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Автор Scallia Gaming ( назад)
This is training, I think.

Автор Kraljevic Marko ( назад)
I respect man that have served and thank them for it.
However, I was a witness of gruesome war in Yugoslavia in 90s and have to
say that I feel sorry for powerfull people in leadership who dont kave soul
to stop these wars from happening, instead they send someone else's kids to
die for their intrests and that is very sad.
Again, I respect and thank everyone of you and I have American friends that
served in wars so we where able to share expirience from different angles
of the situations we where in.

Автор HolyTerror Gaming ( назад)

Автор Matthew Sunjic ( назад)

Автор He that is ( назад)
love thine enemy.

Автор SHEEKY FAH ( назад)

Автор Shayne L. ( назад)
What a great documentary Restrepo and Korengal

Автор wootuser ( назад)
Hey, Abdul.
Get the fuck over here.

Автор bob marley ( назад)
OP Restrepo in the Korengol Valley. Named after the late Juan Restrepi who
lost his life in an attack by the taliban. R.I.P. Doc Juan Restrepo.

Автор Peter FFyOU ( назад)
Here it comes, a fucking cannon with wings. The A-10 thunderbolt

Автор xavier415 ( назад)
@03:11 if that doesn't scare them i don't know what will.

Автор K Thind ( назад)
its just lust to get more money and power ... which is destroying nature
.... here arms are being consumed as a customer of arms manufacturing
companies, nothing else

Автор Christopher Tuttle ( назад)
when you give someone that has nothing to live for a gun and a sense of
purpose he makes a ferocious fighter

Автор Kmac 1126 ( назад)
this is the us army in case ur wondering

Автор lloyd dubose ( назад)
my recruiter told me about play real hard and get a better score and rank
on Call of Duty that I will get promoted in basic training and be higher
rank than everybody else

Автор lloyd dubose ( назад)
my recruiter told me about play real hard and get a better score and rank
on Call of Duty that I will get promoted in basic training and be higher
rank than everybody else

Автор lloyd dubose ( назад)
man this is so much like Call of Duty, I play everyday and I've been
playing twice as hard cuz I'm getting ready for basic training, my
recruiter told me the better score I have and rank on Call of Duty I'll get
a higher rank in basic training

Автор lloyd dubose ( назад)
man this is so much like Call of Duty, I play everyday and I've been
playing twice as hard cuz I'm getting ready for basic training, my
recruiter told me the better score I have and rank on Call of Duty I'll get
a higher rank in basic training

Автор lloyd dubose ( назад)
man this is just like Call of Duty, I be playing every day, I'm getting
ready for basic training so I play twice as hard

Автор lloyd dubose ( назад)
man this is just like Call of Duty, I be playing every day, I'm getting
ready for basic training so I play twice as hard

Автор Mrcrazytony97 ( назад)
What game is this and why are graphics so good?

Автор Lyndsey Romac ( назад)

Автор 79dogface ( назад)
Bitten recycled footage. Shame on you.

Автор sparta CA (670 лет назад)
Like a Call of Duty, but there you just have 1 life. im sorry for the bad

Автор TJ D ( назад)
they should have just drop an atomic bomb on that large area, there's no
civilian anyway

Автор G Q P ( назад)
Ay i'ma badda fine dis bastid i'ma killim ovah 

Автор Kenny Vaughn ( назад)
I hate seeing all the people expecting warfare to look like call of duty. 

Автор Mr. Doge ( назад)
WTF were they shooting lol.The trees ?

Автор Bambi Smith ( назад)
Fuck you muh no we are not. We are the best. Go usa.

Автор Bjorn Sanders (Bon-113) (177 лет назад)
They're Different Videos.. Attack on US Army Outpost , 9 Soldiers killed in
Attack on a Army Checkpoint , Heavy Fire Fight in Sangin and Battle of
Antenna Hill.. You can lie The Civilians and some Servicemen But not a Brat

Автор Rev201287 ( назад)
why are these idiots in guns fights again? so bankers and corporations can
make even more money? Fools.

Автор Adrian Bonzon ( назад)
Kill thous taliban fukers!!!

Автор saltarrios tarifa cadiz ( назад)

Автор Nubie Bob ( назад)
Ain't this footage from a documentary??? Restrepo or one like that?

Автор swagga donovan ( назад)
kill bastard

Автор Zul Fiqar ( назад)
The usa are the biggest TERRORIST ON EARTH, they are the mother of all
terrorists, i hope all your troops come home in body bags you EVIL
murderers , all you do is invade country after country for oil, dominance
and control. The usa are the source of all the chaos wars and destruction
on earth. the zioinist lobby dogs have got your government by the balls,
wake you fucken yanks and cause a revolt in your fucked up country. You
stupid ignorant americans, your whole fucked up media is zionist
controlled, find a new source of news channels, not zionist owned fox,cnn,
and all that rubbish. you people are being fucken played and you just fall
for the bullshit so easily you fucken silly ignorant fucks.

