Christmas Sled Gets Away from Boy

The day after Christmas is the best time to sled! Just make sure you hold on!

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Комментарии: 549

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Автор Jacob Lois ( назад)
the struggles are real lol

Автор melanie ( назад)
Is the lady recording having an asthma attack?

Автор nejolo matrilo ( назад)
An orange sled getting away from a naive boy. A lot like an buffoon conman
, Trump, deceiving his voters and going against his campaign promises
immediately after being elected president. It is going to be hilarious
watching him get away from them and witnessing their anguish at this.

Автор Felipe Pinela ( назад)
yo en el amor :c

Автор Körte Csutka ( назад)
az igen mennyit csúszik a síkságon az a pici hócsúszka😀

Автор Little Moto Kid ( назад)
I could watch that all day😃😃😃

Автор Siri johnson ( назад)
Even the best fall down sometimes...

Автор Stabby ginger ( назад)
That little girl yelling "this needs to go on afv" it the equivalent of
some dude yelling worldsatr during a fight.

Автор Komic World ( назад)
When you're so close to your goal, but it gets away

Автор Fed2000 ( назад)
The New Steven Gerrard

Автор Alex Gamboa ( назад)

Автор jacob scruggs ( назад)
Anyone else fell bad?

Автор Hayuhi ( назад)
funny ;)

Автор Bandit In Weird Places ( назад)
how how to funny c u in the FALL

Автор Isabel Mendoza ( назад)
going towards the road... this can only end in tears .

Автор Slippery Sandals ( назад)
*insert this video as a metaphor for ones own life*

Now give me likes

Автор Keera H. ( назад)
You wanted me to click so bad YouTube, you just wouldn't let it go no
matter how many not interested you got. Here you go. Ya happy now?

Автор Leonois Adventures ( назад)
The girl ruined it for me

Автор andui alvarado ( назад)

Автор undyingUmbrage ( назад)
this is like rolling a one in dungeons and dragons

Автор BiliousSlick ( назад)
Guess the country...

Автор Zazzy Z-man ( назад)
Comments are a lot funnier than the vid

Автор A kid from Africa ( назад)
sled goes onto a road woth cars... nice very nice

Автор rexlive1 ( назад)
did i hear a crying yoshi sound effect lol

Автор schoondogg7 ( назад)
0:07 wait I got this

Автор Preserve Freedom ( назад)
lol poor bastard

Автор Vaiizer ( назад)
if you sub to my channel.... thanks.

Автор JustWatchin... ( назад)
The little girl😐😂

Автор JustWatchin... ( назад)
Who's here before a million views?

Автор Corpsgrinder360 ( назад)
Me and my grades are just like this

me: boy
Grades: sled

Автор Caleb Mclamb ( назад)
This video sucks

Автор Couldntfinda goodname ( назад)
Its not a christmas sled its a snow sled, and this wasnt even posted on

Автор jamesd ( назад)
some kids are just useless at sporty stuff

Автор Pala Nathan ( назад)
It was both funny and inspiring to see the kid not giving up. He tripped
and got back up, NOW THATS!! Motivation

Автор mihnlee7 ( назад)
me trying to reach my goals:

Автор Timothy Boggs ( назад)
Me trying to reach my goals

Автор Jason Samsel ( назад)
is that going on AFV?

Автор Chloe Bell ( назад)
poor little guy

Автор Eccentric Detectorist's ( назад)
Too cute. Fallin over like a Christmas story....

Автор KuroiAiren5 ( назад)
When you try your best but don't succeed~~

Автор FestiveChannel ( назад)
But the girl tho... *annoying*

Автор Nathan B. ( назад)
Was this faked? Throughout the video you here the girl saying "this is
going on afv"

Автор SawBorg Tier 3 ( назад)
The boy could have used Phinn's help.

Автор Bassam Sandoussi ( назад)
Poor kid, I feel bad for laughing at this...😂

Автор Jazmine Berry ( назад)
This should go on AFV

Автор Johan Ries ( назад)
Some people say the kid has been chasing his sled till this day

Автор HigherPlanes ( назад)
That mom was cracking up!

