[LSRP] LSPD Riot control - Part one

[LSRP] LSPD Riot control - Part one you got owned

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Автор BOB DZz ( назад)
ip ?

Автор James Kaye ( назад)
what game

Автор VeggiePandya ( назад)
This is hilarious lol

Автор Balkanic Gamer_HD ( назад)

Автор spawnera ( назад)
Riot? hell no, lol. Most likely ooc fuck around fest

Автор MultiBloxy ( назад)
Heh if the LAPD and riot control acted all tough and shit like they did
against Rodney King these Riots would be over in a day.But nope.They
abandoned the city like cowards.sigh*Only strong when it comes to one black
person.But when there are more they can't do shit! Cowards.All of em'!

Автор Ckomi HD ( назад)
dak ip od srw

Автор Ahir ll Love PvP ll ( назад)
Good Nubs, 1:30 You'rs meeting to Ghetto for drinks, Nubs

Автор Crissy Bryant ( назад)
I love army's

Автор Roman ReignsHD ( назад)
swat can not shoot to civilans they can beat them with batons

Автор Adrian Tabay ( назад)
server IP??

Автор Klaudia Glugla ( назад)

Автор BasBeatz ( назад)
Look at the chat.

Автор Delphine Gambier ( назад)

Tch thy feu tueur

Автор Yoshua Julius (xGrone) ( назад)
IP of server ?

Автор Даниил Черепанов ( назад)
Ебал ваши рты 

Автор Carlos Miguel ( назад)
Nvn, LS-RP.

Автор Carlos Miguel ( назад)
Guys, IP of this server?

Автор The Tester ( назад)
Anyone want a free LSRP tester account?
You can log into the UPC and in-game with this username and password. The
password can't be changed, so don't try to change it and keep it for
yourself. Enjoy.

Username: Retaliate_Test
Password: nuids828

Автор THDN 101 ( назад)
what is a IP ?

Автор CoolRated ( назад)
lol cops even powergamed in 2011 wont remove barrier

Автор nathan evan ( назад)
I like it but I dont like a Cops Right?

Автор RusmiR Brkic ( назад)
That arrow reminded me of the little sperm going thru the organism :)

Автор Bryan Wallang ( назад)
Is this SAMP or MTA ?

Автор Faris Firmansyah (1168 лет назад)
Whts the adress of the server

Автор Âncora ( назад)

Автор Ahmed Ahned ( назад)
واللة هاية احلة لعبة

Автор Oussama Dkhili ( назад)

Автор Ryanthelazygammer 123 ( назад)
What is the server name 

Автор Tyrone_ ( назад)
How does this have 2 mil views??

Автор GameBo -Y ( назад)
what is server ip?

Автор mumutti ( назад)
dat soda fest tho

Автор AmAtronliean ( назад)
what game is this?

Автор ‫עידן גבריאל‬‎ ( назад)

Автор rufino balderas ( назад)

Автор Gus' Wawirus' ( назад)
Вахахахахахах,тупые америкосы!!!! Вы никогда не узнаете,что я человек

Автор pirateman 678 ( назад)
i really want this game on my desktop but it wont seem to work?

Автор Darrise Kirby ( назад)
i would like to join

Автор dWin4 ( назад)
what is the IP?

Автор Ira742 HD ( назад)
Why was there a car from the vice city police department there wtf? 

Автор Ira742 HD ( назад)
This is cool how did you get a blue and white enforcer? And why is the
extra stuff on the cop car? Is that in mp only? 

Автор The Spartanec ( назад)
Please give fashion a weapon especially M4

Автор Alejandro Ferreira ( назад)

Автор Marian Koziol ( назад)
Man I really wanna become a cop in samp. The problem is I just have sa on
my ps2. :( And my pc sucks ball sack. 

Автор TheNeonNine ( назад)
holy shet! looks like over 1000 players on the server!

Автор Holland Gilmore (SentryPhantom) ( назад)
I hate it when people are like "WOW HOW HOLD ARE YOU GET A JOB". Its like
they might have a job and do this on their down time like seriously people
why the hell do you care if their 27. You dont go to a movie and say "WOW
GET A JOB" when your their too I mean come on YouTube get some common

Автор Kevem Escareno ( назад)

Автор Aleksander Ventsel ( назад)

Автор the ADmin boy ( назад)
do anyone plays gta sa online in 2014???

