RSA ANIMATE: Changing Education Paradigms

This RSA Animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA's Benjamin Franklin award.

The RSA is a 258 year-old charity devoted to driving social progress and spreading world-changing ideas.

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This audio has been edited from the original event by Becca Pyne. Series produced by Abi Stephenson, RSA.

Animation by Cognitive Media. Andrew Park, the mastermind behind the Animate series and everyone's favourite hairy hand, discusses their appeal and success in his blog post, 'Talk to the hand': http://www.thersa.org/talk-to-the-hand/

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Автор mads max ( назад)
Donald trump approves this message. Lol. 

Автор Gina Lorini ( назад)
absolutely true!

Автор Tonny Lundahl ( назад)
Geweldig, precies wat ik altijd zeg. Ik heb hier heel veel last van, want
ik pas niet in de standaards. Heerlijk om een medestander te vinden. Ga zo
door. xxx

Автор Valen Volk ( назад)
Can anyone provide me the source for the damn paperclip study?? I've tried
searching scholarly and nothing.. He doesn't even provide a % for 13-15
sample group..... *sigh*

Автор Indranil Roy ( назад)
Ken/others... This is a powerful concept of teaching to the current
generations of young learners. Let's take this scenario, that I've put on

Do you think this approach breaks away from tradition and makes education
more valuable, productive, and outcome oriented than before? Is this what
schools worldover are doing?

Автор Mourtadah Karim (Mourt) ( назад)
hey Phil Beals :D nice shirt, i like that color on you :)

Автор kefsound ( назад)
The paperclip test is absurd.

Автор mads max ( назад)
A doctor prescribed me that garbage at the age of 12. I took it for a year
before i started spitting them out. I went to the nurses office to get
dosed like it was a concentration camp before lunch. School was a joke in
90s and i am affraid to say we are a culture in decline. 

Автор The Gold Is In the Land ( назад)

Автор Booyaka Bumbaclot ( назад)
why does it cut at the end? where's the continuation?

Автор DrHardrocker ( назад)
this is excellent

Автор Barack Obama ( назад)
Who's idea was it to put that annoying ass squeaky marker in the beginning
of the video?

Автор Hasan İNCE ( назад)
jose kalp kalp kalp

Автор Commie Bastard ( назад)
While I agree that a good school environment is important (I could not
survive if I still was in public school, and I tried to run away from my
public school multiple times when I was) I could also not survive socially
or emotionally without my medication. I could not survive without my meds,
and I ultimately feel like I can function more rather than less, and I can
process more information not less, and I enjoy learning more not less, with
my meds than without them.

Автор john t ( назад)
I was diagnosed with ADHD and was given all the drugs, thank you modern
education for that, so I feel that I am qualified to say that THERE IS NO
SUCH THING AS ADD/ADHD. I have a different way of thinking than other
people or they are different from me, take your pick. Point is when you
call something a "disorder" then its a problem that needs fixing. And how
do we fix things?? DRUGS! Of course, because God forbid that teachers
actually do their jobs and identify the learning needs of children. If you
have a child, and you are being told that he/she, more likely the former,
has ADD and needs meds, PLEASE don't, please, they will never learn to live
with their own mind and will only become drug dependent, don't force them
to think the way other people say they should. There are alternatives,
martial arts, dance, horse riding, dog training, calligraphy. Hobbies such
as these will help your child discipline their own mind. Please don't force
some drug on your kids, Ritalin/Adderall, whatever the name, they make you
feel like someone else not yourself. Look at the alternatives, for their

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Автор Gussie Lyde ( назад)
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Автор Brian “Data” Antezana ( назад)
still relevant

Автор Pamela Klebes ( назад)
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Автор Theodore A Hoppe ( назад)
Epidemic: The Misdiagnosis of ADHD

"The problem, in the ADHD world and others—particularly psychiatric—is that
the companies hijacked the entire field. It corralled all the top
researchers and doctors in the field and paid them five, six, even
seven-figures apiece to conduct studies all written in the same key: ADHD
is more widespread and dangerous than anyone knows, the drugs work
wonderfully and with almost no side effects, and that if you don't diagnose
and medicate a child, he or she will be doomed to academic and social
failure, crash their car, get venereal disease and more."


