HOW TO: Homemade Prosthetic Gel

Quick easy recipe for a prosthetic gel that you can make at home!

Here are videos that show me using this:
TUTORIAL: Mutated Zombie (includes neck wound):
SPFX MAKEUP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6OUy2QhPps
Grav3yardgirl Contest entry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYecds6ZPg0
Burn Makeup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K99h64x4LM8

Quick fix for the smell:
It does smell horrible!! But a way to cut the nasty smell, is actually putting a glycerine based scented lotion in it (just a little). I used some from bath and body works, and it helped the smell A LOT.

If you us this, let me know! And if you have any questions please feel free to ask! Also if you use something like this and have any tips/tricks for me, feel free to comment down below!

Good luck and thanks for watching! xoxo-briggy


Q: How long will this gel stay on your face?
A: Depends how much you put on, if you are doing a full face look you will want to seal the edges down with either latex, spirit gum or lash adhesive. If you are only doing a few wounds it should stay on until you peel it off with minimal lifting.

Q: Will this pull my hair out?
A: Nope, I've never had any hair pulled off by this, but if you are really worried about it, you can just cover your brows with a glue stick.

Q: How do I take it off?
A: It peels off. Also, if you get it in your hair, it dissolves with water.

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Автор Zay Marie ( назад)
So can I use this as a sticky base like can it be sticky

Автор Robin Thompson ( назад)
I LOVE this stuff, but I have a funny story to tell about it. I was
teaching a group of teen-agers how to do zombie make up. I "warmed" the gel
up, and, in my excitement, painted it on my leg, WAAAY to soon!! I have a
high tolerence for pain, and didn't want to be embarassed in front of the
group for such a rookie mistake. Anyway, I didn't realize I had blistered
it so badly, When I cut the prosthtic, I opened the blister, and point
make-up in the wound....So, to make a long story short, the burn and
infection were so bad that I ended up getting a skin graft with CADAVER
skin, so my group of teens thinks is awesome that I am now REALLY part
ZOMBIE! Haha The gel is great, but definitely let it cool down.

Автор Kyle Howard ( назад)
Keisha Hunter I added some make up the liquid kind to mine and was able to
get it really close to my own skin tone

Автор keshia hunter ( назад)
have you added any color to this to give it a skin like tint, I'm trying to
use it on an in inanimate object

Автор Sarah Stacey-Blythe ( назад)
can u use flavored gelatin

Автор Carla Valentina Dstteffano ( назад)
Is the same glycerin used for cakes and all that stuff? I have that kind...

Автор Rolly Bandala ( назад)
... can i use glucose instead of glycerine

Автор Satsuki Yukino ( назад)
I'm so happy i found your vid again :D i find it very useful so thank you
for posting this a few years back c:

Автор FOREVER FAITH ( назад)
What can I substitute in for the GELATINE??

Автор daimon hellstrom ( назад)
there is so much just laying around your house to sub for glycerin. Ive
used caladryl clear poison ivy lotion but make sure its the clear stuff or
eucerin hand cream. Most homes have one of those two but the caladryl works
better and the scent isn't too bad. It smells strong when you take it out
of the microwave but subsides.

Автор Rachel Barr ( назад)
Can it be stored

Автор Annie Powell ( назад)
Sounds cool!

Автор NEBS ( назад)
can you use vegetable oil?

Автор Jamie Hoyt ( назад)
I love this gel!! the has changed my life and the way I do my make up. its
so easy to use and make and cheap! its a great alternative

Автор Jenny Howdy ( назад)
just curious can i use coconut oil?

Автор Chris Leigh ( назад)
Quick question, if I were to add more gelatin powder would the gel thicken
to more putty like consistency? I want it to be able to sort of pick it up
on globs to simulate risen skin instead of it being liquidy and laying flat
against my actual skin.

Автор Aribelle Payne Payne ( назад)
I don't have a microwave.. would this work on the stove?

