Marvel VS. DC - Trailer

Woah. It's been awhile.

Recently my computer crashed(It happens about once every two years), so I lost all my footage, all my programs, and most importantly...all my videos...except the ones I backed up(Always thinking), and I made this video right before it crashed.

This video, ladies and gentlemen, is my 100th video. For an account like mine it rarely happens due to copyright infringement and such, so I'm lucky to be here, and hopefully begin my quest to 200.

For all 3 or so of you that know, this corresponds to my VERY first video on my OTHER account(Which got deleted), and I thought it would be a good setup for a 100th video. I wanted to make it special and I worked at it pretty hard. It probably would have been better if not for the crash, but I think it turned out okay anyway. I'm back online, and I intend to stay that way.

Anyway, this plot mainly focuses on the comic that came out sometime in the 90s. I thought it was a decent comic and always thought of making something like this. I incorporated elements from my old Marvel/DC campaign on my old account and that comic.


Timeline - X-Ray Dog

Hammer of the Gods - Audiomachine

The End of Days - Immediate Music

*I own none of the footage in this video. Most footage is owned by Marvel Entertainment/Studios, DC Comics, and all their affliates. All rights reserved. No copyright inringement intended.*

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Автор Sam Flynn (9 дней)
Deadpool v Deathstroke.Batman v Captain America. Ironman v cyborg.thor v
superman.Green Lantern v Spiderman. Hawkeye v Green Arrow. The Flash v
quicksilver. Hulk v Bane. Joker v green goblin. Penguin v Kingpin. Black
Mask v Punisher. Martian Manhunter v daredevil. Juggernaut v Solomon Grundy.
Would make a epic movie.

Автор Ben Reilly™ (13 дней)
Sorry, but Marvel all the way. The only people worth noting that could
actually stand a chance are Superman and Shazam, and even then the Marvel
Universe has equally as powerful when they combine forces. 

Автор Alex Gallegos (4 месяца)
All who I would want to see fight: Hulk vs Bane or Solomon Grundy, Venom vs
Clayface, Lex Luther vs Dr. Octavian, Storm vs Poison Ivy,I don't know his
name but the ice kid of of X men vs Mister freeze, Venom vs Scarecrow or
Joker, Hulk vs Killer Croc, Iron Man vs Cyborg, Punisher vs Robin, Rhino vs
Bane, and finally.............Batman vs Spider-Man 

Автор hunter goodale (14 дней)
beast off x men vs batman who would wi i think beast

Автор Andrew walker (1 месяц)
The funny thing is silver surfer is the most powerful out of those
superheros there

Автор Prince Mordan (1 месяц)
DC all the way!

Автор cat spills the beans (12 дней)
Go marvel!!!!

Автор TheSensoryplayer (1 месяц)
The biggest bullcrap trailer ever...MARVEL FTW

Автор chander stutz (5 месяцев)
I liked this video, but it was just a mixture of different movie parts.

Автор Bismarck Manoel (1 месяц)
Ficou legal o video que pena que é fake kkkk

Автор TrueEvve123 (4 месяца)
This is very good put together man
i like it!

Автор jay Floozy (3 месяца)
Thor and apocalypse would literally obliterate DC. Dr.Manhattan is truly a
beast though but other than that yeah marvel wins. Shazam is even better
than supes I mean come on -.-

Автор Sonu Pedam (1 месяц)
this is soooooooo coooolllllll

Автор ioanz Faro (1 месяц)
NUL C'est jeute un mélange de film

Автор Alex Gallegos (4 месяца)
I can tell its fan made but I would love to see catwoman take on black cat

Автор ROCKSTARGN94 (29 дней)

Автор the civilian (9 месяцев)
For all you DC fans there is only one thing to say...Marvel all the way:)

Автор Varun Khanna (1 месяц)
this is so fake

Автор Sean Aslanyan (8 месяцев)
I for one am a DC fan. For example; the Justice League would kick the
avengers ass

Автор GameBros Ⓡ (18 дней)
DC why cos batman.nuff said

Автор Halts - PS3 (3 месяца)
dc is so much better!

Автор ZenRanger 95 (3 месяца)
Mavel all the way!

Автор MsPLouro (5 месяцев)
Damn... Silver Surfer vs Dr. Manhattan, that's a tough one, Silver Surfer
may be the most powerful hero of all, but Dr. Manhattan is very powerful
too, I can't decide who would win.

Автор biel lol:3 (4 месяца)
For me marvel win 

Автор shaun mellott (5 месяцев)
i litteraly just got this comic from barnes and noble

Автор Michael Brown (7 месяцев)
one above all, the living tribunal, eternity, the beyonder, odin, thanos,
galactus, stranger, watchers, etc.

Now if any of you read real Marvel comics you know you couldn't compare any
DC character to them.

Автор JustinEvitable80 (8 месяцев)
What movie is 1:45 from? The "Take you best shot!" line

Автор Mason Xavier (10 месяцев)

Автор MrPorkey98 (6 месяцев)
O my God the paradise THIS FILM IS..... emm is...... Jakecosmic!!!!!!

Автор Kriss DT (11 месяцев)
They need to make a movie Dc vs Marvel.

Автор Sean Aslanyan (8 месяцев)
Even tho this was fan made. I really enjoyed it

Автор SnowmenBros (7 месяцев)
U post a fake move make it real

Автор Mikado Ryugamine (10 месяцев)
this was awesome

Автор Junkfood man (9 месяцев)
batman <3 dc
<3 <3 <3

Автор awesomeben45 (5 месяцев)

Автор Michael He (9 месяцев)
Marvel Marvel Marvel

Автор Jack Pitfield (9 месяцев)
This would be great if real and if they acturly put vendetta in it
P.s this would be sweet!

Автор fernando Quenedi (1 год)
cuando ba a pasar la pelicula de marvel y dc

Автор tony jerln (10 месяцев)
that was fucking awesome, what character is supposed to be the blue genital
guy though from watchmen? i like how silver surfer is pitted against
superman, how you make it look like daredevil is ruffing up batman lol

Автор Aj Barraza (1 год)
DC :)

Автор Nick Ortolano (10 месяцев)
If it was real DC would win

Автор BigPewdsFan213 (10 месяцев)

Автор JackassJunior627 (1 год)
Loki could be the main villain in this

Автор Fallen Angel G.M. (8 месяцев)
How come this video doesn't have over a million views! That's the best epic
thing I've seen a fan made!

Автор Doug Edrog (1 год)

Автор PolarBear Gaming (1 год)
Everyone tell marvel and dc about this

Автор Jonovan Wallace (6 месяцев)

Автор morgan wadley (1 год)
That would be awesome if it was real

Автор MrMorefin (1 год)
HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!.......WOW

Автор PolarBear Gaming (1 год)

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