Автор GoSingleMamma! ( назад)
We know this................now how can we change it???

Автор Mehul Mishra ( назад)
The problem with putting advanced students in higher grades is that it is
discouraging to the other students. If they constantly see younger students
advancing faster than them they will start losing motivation and study even

Автор Amicable Enmity ( назад)
I think a lot of people want to have the label of ADHD so they can have
some sort security blanket covering up their lack of discipline. It is a
real problem, but it is not as common as you think it is. It's like your
average edgy teen self-diagnosing themselves with depression when in
reality they just have bad social skills and none of the other symptoms of
depression. That's not to say teens don't have it, but this whole "I NEED a
label" trend isn't helping those who actually have problems.

Автор Narwolf ( назад)
"We shouldn't be putting them to sleep, we should be waking them up." Um,
RITALIN IS A STIMULANT. It's like, literally, the exact opposite of an
anesthetic. Did he actually research these drugs? So, here's the deal. We
are actually stimulation deprived, which means our hyperactivity is not the
effect of excess energy, but rather a manifestation of our desperation to
get adequate mental stimulation. That's why we seek thrills, entertainment,
sugar, and attention, even more so than neurotypical people. They give us
what we naturally lack. We can't focus on anything less than interesting
because we're basically constantly starving. What a stimulant does for us
is it fills that gap. It satisfies us so we can direct our attention to the
more mundane tasks.

Автор Narwolf ( назад)
Maybe ADHD is "growing" not because the world is changing, but because
we're finally beginning to understand what it is. Especially in the past
decade since we've started realizing that it's a lot more than just
hyperactivity and distractibility. I didn't particularly look or act like a
typical ADHD kid, so I wasn't diagnosed until adulthood.

Автор Narwolf ( назад)
"It's still a matter of debate." Yeah, the same way we still debate whether
or not vaccines cause Autism or whether or not the Holocaust happened.

Автор HashMatter KardHashian ( назад)
ADHD eh? Well it didn't exists when I went to school, that's for sure.

Автор Frau Huebner ( назад)
This is powerful.

Автор John Mason ( назад)
Emma Watson brought me here

Автор Meltem Caymaz ( назад)

Автор Christina C ( назад)
Our current global civilisation is severely broken and closed minded
(selfish thinking) and it isnt working. I'm glad that there are more people
that appreciate other's and the positive message they are spreading. The
great thing is that slowly but surely changes are starting to be made and I
am thrilled that all children will have the opportunity to express
themselves with the greatness they were born with.

Автор Aidana Kassymova ( назад)
Where I can found text of this?

Автор Val-schaeffer ( назад)
So we need a society full of cutting edge, groundbreaking Philosophers,
finding new dimensions and new interpretations in everything, who look down
upon the worker bees from Polytechnic and apprenticeship background.

Автор apricus 94 ( назад)
It would be so great to have such an animation in German language -
fantastic illustration of wise words!

Автор Don Mackie ( назад)
very informative! Thanks for the enlightenment

Автор Rose Anne Tuplano ( назад)
so great animation!!!!!!! very well

Автор NapoleonExploded ( назад)
I see where the Divergent book series came from.

Автор Tyler Antwan ( назад)
Why doesn't he say the results of the Break Point test for the older kids?

Автор Мотикаря ( назад)
You got my subscription there.

Автор Dean Arthur ( назад)
Firstly, this was a very cool teaching method! The combination of the
illustrated drawing piece combined with the skilled orator on a very
current subject, Bravo. I found myself overly engaged in the speech. Now to
touch upon the content within the speech. The part which had me thinking
greatly after was the section on medicating children for the apparent
disorder of ADHD. I knew that ADHD was popular but never was it until I
came to college that I found such a high number of people surrounding me
who had long been prescribed various medications for this said disease. It
truly took me back especially on the factor that my father a pharmacist who
profits off this highly questionable industry longed preached to my family
and I on his unwary feeling he had on the High amount of Adderal being
prescribed to the youth.