Автор Link Hoss Neal ( назад)
Sled: fuck this kid I'm outta here

Автор Sharkbait588 ( назад)
This show is still a thing?

Автор Jeff Ahn ( назад)
Some say he is still chasing his sled to this very day.

Автор Owen Iozzio ( назад)
That's why you're still kids. Cuz you're stupid.

Автор Rafa Moss ( назад)
White version of worldstar!

Автор Candi Soda ( назад)
Think he did it wrong

Автор Hammad Ali ( назад)
Is this a metaphor of my life?

Автор Taylor Tindell-gates ( назад)
poor kid didn't stand a chance lmao

Автор Killin' Kinda K1 ( назад)
Face plant @:07

Автор Grecia T ( назад)
He looked like a penguin ajajajhahhaahhahahwh

Автор Missy P ( назад)
Poor kid. We've all been there.

Автор Devin Nguyen ( назад)
Me at a family reunion.

Автор Asylum ( назад)
I wish that little girl would shut up she literally ruined this

Автор Fox ( назад)
So that's what I look like when i try to achieve my goals....no wonder
people laugh.

Автор Palette TV ( назад)

Автор That's Dank! ( назад)
Some say the sled is still going to this day

Автор Buttery Skater ( назад)
Why the fuck did you just assume his gender? *Triggered*

Автор Cyanide Pills ( назад)
Haha fuck yo sled bitch

Автор jojith en ( назад)
That day he learned how rest of his life going to play out.

Автор DianeAlx ( назад)
This represents how close I get to pass my classes

Автор TheroG0j1 ( назад)
Don't understand why they'd give their video to AFV, as you could actually
make money off of it by uploading themselves.

Автор secondaryschool m ( назад)
That sums up my 2016

Автор The Servant ( назад)
I like the part where he gave up

Автор Petersen Productions ( назад)

Автор Micha EL ( назад)
Sure it's all fun and laughs until one of you adults has to go fetch the
kid and drag him and the sled back up the hill. Bet he had the last laugh
chumps ! lol

Автор Kenny Okoye ( назад)
My dad told me to chase my dreams. This is how it went

Автор therandomdot ( назад)
Wild sleds are hard to tame. Try approaching them slowly with a sugar cube
in your hand while speaking softly.

Автор Kenny Okoye ( назад)
"Don't go chasing waterfalls"

Автор Kenny Okoye ( назад)
The boy is me. The sled is her.

You get the picture💔

Автор Chocoreyy23 ( назад)
He cannot give up 😂

Автор the seal ( назад)
the little girl was annoying as hell

Автор 112233jjooee ( назад)
Not funny

Автор legolicious greenleaf ( назад)
the sleds out to steal yo girl

Автор Mohammad Chenchar ( назад)
That kid has determination!

Автор Extreme Caliber ( назад)
Trying to get gold in lol

Автор Mourad Nadir ( назад)

Автор Annalise Roark ( назад)
"How's 2016 going for you"

Автор Mac Main ( назад)
Poor kid 😂

Автор Flipping Guy ( назад)
Lol she's like PUT THAT SHIT ON AFV!!!

Автор Sippin' the Tea with Sally and Friends ( назад)
Me vs. my life goals.

Автор Jordan A ( назад)
Naruto trying to catch up to Sasuke ;)

Автор Maximilian Kim-Kostarev ( назад)
Poor child, stupid sister or whatever going "diss go on AFV", like help the
child, don't laugh,

Автор X. Y. ( назад)
Spoiler alert, he gives up.

Автор Its Cold ( назад)
Thelegend27 could probably catch that sled in a second...

Автор CLOROX BLEACH ( назад)

Автор Galus Victus ( назад)
Me trying to get ahold of my life

Автор Dominique Smith ( назад)
Me trying to slide into the dm

Автор adam mac ( назад)

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