Автор Beauty aneesa ( назад)
Is the gelatine are for jelly or what once i searched at the grocery only
the jelly thingy gelatine have btw i love your video

Автор Faith Banto ( назад)
can i use oil 

Автор Nancy perrigin ( назад)
I watched this video about two years ago....I have been using this video
every Halloween (and everything in between)...thank you so much....This
video is awesome and amazing....If I make too much I put it away in a
storage container and use it when I need it....you are so amazing for
showing me this...thank you so much. ;-)

Автор Sarahi Cabrera ( назад)
Do really need that glycerine stuff?

Автор Brian D Hanlon ( назад)
Thank you this was really helpful as I found out very last minute that one
of my friends was allergic to latex!!!

Автор Russ Wright ( назад)
Very cool. Great tut!

Автор ahamiltonxx1 ( назад)
Can you use this to keep tissue on your face?

Автор berrylover126 ( назад)
Does it hurt when you peel it off your skin?? I have really sensitive skin,
once i did somthing similar and it became red and kinda lumpy like mosquito
bites. I plan on doing this on my face so is it painful?

Автор Mike H ( назад)
very nice work, so easy. thanks

Автор SAUL DEPASQUALE ( назад)
ok when i make this gel it dries really quick so i have to put it on
really fast my it works awesome is that a good thing or a bad thing 

Автор Tiffany Dodson ( назад)
Does it stay on long

Автор Heather Jane Metcalf ( назад)
Awesome tutorial!!! great for people who don't want to break the bank to
get liquid latex.

Автор Sue L ( назад)
How long will the gel stick to your skin? I have oily skin.

Автор tasteNfashion ( назад)
so i need to use this weekend and will be outside can i use latex first as
a base then put this on top will it last longer???

Автор leon ruiz ( назад)
Can you add food color to this

Автор Xx_Piwistyle ( назад)
Does it dry compleet or does it stays little flexible ?? 

Автор sun5 ( назад)
can I use vegan gelatin?

Автор anya cheeze ( назад)
HELP! when i took it out the microwave the gelatin had some lumps it didn't
melt or dissolve i don't know what's wrong with it im from the philippines
Btw so i use a diff. Brand of gelatin.

Автор naiomi thomas ( назад)
this is excellent thank you!!! :)

Автор Kay Kayy ( назад)
Do you really need that liquid stuff glycerin 

Автор Weird Ryemon ( назад)
Can I use something else to substitute the Glycerin ?? Please please
please reply this. Can I use other kinds of oil ?

Автор TheJournalGurl (591 год назад)
I have used this for two years to do zombie makeup for our local zombie
walk. I love it so much! :)

Автор annabella mia ( назад)
It's mell shit !! (The gelatin)

Автор Wrath Berries ( назад)
My family is against the use of gelatin (we're vegetarian) and my mom would
like me to use Agar-Agar as a substitute. Is there a way this can be done?

Автор Jainyelle Martinez ( назад)
That was so wierd😕😕

Автор Jeff Hanna ( назад)
What do you recommend to use for the colors of the wounds?

Автор Delilah Torres ( назад)

I ran out and bought my 14 year old son a mask and was wondering if there
is a simple and cool way to make it look bloody underneath and around the
mask. I would also like to be able to put some chucks of skin here and
there so it looks more real.

Mask looks like you cut someone's face off with a kitchen knife to make
your mask. Neck and sides of face are open. This is where I'd like the put
bloody stuff

Автор kitty12379 ( назад)
Some things I have noticed about gelatin which may answer some questions.
You don't necessarily have to add glycerin. I'm not really sure why some
people add it, but the only difference I noticed between using it and just
using water was that with water only the gelatin shrank a little causing it
to pull at the edges and look a little funky. I'm not really bothered by
the smell, but you can add vanilla extract to make it smell better. This
video doesn't really go into detail about coloring and what you do after
you put it on, but someone asked if it is supposed to be sticky. When you
put it on, wait for it to dry then powder over it using baby powder, face
powder, or professional effects powder to take away stickiness and shine.
You can totally re-use it, and yes, if you are not making a specific
prosthetic you have to reheat it and make it syrupy again. If you want a
specific prosthetic you will probably need something to stick it to your
face like pros aide or spirit gum. Gelatin is found near the jello at the
grocery store, and glycerin is found near the rubbing alcohol. 