Автор Aryo Seno ( назад)
well said

Автор Hubert Windal ( назад)
Emma Watson brought me here.

Автор Adolf Goldstein Shekelblatt ( назад)
Stop watching when he started describing stimulants as anaesthetics. The
problem with people adhd isn't that they're "too alive" and need to be
anaesthetised, it's quite the opposite. Adhd is a chronic lack of dopamine,
meaning the only effective way of treating adhd is by increasing the
available dopamine and/or inhibiting the re-uptake of dopamine so that it
stays in the brain longer. You're not anaesthetising people when you give
them ritalin, you are stimulating them.

Автор epic ride 786 ( назад)
thank you so much

Автор Michael Kahn ( назад)
The education system was developed by the bankers to feed us information to
make us cogs in the wheel to perpetuate evil systems that bring money and
power to the few. We are given information (no more or less than what) they
want us to have, so that we can do as told to in our profession or job.We
are taught to regurgitate that information on tests to pass, and thus get a
degree qualifying us to get a well-paying job. The books are chosen for us
by the establishment, and try challenging the professors with even
realistic and logical contesting ideas, and you are failed. My idea of
proper way to challenge children, to stimulate them, to help them learn to
think, analyze, scrutinize, and develop cognitive abilities; is to have a
different means of learning. Perhaps a teacher should do some research on a
given subject, find some verified facts, and have a roundtable discussion
of implications, solutions, reasons, etc.. children who think and use their
heads can help the others find ways to understand, mutual cooperation, and
those who have fun ridiculing and joking can be called on rarely, while the
slow ones can learn methods of analyzation, as taught in a fitting manner.
There is something to be said for learning to think on your own, including
research abilities. This is science- the search for ultimate truth,
sometimes outside of past "discoveries" and outside the boxes of thinking
that have been imposed on us. Our mindsets and worldviews have been created
by the media and education system, and these have been designed to impose
faulty concepts, actually evil ones, by those who place ultimate value on
wealth and power for themselves, and teach us to desire same.

Автор Patrick O'Neill ( назад)
This helped consolidate many of my "floating" ideas on education, as well
as shine light on valuable new information. Thank you. I really appreciated
the animation as well.

Автор KissMyAsthma ( назад)
These are the main reasons I quit the education system. I tend to work best
if I explore concepts and ideas on my own terms and at my own pace rather
than being spoon fed by a college professor in a boring monotonous manner.

Автор Ana Priscila ( назад)
Emma brought me here

Автор Halee Sikorski ( назад)

Автор David Ryan Moore ( назад)
Can you make a version without that damn hand in the way! ;)

Автор HereToHelp ( назад)
I remember showing this to my friend shortly after high school.

Sadly the world hasn't listened or changed anything.

Автор Montana Burr ( назад)
I agree with the premise of divergent thinking, but if not for standardized
testing, how can we ensure our nation's children are developing the skills
and knowledge they need to safeguard America's future?

Автор Sue Harrison ( назад)
This need to go on the TV!

Автор Jason Lin ( назад)
How can I help to edit the traditional Chinese subtitle? the translation is
quite off in many section and I won't be able to use it for my teacher
workshop.... Willing to transcribe it for free and can be done in few
hours. Please let me know how I can contribute to get the message out.

Автор Nikola Knezevic ( назад)
Pozz kolegama sa Fona. Srećno sa osnovama :)

Автор Pearl Lodur - Lionheart ( назад)
***TOTALLY CRAZY, FUNNY and SAD TRUTH..........this is worth every second
of your time--and I'd LOVE to know your thoughts after viewing
it..........It's PRICELESS............ I've shared it on my Wall many

Автор Chunes3 ( назад)
This is why I have no respect for teachers who are employed by public
schools and most private schools. They are directly supporting a grotesque
monster of an institution. The ones who think they can reform it from the
inside are completely delusional and do far more harm than good.

