The title tells you I'm a great driver. Thanks for riding me! I may get a ticket just for making this video lol. Check out my other social medias down below!
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Автор Sub Hotel ( назад)
I see you in movie

Автор Samantha Ryan ( назад)
How fun would it be to be on the road next to Lizza

Автор Kim A. ( назад)
3:12 lol

Автор Goran Obradovic ( назад)

Автор Goran Obradovic ( назад)
#Lizza you the best

Автор Daisy Duffy ( назад)
She must be healthy with all those salads😂😂

Автор Huzaifa Valli ( назад)
this video has more views than she has subscribers

Автор Galaxygirl123 ( назад)
She's so goals x

Автор Inaya Lamour ( назад)
Who else is crying for Christmas

Автор Smile If you can ( назад)
I taught my dog something she even does it when she sleeps
When I say Mannequin she does nothing
When a song plays SHE TWITCHES,we are still learning how to dance
When a bass drops SHE DROPS...well lays down

Автор Elizabeth Chelmo ( назад)
I wish I danced like Liza

Автор Carlerys Carlerys ( назад)
can you make part 4

Автор Laurence Rousseau ( назад)
That clickbait though...?

Автор Sparklepup310 aj ( назад)
if I saw you in the car u would jump out the window and sit on the top of your car and scream "HALOOOOO!"

Автор Eva Nickell ( назад)
so I'm sorry I don't 💜 them

Автор Eva Nickell ( назад)
I love you're videos but I just want to see da next video

Автор Renecia Watson ( назад)
make a part 4 please

Автор pretty princesses ( назад)
can you make a part 4

Автор awesomegamer101 ( назад)
When I was watching the video in my room and my little brother looked at my phone and said is she ok? (4:15) 😂

Автор Sabrinakaren Alexander ( назад)
4:07 i know all the words to that song

Автор JasonTime Tv ( назад)
How do you have a lisence the doofus lisence

Автор Lily Sparks ( назад)

Автор Lil Pet Gamer Girl ( назад)
Liza: 'Do not drink And drive kids'

Me: How about not DANCE and driving?

Автор Emily Grace ( назад)
There should be a part 4

Автор TRUC-UYEN TRAN ( назад)
#askliza do the Beyoncé Houston thing plz

Автор Tin Trobić ( назад)
If Liza can drive, I have to... Ly

Автор Elise Lappots ( назад)
hi liza no liza jasper before

Автор The Littlest Panther ( назад)
Liza is going to be me when I start driving XD

Автор Hannahs Kittens ( назад)
Liza my salads are the same as yours. Lol.

Автор shimmerandsparklediy ( назад)

Автор Alizae Kristelle ( назад)
do u swear??

Автор In love with Reborns207 ( назад)
When she was dancing to Feliz Navidad I was like " I wonder what people are thinking when they see her dancing...."

Автор νєlνєт и'σяєσѕ ( назад)
WHO AGRESS!?!?!?!?

Автор Adriana Freitas ( назад)
But you fone have à dog.

Автор ღNghi Tieuღ ( назад)
(Ⓞ゚ω゚Ⓞ) ୧(﹒︠ᴗ﹒︡)୨
But since Idk where she got it from, can i get 10 dislikes/👎 and if u did dislike tell me plz thank u

Автор niki rowley ( назад)
I do the same thing in my car.

Автор TheRainbow's chilld ( назад)
I'm watching this for 10000000th time(u r sick😂❤❤❤)

Автор just be a savage unicorn ( назад)
U DONT KNOW CLOSER ???😈 its okay girl I still love you

Автор Jimmy Aranda ( назад)
I'm a big fan and tell David to stop wasting toilet paper

Автор Teodora Georgieva ( назад)
5:09 song? 😍😂🙈

Автор Ava _ Gymnast ( назад)
when Liza can wear a hoodie 4 days before christmas but I have to wear 3 layers under my winter coat LOL

Автор Simone !! ( назад)
That Dance at the end tho😍she is so slay

Автор Josue Mendoza ( назад)
Liza is a good dancer

Автор Cristina Ruiz ( назад)
do more driving with Liza videos

Автор Catherine's Channel ( назад)
These driving with Liza videos are my absolute fav

Автор clarissa castro ( назад)
Everyone probably thinks you're exaggerating about the half naked models but THEY ARE LITERALLY EVERYWHERE IN LA

Автор Smol Artz ( назад)
lizas me when i see hot guys. what im a pansexual gender fluid YA BISH

Автор Shané Redmond ( назад)
The shoulders killed me😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Maimuna Jallow ( назад)
low key wish I could move my shoulders the way she does

Автор Ariel Green ( назад)
"Hey there buddy. What you got in there? Something you wanna share with the rest of the class?"