Автор Giulia Cecchini ( назад)
Hi ! I m from italy and here i can t find knox gelatine. What can i use to
replace it? I mean, what kind of gelatine is it? If i use agar agar, or
gelatine leaves is it the same?

Автор printrun5 ( назад)
nice trance tune!

Автор Epic Grimm ( назад)
i have to go to wally world this afternoon, muwahahahahahahahaha (i live in
a small southern town on the east coast..so yeah just some juggalo face
paint black outfit and some shadows to hide in scares the crap outta the
locals... time to STEP IT UP!) tytytytyty WILL try to remember to post how
i end up looking !!! ps.. there's stilts involved :D

Автор Rachel Mac Naught ( назад)
Can you use gelatin if it's colored since you're going to cover it up with
make up anyways?

Автор Bella Seguin ( назад)
If I were to put foundation in it to match my skin tone, How much should I

Автор Holly Fowler (917 лет назад)
I'm from Australia, I'm not sure if we use gelatine or not haha i know we
just have basic jelly, would that work the same?

Автор Whitney Golden ( назад)
Is there anything you can use in place of the glycerin? I'm having a hard
time finding it 'round these parts. 

Автор TheAquamoon13 ( назад)
knox gelatin is used by synchronized swimmers to do their hair for
competitions. we have a bit of a love hate relationship with it >_< stinks,
but is effective. this seem like a great idea to use it for prosthetic gel
though :)

Автор Annabeth Olson ( назад)
I'm gonna try this soon!! I'm going to get glycerin on Saturday!! YAY

Автор grimmscythe ( назад)
I made this a few years back for halloween and I must say the stench made
me gag. It was quite unpleasant so I ended up taking it off. 

Автор Victoria kasumi ( назад)
Do you have to use glycerin?

Автор sharon ( назад)
I don't have a microwave so is it alright if heat it over a stove?

Автор Christian Peebles ( назад)
do i have to reheat it evertime i use it?

Автор Hannah Stebbins ( назад)
this is perfect for my short film about zombies!!!:)

Автор Steve Morris ( назад)
mine stinks when i made like dog vomit

Автор Britney Merry ( назад)
How did you get your eye like that❓

Автор Molly Kates (645 лет назад)
how do you make a prosthetic?? like the mold of one

Автор Cory Jones ( назад)

Автор Elisa Campofiori ( назад)
why did u use glycerin?

Автор Isabella Mottern ( назад)
So do you just heat it up when you want to use it again

Автор jade1280 ( назад)
Great idea! Could someone please do a video showing how to paint the wounds
and tell us how you get it to look bloody? Thanks!

Автор Minecraft Hackerz ( назад)
Will defiantly do this!

Автор Beautyliciousgalz ( назад)
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Автор Igor Kiselev ( назад)
thank you for the great video

Автор kouper grey ( назад)
thank you!!!!!!!!

Автор megan mendoza ( назад)
It gets annoying when people ask can I reuse it. In the video it states
clearly u can resuse it just store it . Watch the full video PLZ :)) ((;

Автор Maggie Galey ( назад)
This is perfect because I HATE latex. I work at a haunted house, so there's
always late nights and it killed me to spend two hours cleaning latex off
my face every night. This just peels off when I'm done :]

Автор f1stock ( назад)

Автор Camille ( назад)
FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T FIND GLYCERINE: I found a lotion at Walgreens for $0.98
called Moisture Recovery Lotion. The main ingredients are water and
glycerin. When mixing, I did the 2 teaspoons of gelatin and 2 teaspoons of
the lotion. No water. It came out fine. When reheating, do 10 second
intervals. The lotion is white, so if you have a dark skin tone, I would
put some foundation in it as well if you are not planning to paint of it.