Stop. Supporting. Evil.

Автор Austin Hartman ( назад)
This should be made into a poster. That would be pretty cool

Автор jakemf1 ( назад)
Amazing! I am sure I am not the only one that see's that most of these
never talk about the learner! We have separated education from the kids and
their families, we talk as if there is a bubble around kids. We have to
face that eduction is not "Cool" and it is not valued in this country so
why would a kid care! Don't tell me science and History and music and Art
and PE aren't fun, they are! Society just has no patience or value for
education so parents don"t care (because they did not care as a child)
politicians don't care (no money from education) and the kids (they are
told daily how "UN Cool" school is) then schools fail and we blame them. Do
you blame the farmer for the weather, the coach for the player society
would never do that but we blame teachers for students! Don't students have
a part in this? Some would say the largest but yet least addressed.

Автор Ariel Alzamora Matos ( назад)
I can't believe a kid was given a drug just to make him/her pay attention
to a "class", no matter if it was a not interesting topic. I do believe is
a challenge to get children interested on what you are teaching though.

Автор hillary ( назад)
Doesnt matter how you teach them. You can teach the kids how to swim and
only a small percentage of those kids will be successful at the track and
field meet. And if you made the system more efficient and actually taught
them how to run track and field. Still, only a small percentage will be
successful at the track and field meet. This is because regardless of their
training. Only a small percentage can win at track and field meets.

Автор Novaski ( назад)
wheres part 2,3.. ?

Автор redspidernetworks ( назад)
Bildung auf den Punkt gebracht! Klasse!

Автор Gideon Wild ( назад)
So many of the problems that he discussed are simply not an issue when you

Автор Im The Real Tammy gonna ( назад)
I grew up with ADHD in school and it was hard for me to focus. They put me
on pills that made me feel sad, tired and slow and alone; basically a
zombie. My grades were in the toilet my mom had to come out to the school
almost everyday. I had to go to smaller rooms with about 6-7 other kids and
these were called "the slow classes" by other kids. It made me feel stupid
and depressed. Then when I was taken off the meds I was able to focus
better and I was taught better by teachers who understood me and as I rose
in my grades my grades were getting better. By the time I got in high
school in sophomore year I no longer needed to be taken out of classes and
no longer needed special treatment. Also I noticed that my ADHD made me see
the world differently. My ADHD made me think and create more creativity cuz
ppl with ADHD tend to be more in their head thinking about the fun stuff
rather than the boring stuff being said to them. My ADHD made me more
artistic and such a great thinker and creator. My gpa was a 3.75 and they
told me I was one out of a hand full of people who didn't let my ADHD
bother me. And that made me feel so special. Now I am absolutely in love
with my ADHD I see it more of a blessing than s curse and I thank god I
never got the severe case of ADHD. My art teacher when I was in high school
showed me this video and it made me understand that I'm not the only one
who thinks the same way about today's educational system!

Автор Ian Connel ( назад)
Robinson sounds like a snake oil salesman to me. How does this highfalutin
theory account for the results people got with education prior to the
invention of ADD and its profitable "cures?" And who on earth has never
been part of a "collaboration" where many of the members, who are not
volunteers, depend on a hard-working few to carry them as they have no
incentive to learn on their own? Will those slackers receive the same
quality education as the leaders?

Ken talks about academia as an unnecessary and invented paradigm, but
clearly it is necessary for him to speak down from a cloud. That way he can
avoid answering hard questions or being asked to come up with an actual
strategy. How many people listen to him and nod, YES, YES! but come away
with not a single action item?

That's pretty standard for TED talks though.

