LeBron James VS Kevin Durant Epic Christmas Day Duel | 12.25.16

Here is LeBron James and Kevin Durant squaring off on Christmas day in Cleveland.

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Длительность: 6:27
Комментарии: 1175

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Автор naruto - uzumaki88 ( назад)
but jeffreson foul kd

Автор Trisian Yasay ( назад)
durant so f*cking weak

Автор JOSEPH MITCHELL ( назад)
2 minute add with no skip kms

Автор Thorn flex ( назад)
im the biggest lebron fan and i think lbj is already top 5 alltime, But i
think kd is gonna give cavs a hard time in the finals.

Автор Bryan Semple ( назад)
why didnt you finish the clip at the end of LeBron hanging on the rim for
10 seconds having an orgasm?

Автор Tiffany Acevedo ( назад)
Lebron. James. El. Duro. Champion. 2017

Автор Lost MC ( назад)
why NBA don't show the full two hands dunk of lebron james lol afraid to
show the technical foul ;) ?

Автор MANAHIRA Nirina ( назад)
Rigged match

Автор RiceVapeGod ( назад)
warriors are trash they lost against cavs even tho they had KD and with JR
down and they blew another lead

Автор lorna pretty ( назад)
They are son AMAZING !!! I've never seen it before

Автор Jalen Klutz ( назад)
Anyone know the name of the beat at 2:11?

Автор Fab Pepe ( назад)
Damn, never knew that NBA fans were this toxic. I have to find a way to
harvest the salt from this comment section.

Автор Blazer stones ' ( назад)
Lebron for life

Автор furkan ( назад)

Автор escape dude ( назад)

Автор w mnn ( назад)

Автор Deadpol muñoz ( назад)

Автор Amir Rez ( назад)
this is good videos

Автор tamás tóth ( назад)
Lebron James! ;-)

Автор Gipsy Noise ( назад)
Choken State Chokers is Warriors' new name

Автор Bkc 14 ( назад)
garauntee kd had his most fun while lebron was on the bench to start fourth
quarter. when lebron came back in he was shook bib

Автор Kye Lewis ( назад)
4-18 against the King. Enough said.

Автор gcng hgujg ( назад)
its the best

Автор Martin ツ ( назад)
so be Kevin Durant ne mu moze nisto Na lebron james, samo znae da prae

Автор 오민호 ( назад)
这年骑士冠军... 库里防不住欧文.杜兰特防不住詹姆斯.

Автор Lol Lol ( назад)
Fuck KD

Автор xBatman ( назад)
1:51 - 1:54 Shaq the fool?

Автор Curtis Williams ( назад)
Seeing these two go head to head is like the modern day bill Russell vs
wilt chamberlain...they r the greatest players in the world who compete at
the highest level...this year is going to be so fun to watch..this
Christmas game is already an overview of what's to come in June...this will
certainly be personal for Durant being that he wanted a stab at kingjames
in 2012 finals with okc BUT reality is cave will make a repeat NOW with
Ashton Kutcher Korver soon to be part of the roster, its a wrap...both
teams match up in terms of having sharpshooters and having deep depth but
cavs r more in favor winning it all.

Автор Maricor Borra ( назад)
golden state 100000000%

Автор By Franklin ( назад)
my win is lebron james

Автор NOLI LARIDA ( назад)

Автор Sadiel Diaz ( назад)
durant el mejor

Автор Kamahri Blount ( назад)

Автор Deluxe_YT_ ( назад)
Durant's the best player in the NBA if he and Russ or Lebron were on the
same team it would be legendary

Автор EliteGamer410 ( назад)

Автор Liban Mohamed ( назад)
I wonder where I saw kyrie do that?

Автор Maheedhar Gunasekharan ( назад)
How must it feel when the ball is suddenly passed under the rim and you
turn around to see the ball in lebron's hands as he is running towards you
for the dunk😱 no one can stop that.. #unstoppable #bronOwnsWarriors

Автор Ali 23 ( назад)
haha you can tell that King wanted to block Iggy again so bad

Автор Nathan Cook ( назад)
:27 to the end of the clip was probably the best thing I have ever seen

Автор StopBeingAKeyBoardKiller&MousePadMobster! ( назад)
Sorry to bust The Cav vs Warrior bubble, But the SPURS are gonna be the
team representing the West. People seem to forget that 129- 100 ass
kicking. Oh yeah i don't care if it was the first game, everyone was
healthy and Golden State has 4 all stars,and a Finals MVP coming off the
bench, so no excuses!!

Автор kat serrano ( назад)
I wonder why do people hate warriors I know there to overrated curry was
somewhere watching his team to lose I know am a warriors fan but I don't
see some sportsmanship What if Gsw win? Of course Gsw fan like me will
comment and cavs fan will just read all this message it's ok if u call me
bandwagon or idiot something like that idc if we lose or win I Just like
watching this games .

Автор Dowon Kim ( назад)
from curry vs lebron to durant vs lebron

Автор Bill Gates Is A Savage ( назад)
KD. OKC glad you gone. Keep your ring.

Автор LYncher ( назад)
now that Kevin Durant is on warriors, when its Cavaliers VS Warriors its
not Steph Curry vs LeBron James, its Kevin Durant vs LeBron James

Автор isaac8200 ( назад)
I'm a gsw fan but what a great game

Автор Leslie Hughey ( назад)
omg lebron dunked on both those fools

Автор 13cmtaylor ( назад)
Man I hope they meet in the finals for a best of 7!