Автор Ellie ( назад)
I would NOT recommend using gelatine for prosthetics that you want to
reuse due to it going moldy after a day or so.

Автор Cricapher ( назад)
Yeah! I had to put in a little bit of water when reheating it though.

Автор Pink Soufflé ( назад)
how can you reuse it? do you microwave it again? 

Автор Shay Maulsby ( назад)
this was a LIFE SAVER. i have a photo shoot coming up and didnt want to buy
3rd Degree or use up all my scar wax. so thank YOU.

Автор Dev w ( назад)
Can you use jelly?

Автор OliviaGabriola17 ( назад)
try to put it on when its warm not hot or cold. this works for me. hope
this helps :) 

Автор 髙橋萌映 ( назад)

Автор Jessica Mitchell ( назад)
So totally tried this. If I actually want to put it on I have to burn my
skin. When it gets cool enough it's like half dried glue. Help!

Автор karenbeth26 ( назад)
I got the most complements from using this

Автор gta video xboxone ( назад)
What can we use if we can't find glycerin?

Автор AjaMiki ( назад)
Did it stink microwaving that plain gelatin?

Автор natalie lewis ( назад)
i don't know what you would use but i'm from the isle of man and i was able
to find glycerin in the chemist (Lloyd's Pharmacy) if that helps :)

Автор Ruby Alonso ( назад)
Can I use something eles instead of glycerine

Автор cooterman007 ( назад)
it looks kool 

Автор ClarkJeep ( назад)
Hey! You've saved Halloween! I tried it tonight, and it's awesome. Got a
gaping, horrendous wound on my hand, pus and all. Thank you so much. P.S.
And you've got a great demeanor/stage presence as well as delivery.

Автор wolverineboy97 ( назад)
Fuck can i use not glycerine ?

Автор SeekTruthorDieTryin ( назад)
Ever wonder why we are so fascinated with death on Halloween? There's a
Reaaallllly good reason. Goo__00oogle Search "Truth Contest" & open up The

Автор Kelsie Matthews ( назад)
I did this and I was allergic to gelatin so can make a nn Ew one with no
gelatin in please

Автор Sonic4Amy ( назад)
Can I do this with out the "Glycerine Skin Protectant"

Автор Sadie Keilitz ( назад)
oh and it smells awesome :)

Автор Sadie Keilitz ( назад)
Searched for HOURS today for Glycerin and never found it! but while looking
i did see that KY Jelly has Glycerin in it. So i cam home and used about
3tbls of KY Jelly and 1 pk of raspberry jello gelatine. Put in microwave
for 20 sec and let sit for 10 min to thicken and then you can use it.

Автор Riley Ramos ( назад)
I absolutely love this. I mean, take four hours the day before to make a so
called "easy gelatin-prosthetic gel? Or get up an hour and a half before my
normal time on a school morning? I'd choose the latter. Thank you so much
for this tutorial!! Saved me so much money and time! Can't wait to try it
out tomorrow!

Автор The2Dennis ( назад)
looks easy enough, thanks for the tip the photo from the neck looks great,
euh gross, euh great,.......... u know what i meen

Автор kathy Morris ( назад)
If your from the uk (which I am what could I use instead of Glycerin ? very
hard to find the stuff by itself ? 

Автор SSilva666 ( назад)
Thank you!!! I just bought the liquid latex and it sucks!!!!!!!!! im about
to go buy the products to make this gel which by the way looks way better
then the actual brand shittt

Автор tara wade ( назад)
i went to pharmacy today n i got ( GLYCEROL ) n the women said its the same
stuff,i live in new zealand so if that can help 

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