Автор Prénom Nom ( назад)
testing testing 1 2 3

Автор yoan maisonneuve ( назад)
thinking about Why education we teach now is a probleme for our enterprise
innovation and our country economy

Fact = education is long and force us to focused on a subject for all a

Probleme = in job we seem insconsciently forced to stick in subject and
mastered it before skipping to the next more important thing we need to do

Infact education is cultivating a "clivage(french)(spychanalytic)" of "not
focussing is bad"!!!

SO what is wrong with that = we are though it's wrong to not focused and
change our interest of focus

Consequence = we stay on thing with low level of quality to perfect it
instead of accepting its imperfection and start working with what is missing

Consequence on innovation in enterprise = we miss all the important low
level feature to achieve an equilibrium low level viable product by
according to much time on perfecting thing that are already working.

Автор Juliana Almeida ( назад)
Very good video! We have that searching change our education paradigms !

Автор ninx zee ( назад)
Bring back The Trivium method of learning!

Автор Gloria McKeogh ( назад)
I so agree with this video, but I cant see it changing in my life time, I
wish for all the children struggling and in fear of exams that they could
learn without being labeled. I wish there was more time for individual
development and a less stressful environment for our children to be
educated in. Nobody learns well under stress.

Автор spoony smalls ( назад)
The video asked why would you lower the standards, and yet that is what
continuously happens, especially in urban schools. For example, in my
locality you simply cannot fail k-8 grades. As a result, our high school
standards have been adjusted in a downward fashion to accommodate the lack
or reading and basic math skills. You see lower graduation rates affect
both state and federal dollars that flow into school systems. Furthermore,
when students still can't meet the artificially low standards, teachers (I
am one) are threatened with their jobs to push the kids through, so the
gravy train continues to flow. So that's one reason why.

Автор Oliver Goldsmith ( назад)
Wow. This guy can draw.

Автор Vanessa Evans ( назад)
Sadly it's 5 years old and for all his amazing ideas, none come of fruition
and change is no where to be seen. If anything, standardised testing and
conformity within schools is worse! I have a 10 year old who has just
written his SATs in the Uk and has spent the last 8 months being force fed
English, maths and how to write a test paper. It's been awful. He is a
beautiful young boy being forced into secondary school because he is 11 and
will unlikely meet the "expected" level for his "year group" He often tells
me he is stupid compared to everyone else and the teachers have told him if
he doesn't change now he won't get a job and be successful. Apart from home
schooling, I can see no other way out for this lovely human being.

Автор iseymor ( назад)
what talk is this specifically taken from? i cant seem to find it!

Автор Manuel Rosales ( назад)
At some point, are we going to ask parents, politicians, the media, and our
government to help fix this social mess? Schools can be transformed, but
when you constantly get really poor raw material, it is exceptionally
difficult to produce a good product. Look, I get it, our school system is
not ideal, but it is a product of our social construct. I feel bad for
these teachers who desperately want to create independent critical
thinkers. But how can they when students are told at home, on TV, their
mobile devices, and online is that school is not the way to happiness or

Автор Ben Edwards ( назад)
Amazing video

Автор Caroline Sargeant ( назад)
Absolutely fantastic. I say this as a creative person who delivers
workshops in schools and as a mum of a boy with ADHD. Schools/Politicians
take note - Sir Ken Robinson must be listened to if we want our young
people to achieve their potential.

Автор David Capers ( назад)
What happens to the audio at 11:07? Every time I play this it goes silent
at 11:07.

Автор Manuel Munoz ( назад)
Very good video indeed 👏🏻

Автор Christine Veazey ( назад)
Extremely irritating squeaky pen and writing, AND audio. Know that that
audio and reading together don't enhance the learning process. It is not
helpful to have to pay attention to both, or having to hold one down while
paying attention to the other, or having to go back and forth. Information
is actually missed. And like I said, it is IRRITATING and so I turned it
off. But offered you a piece of my mind which broke off while watching a
minute of your advertisement.

Автор Click How ( назад)
Amazing video on animated hand sketch. its free or pro.?