Автор Dan Roth ( назад)
Love watching the stupid Talibans get slaughtered.

Автор Yamol87 ( назад)
i hope some day will by peace on the world . And we stop killing

Автор carlo0sgtc ( назад)
so heavy shooting at nothing really im scared -.-

Автор Kolton Fuller ( назад)
This is coming from a retired military MWD IED handler are world is founded
by fucking terrorist groups

Автор waw wek ( назад)
US army can not shut guhs,,,

Автор Canna Biotic ( назад)
Low right low right ...direct hit on that dude

Автор chris lehman ( назад)
The US spends over $100000 to kill one enemy.

Автор Extreme gamer ( назад)
Go usa 

Автор A.Khaliq A.Jabbar ( назад)
USA the real terrorist

- via YtPak(.com)

Автор Barry Shulman ( назад)
The war in Afghanistan has been going on for thousands of yrs. The movie
lone Survivor with Mark walberg is a true story that happened in 2005 . A
Pashtun man and his sone saved him .The Pashtun people were good people
,but they had to have guns because the Taliban people were attacking thier

Автор ukecko72 ( назад)
Gotta love American fire power :D

Автор joey143anna ( назад)
"the number 1 slave country is a muslim country" lol! the philippines isn't
a muslim country, yet, lots of filipina slave maids in Saudi Arabia and

Автор Jocelyn Boucher ( назад)
yes sir god bless america let s go

Автор The Dark Ones ( назад)
the guy at the end was like. "did he die? oh i did that? damn alright."

Автор flashy5150 ( назад)
I love how he says "birds we love" when the A10's are flying over with the
blazing 11mm gun. Love it!!

Автор flashy5150 ( назад)

Автор ACiDxBLOTTER ( назад)
1:01 incoming tracer right above US head 

Автор Daniel Schmidt (1739 лет назад)
this is from O.P. Restrepo

Автор MovingAfrica2Freedom ( назад)
Without air terrorists the ground terrorist gunmen of the USA will be all
dead by now.

Автор MovingAfrica2Freedom ( назад)
Why are they crying? who told you to go occupy Afghanistan? terrorism has a
heavy price to be paid

Автор Jason E ( назад)
Hahahaha this is like 5 different firefights put together! Amazing video

Автор mohammad zeeshan ( назад)
americans cant defeat them 

Автор Towfique Muktar ( назад)
Hey Guys! To my points of view; I don't want Terrorists to be washed away
from this world. The reason is that as you know, Americans are genius and
creative in the new technology! So, it would be good if the newly coming
technology weapon would be tested by Terrorists. For instance again, when
the new medicine is created, it is not important to test on chimpanzees,
Rodents and so on. Rather, it should be tested on ALQAIDA, ALSHABAAB,
BOKOHARAAM and other Terrorists, who are decayed mentally. lol. Long
live Americans! Long Live Israel!

Автор Dmitri B ( назад)
sad to see childish comments. being or feeling righteous is different, is
it not? there is a power struggle for world domination executed with the
hands of the oppressed, the deluded and the unheard. those, who control us
are not very far fetching as we think they might be, they cant even solve
their own problems. we are too unbalanced as a species! the world is far
from perfect. peace is hardship and hard work for those, who truly seek it.
they stay spiritual, but act with certainty and caution! and never kill,
only defend!

Автор Kakalaken Danzig ( назад)
pól calówka rządzi

Автор Scott Jones ( назад)
The genius of america...their basicially just fighting against themselves
here..wow just wow

Автор meadow van amano ( назад)
hitler vs the jews,syria vs iran,isreal vs palestine and many more races
who fight in war just to prove they are the righteous and the just ones..
why not put your difference aside and lets make peace..

Автор MEHboi616 ( назад)
HOORAH! Well done!

Автор Heather Rogge ( назад)
Yo feras this is on the fuckin terrorist that started this thing with 9/11
the US didn't ask for this. They even gave the terrorists a chance at

Автор asim khan ( назад)
americans r big losers they kick from vietnam now there ass r kick by
talibans they lose again. 

Автор Nur Irfaniy ( назад)
Let's be islam and love quran...