Автор AustainTheGamer ( назад)
The whole SWAT team drinking SODA to fill their HP, how realistic. LOL.

Автор Retro Gaming ( назад)
adammıyız :D

Автор minecraftgameplayer ( назад)
0:38 patrzcie nad radiowozy cyżby oni są z polski :o 

Автор Bibo Bibous ( назад)
allll This Players This Gamemodes Are now Samp 0.3z

Автор Mr_soniper_Vvx 19 ( назад)
server MTA GTA ??

Автор Diego Strong ( назад)

Автор Ralph Aragon ( назад)
How to join with you I have GTA samp name nakefafan please

Автор Set' Calibre ( назад)
can you send the mod of the LSPD car

Автор Mark Filbert ( назад)

Автор Muhammed Kara ( назад)
Laggy shit bro.. :I

Автор Drakoulas25 ( назад)
what is the visual mod ?

Автор Dunsona's Gameplay // Official ( назад)
server IP?

Автор eMoBoY greeK ( назад)
ip server?

Автор Hanan Hajjar ( назад)

Автор Sir Bellic ( назад)
Wow how is that driving even legal on Lsrp? like come on...

Автор βιολετα σουτη ( назад)
nice soundtrack in the beggin

Автор Weslei Santos ( назад)

Автор Youssef Waleed ( назад)
As all my respect to the SAMP POLICE FORCE,u are ruining the servers,and
the khans was for a reason,high prices and all bunch of stuff,if u want
this to happen like ROBLOX (ur free but ur the losers)

Автор Seth Lippa ( назад)
looks pretty cool but you all drive like shit as cops...

Автор IG GA ( назад)
What is the ip adress of this server please someone tell me :))

Автор Cameron Morey ( назад)

Автор _EnsaR_ ( назад)

Автор Kadir Batuhan Mrl ( назад)
Server İp : ?

Автор XxroboinvadexX ( назад)

Автор Gerrin07 ( назад)
Me and a few guys have ,started a small RPing group with inspiration from
samp (san andreas-multiplayer) on gta 5. While it obviously lacks as many
featues of samp its still a good time,so send a msg if your interested. PS3
gamer-tag Leron_Winters. 

Автор Mohamed Hassan ( назад)
please i need download link

Автор rick boetekees ( назад)
Wat recording program do you use? I want to make vids my own but cant find
a program that can record enough time.

Автор Sgt.Danni ( назад)
First Song?

Автор Zachhhx ( назад)
+Kurisu ಠ_ಠ Yeah this was back in the day when it was more of a game. Today
it's more of a life simulation and the police use proper terminology.

Автор ilias haddach ( назад)
i cnt join the server something with rong password?

Автор GodzillaGamers ( назад)
wats this server

Автор Jesse Lzrski ( назад)
Great memories!

Автор Mason Holmes ( назад)
where can you get this game at?

Автор Kanin ( назад)
How do you play this game??

Автор XerksGaming ( назад)
I was there good times 

Автор ExTrN Jinx ( назад)
what song is that at the beginning

Автор SkyCraft9 ( назад)
+nickfunkey Yep , the severs still working.

Автор Vince Tan ( назад)
heres the website of the server ip you can find it here

Автор XRAYFILMS100 ( назад)

Автор RocketBoyy123 ( назад)
No, you fuck off

Автор Yandere Saber ( назад)
Has very bad admins not recomanded...

Автор McBlemmen . ( назад)
lol this is so sad

Автор MT- Game ( назад)
What's IP:

Автор Luax TV ( назад)
what's Ip?

Автор xMyStiC GiNgErO ( назад)
That game brings back memories best GTA created

Автор nickfunk101 ( назад)
This sever still working?

Автор Edison Trent ( назад)
What game mode is this?

Автор lol70721 ( назад)
there should be a script to heal cops and give armor at the PD, using first
aid kits or something. It would be okay if one cop went to the vending
machine, but if you see a shit load of cops all at once doing that to get
ready for a riot seems pretty weak.

Автор Whit3Flour ( назад)
So you'd want us all to walk into the pizza stack and /eat instead then?

Автор lol70721 ( назад)
You know it really is. And riot/battle doesn't matter.

Автор Merces Letifer ( назад)
Soda stop boys!

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