Автор Oscar Stubbs ( назад)
Over the past 4 years or so I have been thinking exactly this, I am 17
years old now. This has summed up all my thoughts perfectly. You have
genuinely inspired me to redesign the education system. Watch out world -
here I come. Thank you.

Автор Nico Berx ( назад)
excellent! Timeless and so true. Love to see the "curse of education"
preventing us from being innovative and think "out-of-the-box" and true,
unbiased seeing without constraints or preprogrammed concepts.

Автор Roxy Stellar ( назад)
April 2016: 'Uploaded on Oct 14, 2010'
sixteen years on and lcd approach regrettably prevails 😩

Автор Ocean Waves ( назад)
This was obvious to me the whole time I was in school. It's been close to
20 years since I graduated and we still follow the same foolishness. I am
positive that gaming apps could be designed that kids can play that could
replace teachers and schools.

Teachers could be multi disciplinary helping kids with parts they don't
understand in any subject no longer limiting them to the same boring
curriculum year after year.

But this whole system is systemic of the entirety of our culture. Police
officers historically are just there to enforce laws, but today that role
needs to change to one of enforcing laws and social out reach. The days of
people being one trick ponies is over.

7 years of school to find out your education is now obsolete or your career
is shipped off to China is a waste! Not to mention that often 7 years of
post secondary education has nothing to do with actually accomplishing a
task. Most skills are learned on the job, and are mostly transferable. It's

Автор the potato dog ( назад)
this is THE only educational video that i watched on will. super well made
and thought out

Автор LeafyIsHere ( назад)
Seriously this is one of the, scratch that THE smartest YouTube video I
have seen in my life and TO THIS DAY no change has happened, the government
has become a static thing NOTHING big will change especially if it hurts
the immediate economic

Автор MARIA GOGOV ( назад)
what a wonderful video..it really made me think!!!

Автор 88Sofft ( назад)
Can we get this on a poster?

Автор shanetrompeter ( назад)
the romans where the first to do forced mold Education and told everyone
that they could get trade or a job.

Автор Be the change ( назад)
What is the Name of the study, where they test the Kids ?

Автор 3D Marionette (1129 лет назад)
You've just filled my mind with....180 ideas !

Автор Erin Coursey ( назад)
The map at 3:37 shows PRESCRIPTIONS only. The map of actual PREVALENCE
according to the CDC looks quite different. In fact, it's almost identical
for the map of prevalence for autism and many developmental disorders.

Автор Björn Morén ( назад)
I agree with a lot in this video. However, the capacity for divergent
thinking is pretty useless, because it is not constrained by usefulness, so
I wonder why the video makes a point about children having this capacity.
They lose it over time, yes, but why? We don't know if it is because of the
education system or a natural development when becoming an adult. I would
say the latter, because the older we get, the more we realize how useless
divergent thinking is.

I have some adult friends who are typical ADHD personalities, and they have
an unusually big capacity for divergent thinking. But this puts them in the
category of "day dreamers", because they don't care if their ideas are
useful to others, can be profitable, or even physically possible to
realize. Typical ADHD person comment: "Oh, now they stole my idea, I came
up with zip-lock suspenders years ago!" (not realizing that an original
idea is 1% of the creation of a final product, and most fail because they
are not viable).

I would say that a capacity for divergent thinking is trivially easy to
develop, it just the ability to not censor the thoughts popping up in your
mind. But being creative is a much much harder thing, it is coming up with
new stuff that is USEFUL (as the video also points out). That has to do
with the association skills in the brain. You have to spend years and years
of absorbing facts, honing your thinking skills, getting used to failing,
trial and error, and developing a hard work ethic, before you can consider
yourself a "creative person that create useful things". It could be as an
engineer, musician, artist, architect, etc.

Автор garlan makoy ( назад)
nice demontration. keep it up:D

Автор Vishwas Dhumal ( назад)
The illustrations complement the talk beautifully a great talk and
fantastic illustrations superb

Автор Vishwas Dhumal ( назад)
The illustrations complement the talk beautifully a great talk and
fantastic illustrations superb

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