production...

Автор Joe Blackmon ( назад)

Автор Dion Fisher ( назад)
WOW I love THIS ♥

Автор Arslan4083 ( назад)
Hello, folk, I have some photos of Beyonce on the beach for you all!!!
Here's the link: http://fileups.net/file/0tc677 Sorry, but you will
have a sort of a small poll when you download them)) ENJOY THE Photos.

Автор itachibones ( назад)
can't believe this song is unreleased God she is so good. Love it so much
Love Queen B

Автор Esperanza Esperanza (Pequeña) ( назад)
this song is from silena murrell . beyonce covered it its called bring it
home aka body rock

Автор love ( назад)
Love her & this song

Автор Nicole Davis ( назад)

Автор Thisismyusername227 ( назад)
thats why she didn't release it

Автор Ronald Munodawafa ( назад)
Keri Hilson - Slow Dance. enough said

Автор Vivazee ( назад)
Oh my! I love this song so much!!!

Автор AquariusLady Gorgeouz ( назад)
Never heard some of these songs linked with this song

Автор JumpJumpJump ( назад)
It was never actually release not even in an album,unfortunately.

Автор missAmeliaLove13 ( назад)
which of her albums is it??!

Автор sweet2def ( назад)
if this shit doesn't give you chills there is something wrong with you lol

Автор Rubiano Ribeiro ( назад)
perfeição define esa girl is beautiful

Автор Mariah B ( назад)
is the same music from keri hilson slow jam?

Автор Daniel Londoño Betancourt ( назад)
Lol... Everyone!

Автор yborcity67 ( назад)
DAMN!!! I'm gonna have to start smoking again!

Автор Nia Shannon ( назад)
Damn, Beyonce!!! I like that shit!

Автор haleemah ketter ( назад)

Автор Michelle Taylor ( назад)
love the beat

Автор Chynna Lites ( назад)
Ohh I love this shit

Автор Shakita Tylon ( назад)
So love tho song I put her on to this song

Автор Lo daniel ( назад)
body roooock<3

Автор Tonya Bunch ( назад)
Why aren't they playing this on the radio?

Автор mirrorslife ( назад)
#ILIVE For This Song Yasss BEY!!! 

Автор Zoovier_Wife ( назад)
OMG!!!!!!!!! <3 Got a virgin fantasizing! 

Автор Lo daniel ( назад)
listen do this song every day...can't stop:D

Автор Andrew Bennett ( назад)
I Agree @igor perlucho

Автор Bernisha Lewis ( назад)
i wannna do some things wit dis song on llsss jp 

Автор MissTranae ( назад)
Love it

Автор Maya Love ( назад)
it sounds like her old music not this new stuff where shes yelling on the
mountain tops shes the shit. we know that bey and soo does competition but
if you have to self declare it then it defeats the purpose.

Автор Daniela Litzana ( назад)
no creo

Автор Valeria Cardenas Barahona ( назад)
Esta canción esta en algún disco de beyonce? 

Автор Valeria Cardenas Barahona ( назад)
si es posible :D 

Автор ShayShay Brooks ( назад)
1234555 6 move to the floor 78910000

Автор Akilah D ( назад)
quiere toda la maldita canción traducido?!

Автор rihanna fan ( назад)
1 2 3 4 555 til i cant take no mo 6666 then we move to the flo 7777 8888
9999 1000000 ohhhhhhhh i always get my life at this part

Автор Valeria Cardenas Barahona ( назад)
quien tiene la traducción de esta canción??

Автор Raya III ( назад)

Автор Sunny D ( назад)
don't forget her dancing.

Автор The Divine Hostess ( назад)
Love this song!

Автор ldst4 ( назад)

Автор riri rihanna ( назад)
Like !

Автор Chris Brown ( назад)
-Love this song-

Автор chrmd10 ( назад)
@alicefaby it was an unreleased song. I love this song though

Автор Katrina Cobb ( назад)
i love her she is bad bicth doing hate

Автор The Divine Hostess ( назад)
My first time hearing this. I love it! <3

Автор alicefaby ( назад)
from what album is this song?

Автор francis espinosa ( назад)
she's drivin me crazy ! i love beyonce !

Автор kymneshia bryan ( назад)

Автор Amber C. Hedgeman ( назад)
The outro is the best.... Part of the song!

Автор lil'bit ( назад)
bring it home (body rock) - silena murrell....look it up. B's voice is

Автор Erica Hall ( назад)
i love it .

Автор Slaychelle ( назад)
Plus the beat as well. The description is misleading :\

Автор Nicole Lovely ( назад)
Wish this was longer. Can never get enough of it. ♥

Автор Storm Bey ( назад)
Oh please do!

Автор Ferrymist91 ( назад)
Hey, I can give you the website, If you really want to download all of
these new beyonce songs. Just reply back to me, after u get this.

Автор cocoluv86 ( назад)

Автор Bryanna Cooper ( назад)
i can't stop playing this song smh

Автор Storm Bey ( назад)
Is that for android as well because I don't have an iPhone?

Автор The1JazzyBelle ( назад)
Use "Listen to Youtube". It rips the audio and you can download the mp3. 

Автор Kiri jessop ( назад)
2013 now baby...

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