The title tells you I'm a great driver. Thanks for riding me! I may get a ticket just for making this video lol. Check out my other social medias down below!
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Автор nashly rubio ( назад)
nobody saw that she cursed at the end of the video

Автор Abby Kitty ( назад)
2:26 how I dance at a party

Автор Faith Lps-kids ( назад)
lol closer is my first song I knew all the words to😄😄😄😄

Автор Nena Sot ( назад)
You are awesome

Автор Anna P ( назад)
do part 4

Автор Ana Gradica ( назад)

Автор Lianna Young ( назад)

Автор Mrwa Mohammed Kheir ( назад)
DO DRIVING WITH LIZA PART 4 like if you agree.

Автор Summer Mae ( назад)
I'm in the car too

Автор KittyAndPro Gaming, Reacting & More ( назад)
THIS VIDEO IS A CRACK UP 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Like if U Agree!

Автор Unicorn #3 ( назад)
Only Liza can make a helarious video on driving

Автор cool girl 21 ( назад)
im sorry if its rude But lizza why is you're Boyfriend David he's kinda gross

Автор Xavier Said ( назад)

Автор LaTarsha Ann ( назад)
3:48 through 4:20 is my favorite part of the video

Автор Spicy Little Fangirl ( назад)
i love u Liza ur my spirit animal😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Julie T. ( назад)
you don't have a dog! 😂

Автор savage belle ( назад)
is liza a nickname for Elizabeth cuz E(liza)beth

Автор TOTALLYMELLISA?'! ( назад)
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 owww my ears hurt I can't make it stop

Автор Victoria Velasco ( назад)
was that really ur dog

Автор TheShortyTwins ( назад)
There's no snow!! Where I live we get like 5-10 inches of snow and it's minus 20 outside

Автор Chloe zoella ( назад)
i love this so much

Автор Raden Atreaditri ( назад)
Please make part 4, like if you agree

Автор Emily Estrada ( назад)
SHES SO PRETTTTTTYYYY❤️❤️ ily lizzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaa👍😝

Автор Willy wonka Unicorn ( назад)
Liza:*rolls down window * ahhh
Stranger:ayyyy poppy how you doin
Liza:oh no sorry I didn't roll down the window to talk to you I farted

Автор Faith McDowell ( назад)
she should do the gym with lizza

Автор Kayla G ( назад)
do a driving video with Lele pons 😂😂

Автор Coorvaldx Veronica Rosenberger ( назад)
So thankful to be gifted with the last 40 seconds of this video

Автор Zelne Olivier ( назад)
the beginning was epic

Автор Anel Turner ( назад)
4:11 my favorite song the chainsmokers- closer

Автор Amazingpeetroot :D ( назад)
I laughed so much my mcdonalds coffee came out of my nose

Автор daniel obi ( назад)
What kind of car do you have?

Автор Kinsey Barnes` ( назад)
Plz more driving with Liza, target with Liza,dollar store with Liza.

Автор Rainbow Poop ( назад)
Liza be like "I don't call or text when i drive but i sleep" queen only

Автор Jasmine Kinshela ( назад)
Liza actually killed the I'm a bad b**** part! I have watched it a million times

Автор Smartie ( назад)
I can't wait for my little cousin to learn who Liza is so she will get my jokes

Автор ElijahTheA-Lister ( назад)
What's the song at 3:21

Автор Joy Rebers ( назад)
I've been binge watching you for like three hours now.. It's almost 2 am.. I have to get up early tomorrow what am I doing. (The same thing i do every night so apparently i'm learning nothing)

Автор masingita Mhangwane ( назад)

Автор Britney Quiroz ( назад)
O ma gawwwsh 2:06 killed me lmao great video but stay safe lol

Автор Aileen Brito ( назад)
I think Liza broken her legs

Автор RTfan forlife ( назад)
Zayummmm Lizzza be hittin every beat.😜👌👌👌

Автор RTfan forlife ( назад)
Dang 1:25-1:35 get it Lizzza whooo!!!👌✊

Автор Nastya Jackson ( назад)
Тут есть русские любители маленькой смуглой девочки?:D Заходите ко мне на канал! У меня переводы!