Автор gamergirl Xpower ( назад)
who else thought liza was going to give David toilet paper

Автор Nimra Iman ( назад)

Автор Isabella Freeman ( назад)
0:04 Shaytard reference

Автор You know it Girl ( назад)
Carpool karaoke with Liza

Автор Wired and insane kids ( назад)
How about driving with jet?

Автор Adriana ( назад)

Автор noseheadguy loyal nose ( назад)
she does the Manikin challenge really?

Автор Dionne Navarro ( назад)
Liza Koshy your gonna kill yourself one day !!!!! 😂😂😂

Автор Mia Bean ( назад)

Автор Alejsia McCalla ( назад)
so friecken weird

Автор Michelle Luttrell ( назад)
and can you fallow her ill tell you what her name on Tuesday ` you always make my day ^. .^

Автор Alejsia McCalla ( назад)
awsooooooooooooome and crazy weird!!!!@#%@

Автор Nitis_ Contess ( назад)
Imagine if there was a cop watching this😂

Автор Sidney Shields ( назад)
driving with Liza part 4

Автор Katy Dawson ( назад)
I❤ Lizza

Автор Josip Ratković ( назад)
You´re the best youtuber ever omg hahah💙

Автор GamingWithChloe Xox ( назад)
That's like me when music goes on

Автор dorothy parker ( назад)
and pretty

Автор dorothy parker ( назад)
lizza you should see walmart's bath robs they are sooooo! soft

Автор Alex Ayala ( назад)
I think Liza is the only youtuber who can make me laugh

Автор Nikki So ( назад)
could you do another driving with liza video?

Автор Maryrose Frank ( назад)
that's a hamburger

Автор David Zinter ( назад)
Driving with Lizzza Part 4. Like if you agree

Автор Margaret Mccarthy ( назад)
That's me when people play feliz navidad

Автор Katie Holley ( назад)
This was post 4 days before my sister birthday which is Christmas

Автор Caitlyn Townley ( назад)
Do a part 4 please please

Автор Elena Morales ( назад)

Автор slime lover ( назад)
I love your hair so flipin much im a 10 year old fan and for once I know how to spell.

Автор Eva Lee ( назад)
David looks/acted like a kid in the last part of the video...

Автор Ella Wuinones ( назад)
You're my favorite little brown girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Автор Inky squids ( назад)

Автор Ali Ward ( назад)
in the intro she sounded a lot like logan paul

Автор Bmoneii Love ( назад)
She loves tht song rover

Автор Georgie dork ( назад)
When haters question liza's dancing abilities. Watch driving with Liza

Автор Olivia Devine ( назад)
Why do people run half naked

Автор Rebecca anice ( назад)
I love the beginning when she's like "oh get over it!" 😂👏🏻

Автор Babis Xalmoukis ( назад)
Do it again!

Автор Rosy Bonita ( назад)
what is the name of the song for min 4 : 15

Автор Rosy Bonita ( назад)
what is the name of the song for min 4:15

Автор Sydney ( назад)
Liza is so me 😂😂

Автор Jorge Ramirez ( назад)
you are so cute

Автор Penny4Life ( назад)
2:26 that face looks just like my ex boyfriend

Автор LpsDominates AJ ( назад)
I used to be a fan...

Now I'm a air conditioner

Автор Jasmine Saldivar ( назад)
how does she dance like that its like she tooke years

Автор Shayla Sinclair ( назад)
I love you so so much ❤️❤️

Автор Anastasia Hartshorn ( назад)

Автор Kakshitzu ( назад)
What song is it at 5:00 ?

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