Автор Proski ( назад)
5:56 that awkward moment ;D

Автор bunso usman ( назад)
Taliban win masha allah allahu akbar

Автор as jb ( назад)
pussy american soldier,without tanks,helicopter,aircraft they're nothing

Автор ajay mahata ( назад)
ami achi tomader pase..ajay mahata

Автор Anon Ridho ( назад)

Автор Rafa Meza ( назад)
this is from Restrepo's documentary?

Автор Adil Sohail ( назад)

Автор Adam O'Nan ( назад)
lol you idiots keep complaining about the strongest and most powerful
military in the world lol...how about you idiots have your peasant country
go to war with us and see who wins ;) I gladly go to war with a country
that would make history.

Автор Ronald Slusky ( назад)
So how are we going to end this war? Do the Talibans surrender?
Are we going to end this war like the Soviets in 80's?

Автор TM Film Productions HD ( назад)
Is this Korengal?

Автор Oh Yohan ( назад)
So just some random guy is filming this what

Автор feras alrojbani ( назад)
keep sending your army to other countries in order to occupy them or occupy
their resources, but fuck off, u will never win easily
u go and destroy countries and kill their people, however u killing and
wasting your men life, while your government is chillin & taken the money,
fuck the usa army fuck fuck the usa, they act like they are the most
peaceful country (biggest lie ever ) ,, they're the meaning of (
destruction ) 

Автор TheEnigma9000 ( назад)

Автор Сергей Иванов ( назад)
Fuck США:))!!!

Автор InspireMee ( назад)
Why aren't they Talibad?

Автор Candy Theif ( назад)
My older brother is in the U.S Army as a infantry and half my friends
joined the USMC but I don't know which branch to join.

Автор gingerninja 222 ( назад)
I'm a us solider And have been shot by a Taliban

Автор joseph cruz ( назад)
Fuck those Taliban idiots and their God! HOOOOOOAAAH!

Автор joseph cruz ( назад)
HOOAH! Fuck shit up boys!

Автор ‫فهد الظفيري‬‎ ( назад)
Taliban men in their weapons and weak states Aaroaba Amrica and
sophisticated weapons and Khosrow victory in front of God and the Taliban
Turn the American soldiers Daqh world and they kill themselves Hdhul
Soldiers of Satan

Автор Abraham Espinosa ( назад)
U.S troops vs C.I.A

Автор Dirk Walter ( назад)

Автор Nick Lobster ( назад)
Ah ,this is what America does with it's retards, oh I see it's like a
convoluted form of eugenics, as only idiots join the army only idiots will
die and hence not have the chance to replicate themselves with a female of
their sub human species. Genius!

Автор kanguesso ( назад)
The enemy has tactical advantage, meaning he has the Terrain he knows very
well and he exploits it to perfection. He almost always has high ground,
meaning he has an over the top view of 360 degrees of his surroundings. He
sees you approaching and he has plenty of time to react. He can see you,
while you cannot see him. All the fancy military technology in the world
won't help you, all the fancy equipment won't help you. The US attacks with
A10 Warthogs, Cobra attack helicopters, Apache Helicopters to no avail. The
mountainous terrain provides natural cover for the enemy. And at nights
it's pitch black. Even the best night vision equipment won't help you
because there isn't enough illumination from the moon to begin with. Tanks
cannot go up there. This is Korengal Valley, Afghanistan where the US
marines, US Army and US special forces suffered the heaviest casualties
since the war began. Casualties in that area alone back in '06 to '09 rose
up to as much as 60 per month. Plain and simple, The US military got their
asses kicked and embarrassed in Korengal Valley, so much so that they left
and abandoned or sundered that base to the Taliban. There is a video of the
Taliban taking possession of that base after the Troops abandoned it.

Автор akmal gibran ( назад)
i know this video from restrepo documenter movie...

Автор kabar48 ( назад)

Автор MONGOLFIGHTER1 ( назад)
Did they get the teleban ..or did he get away agian

Автор ultrared27 ( назад)
DENO X you are..., close... but not quite there. When he needs more 240, he
means he needs more ammo for his M240 which is the military's name for that
gun which is made by Fabrique Nationale. It's caliber is 7.62x51 NATO. Now
the spraying comment, well, your the expert...

Автор siba tea ( назад)
Stupid american :D

Автор sortylife ( назад)
Fuck talibans!!!!!

Автор David Da Vinci ( назад)
Fucking talibans...

Автор Bat Onezerofive ( назад)
Afghanistan is a perfect example of how politics trumps military wisdom.
Rather than placing fire bases on hill tops where they would command the
surrounding hills and valleys commanders place them on valley floors and
allow the Taliban to shoot down into them from above. They do so because
the local villages are down in the valley and they want the the soldiers to
be ambassadors and not warriors. Foot soldiers are 100% reliant on air
support because of the disadvantage their commanders have put them at.

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