Автор Blake Waller ( назад)
do another please love your videos there as some

Автор Hazel Molloy ( назад)
Lizza ur really great at driving (; 😃😂

Автор Jayden Chancey ( назад)
I Play the beginning 1 billion times so funny

Автор Alana Bullock ( назад)
what do u see in him liza

Автор Parris Summers ( назад)
Hairy legs <3

Автор Adam Root ( назад)
what was that second to last song

Автор Brytanni Auterberry ( назад)
Liza should read out her YouTube comments but I really wanna know where she get that shirt from🤔

Автор Brooky cookie Productions ( назад)
In pre-k we had to sing fleese nouveau da

Автор Claire Canini ( назад)
What's the song at 3:34

Автор lovey 84306 ( назад)
he get some hairy legs

Автор Richardson Louis Jeune ( назад)
who like dont like liza they must be haters

Автор Maja Ławniczak ( назад)
iiiiii love you.l... <3

Автор Ileigh Adkins ( назад)
What radio channel do you listen to

Автор Calista Hennessey ( назад)
If Liza actually tried I feel as though she would be a really good dancer

Автор Carlin N. ( назад)
Song ? 3:36

Автор #GetRekt LOL ( назад)
Am I the only one who sang along to Black Beatles?

Just me..?
Ok. That what I thought 😞

Автор Emily Mcgirr ( назад)
even when i feel depressed liza has never failed to make me laugh

Автор Jairo Luna ( назад)

Автор Daren-Mitzl Ortega ( назад)
You should make a dancing with Liza 😋video

Автор Zoe Miller ( назад)
Dude the second Christmas song I sang that in school

Автор Clémentine ( назад)
music at 3:20 ?????

Автор Sirena Castro. ( назад)
Somebody tell me where I can fine that sweater she's wearing ! Ugh

Автор Tim Kerman ( назад)
5:41 i did stop motion clicking for like 10 minutes and i finally see David was wearing underwear. So dont worry parents, the video is completely appropriate xD
he doesmt in 4:33 though but its made blurry

Автор Puja Nakkala ( назад)
where'd you get your shirt?? its so cute

Автор Beauty Gru Xo ( назад)
Rain drop
Drop top
I always watch Liza non-stop

Автор kimmy ventura ( назад)

Автор ThisGirlHasIceCream ( назад)
"-rolls down window- ooooh man." (Liza)

"Yeah mummi how u doin?!?" (Guy)

"oh no, sorry. i wasn't rolling down the window so i could talk to you, it's cause i Farted" (Liza)

😂😂 3:38

Автор Fire Fox ( назад)
Im suprised no one has come up to Lizas car and asked to hire her for a music video or something XD (as a dancer)

Автор mik star ( назад)
She looks so funny when she flicked her hair lol haha

Автор caracarn15 ( назад)
do driving with helga

Автор Seth Stevenson ( назад)
I won't lie. This is definitely me when I'm driving

Автор Sarah Ammerman ( назад)
the song that you said I know this part the song name is closer and I love that song <3 OMG

Автор Ethan Roman ( назад)
you were too turnt up

Автор Ebiz Woodward ( назад)
are u a vegetarian

Автор B to the T to the S ( назад)
This is my 14th time watching this 😂😂 Can't get enough of little brown girl driving crazily 😘

Автор Maisy Eves ( назад)
5:00 me every time that song comes one

Автор deviprasad sahoo ( назад)
love your hair 👍👍

Автор Galaxy_ ( назад)
HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THE LYRICS TO CLOSER???😱😱😱😱😱😱everyone knows that song!!!!Also,good vid😂

Автор Kyky Star ( назад)
She cut her hair 💇🏽 💁🏽💆🏽

Автор ZoeOlivia xo ( назад)
What's the name of the song before Closer?

Автор Alice Butterfield ( назад)
When you getting lit to Feliz Navidad 😜😜😜

Автор Mystery Gurl ( назад)
Work it liza

Автор Kyla ( назад)
When are you coming to Australia?

Автор P.M. Hotard ( назад)

Автор Mely Gaming13 ( назад)
I have the same breed of dog!

Автор Sammy Chan ( назад)

Автор Rocky Felimon ( назад)
damn!!! she's so talented!!!

Автор Heráclito Neto ( назад)
Eu te Amo ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Автор Jennifer Amy Randolph ( назад)
gosh Lizza is the safest driver I know

Автор elle obrien ( назад)
whats that song at 3:66 mins in this video really want to know ?????

Автор LaLive 9 ( назад)
You should do dance Videos

Автор Shelly Nikole Basco ( назад)
she's a very good dancer 😘😱😍😍

Автор lucy hooper ( назад)
you know it against the law dancing while driving cause it make your driving dangerous

Автор Hailee Reynolds ( назад)
does anyone know what this song is at 3:30

Автор Emma ( назад)
0:37 I thought that was me omg 😭

Автор Killer gameing ( назад)
Liza,"But I do, know, this, part!"
*Just music no words*
o o

Автор Pepp5150 ( назад)
Thank you Little Brown girl, for the laughs..!!   God bless..!

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