Автор KinGNasTV ( назад)
Now yall know how it feels when a player is doing all the work and your
teammates dont show up. Thats all of Lebrons finals losses basically,
theres only so much a player can do if their team decides not to show up
when they need too. Thats what happned to KD this game.

Автор Tanisha Inglis ( назад)

Автор The rookie27 ( назад)
fk kd lol

Автор Joseph Grice ( назад)
Cavs won

Автор jerry brown ( назад)
was it me or did lebron travel at 1:50

Автор Chadney Gaming ( назад)
The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор ApocXXVI Resurrected ( назад)
when LeBron dunked on 2 pply heart stopped

Автор 문샤인송 ( назад)
u mother fucker james is much better
he is god my Hero!!!!

Автор Brand117 ( назад)
I like the way Curry has been playing Defense for real

Автор LChris6 ( назад)
LOL Lebron had been pretty much on complete cruise control so far this
season rarely getting to 25 points and yet because he's playing against
Durant he drops 31 and couldn't miss from long range he always turns it up
a notch or two when he sees Durant for whatever reason.

Автор SuburbanBoy ( назад)
look hoe easy kyrie got away with the 'unanimous mvp' that led to lebron's
dunk on the durant and green lol

Автор SuburbanBoy ( назад)
remember when durant said that he plays james on 2k. hahahah

Автор ERROR9769 ( назад)
draymond tried to block lebron but he way to strong

Автор Micheal James ( назад)
Last time in the finals LeBron tried to dunk on green now he dunked on

Автор philly nation ( назад)
How you not gonna show that clutch ass play y Kyrie tho??

Автор Funniest Plum36 ( назад)
Durant is better because LeBron shot poor layups

Автор Miguel Zambrano Ruiz ( назад)
La hace y luego hace un tapon.. esta liga es de lebron :'D

Автор Rayner Ramirez ( назад)
yo 1:50 James with that big ass travel

Автор Gracio Sitepu ( назад)
Lebron James lebih pro , durant noobbbbbbbbbb kali lemahhhhhhh

Автор Reimarc Liquigan ( назад)
kd vs. lbj 101 who wins

Автор Restine Vergara ( назад)
Thank yoy and God bless

Автор Nathanael Habtamu ( назад)
Lebron James is my favourite basketball player

Автор Logan Hunter ( назад)
💪🏿1000th coment

Автор Marvin James ( назад)

Автор Nate Moore ( назад)
Frozelion so true

Автор Marrick St.Hilaire ( назад)

Автор FROZE lion ( назад)
KD is a puss boy! Like if you agree! =)

Автор Francis Gatchalian ( назад)
They're all acting like its the finals😂😂

Автор TonyDracon ( назад)
skinny durant faggot

Автор Hasan Elmaci ( назад)
where is curry!? :D

Автор Corey Parker ( назад)
den boys got it on

Автор Top10In TheWorld ( назад)
You missed the three in Durant's face

Автор Katy C ( назад)
Steph Curry is the worst defensive player I've ever seen can't believe this
man got unanimous MVP.

Автор Hayley Mercedes ( назад)
What the FUCK!!!! I like the back to back dunks OH MY God!!!!!! ShOcking
Putang ina!!! What theeeeee !!! O.O whooooahh!

Автор Mbac LST ( назад)
Durant legacy...if you can't beat them, join them....a very cowardly act by
a sports superstar....

Автор Andrew Picou ( назад)
But we can't act Lebron didn't dunk on Durant and Green.. C'mon nah

Автор Cisneros 123 ( назад)
Yooo, that was a hell of a right back at you when LBJ dunked it. Awesome

Автор wxxcable ( назад)
It was a great game on both teams

Автор Its Choco ( назад)
Kevin Durant played well but where tf is Curry? And they blew a 14 point
lead? maybe next year...

Автор Salim ( назад)
KD's playing the same villain role that LeBron had his first year in Miami.

Автор Jonah Falcon ( назад)
Lebron is the goat been doing it for 10+ years talk to me when curry can do
it for 5

Автор johnpaul arnao ( назад)
Those people who still has the guts to say curry is better than lebron are
straight up retarded and has no basketball knowledge nor skills

Автор Łukasz Andruszka ( назад)
1:50 Lebron the traveller :D

Автор sexdrivemusic ( назад)
best game of the regular season so far. cavs can have this one but we'll
get another shot in 3 weeks

Автор crni hasanovic ( назад)
Harden is better

Автор Jae 305 ( назад)
Durant's celebration with his team's bench was short lived with a quick
pass by love to James at the other end "stay focus"

Автор Carl Moore ( назад)
first it was ducan and leanerd now it's Durant and Green monster!!!!

Автор 43ACE ( назад)
LBJ:KD = 14:3

Автор Andre Cruz ( назад)
yall talk shit like you could do better than nba superstars stfu

Автор dominatorX ( назад)
I am a warrior fan, but I see and feel that the Cav have more of a killer
instinct than the Warriors.

Автор Gianfranco Nocetti ( назад)
Durant clearly played better than LeBron that game
I don't know why they lost

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