[LSRP] LSPD Riot control - Part one

[LSRP] LSPD Riot control - Part one you got owned

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Длительность: 15:1
Комментарии: 1022

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Автор GTGGTTTGGGTTT Lphgg ( назад)

Автор trường tất ( назад)
IP server ???

Автор YouTuber God ( назад)
What Is Ip Sir?

Автор piero3246 channel ( назад)

Автор Farouk Ratbaoui (92 года назад)
0.3.7 Is a big improve of samp because they removed Car shake

Автор fabi20759 ( назад)

Автор MoRoCo GaMeR ( назад)
pffffffffffffff server lag

Автор BOB DZz ( назад)
ip ?

Автор James Plays ( назад)
what game

Автор VeggiePandya ( назад)
This is hilarious lol

Автор Balkanic Gamer_HD ( назад)

Автор spawnera ( назад)
Riot? hell no, lol. Most likely ooc fuck around fest

Автор MultiBloxy ( назад)
Heh if the LAPD and riot control acted all tough and shit like they did
against Rodney King these Riots would be over in a day.But nope.They
abandoned the city like cowards.sigh*Only strong when it comes to one black
person.But when there are more they can't do shit! Cowards.All of em'!

Автор Sha TV ( назад)
dak ip od srw

Автор Ahir ll Love PvP ll ( назад)
Good Nubs, 1:30 You'rs meeting to Ghetto for drinks, Nubs

Автор Crissy Bryant ( назад)
I love army's

Автор Randy Orton619HD ( назад)
swat can not shoot to civilans they can beat them with batons

Автор Adrian Tabay ( назад)
server IP??

Автор Klaudia Glugla ( назад)

Автор BasBeatz ( назад)
Look at the chat.

Автор Delphine Gambier ( назад)

Tch thy feu tueur

Автор xGrone Channel ( назад)
IP of server ?

Автор Даниил Черепанов ( назад)
Ебал ваши рты 

Автор Carlos Miguel ( назад)
Nvn, LS-RP.

Автор Carlos Miguel ( назад)
Guys, IP of this server?

Автор The Tester ( назад)
Anyone want a free LSRP tester account?
You can log into the UPC and in-game with this username and password. The
password can't be changed, so don't try to change it and keep it for
yourself. Enjoy.

Username: Retaliate_Test
Password: nuids828

Автор THDN 101 ( назад)
what is a IP ?

Автор CoolRated ( назад)
lol cops even powergamed in 2011 wont remove barrier

Автор nathan evan ( назад)
I like it but I dont like a Cops Right?

Автор RusmiR Brkic ( назад)
That arrow reminded me of the little sperm going thru the organism :)

Автор Bryan Wahlang ( назад)
Is this SAMP or MTA ?

Автор Faris Firmansyah (1168 лет назад)
Whts the adress of the server

Автор AudioCrema ( назад)

Автор Ahmed Ahned ( назад)
واللة هاية احلة لعبة

Автор Oussama Dkhili ( назад)

Автор Ryanthelazygammer 123 ( назад)
What is the server name 

Автор Tyrone_ ( назад)
How does this have 2 mil views??

Автор GameBo -Y ( назад)
what is server ip?

Автор mumutti ( назад)
dat soda fest tho

Автор AmAtronliean ( назад)
what game is this?

Автор ‫עידן גבריאל‬‎ ( назад)

Автор rufino balderas ( назад)

Автор Gus' Wawirus' ( назад)
Вахахахахахах,тупые америкосы!!!! Вы никогда не узнаете,что я человек

Автор FinnTheGamer ( назад)
i really want this game on my desktop but it wont seem to work?

Автор Darrise Kirby ( назад)
i would like to join

Автор dWin4 ( назад)
what is the IP?

Автор Ira742 HD ( назад)
Why was there a car from the vice city police department there wtf? 

Автор Ira742 HD ( назад)
This is cool how did you get a blue and white enforcer? And why is the
extra stuff on the cop car? Is that in mp only? 

Автор The Spartanec ( назад)
Please give fashion a weapon especially M4

Автор Alejandro Ferreira ( назад)

Автор Marian Koziol ( назад)
Man I really wanna become a cop in samp. The problem is I just have sa on
my ps2. :( And my pc sucks ball sack. 

Автор TheNeonNine ( назад)
holy shet! looks like over 1000 players on the server!

Автор Holland Gilmore (SentryPhantom) ( назад)
I hate it when people are like "WOW HOW HOLD ARE YOU GET A JOB". Its like
they might have a job and do this on their down time like seriously people
why the hell do you care if their 27. You dont go to a movie and say "WOW
GET A JOB" when your their too I mean come on YouTube get some common

Автор Active ESE ( назад)

Автор Aleksander Ventsel ( назад)

Автор the ADmin boy ( назад)
do anyone plays gta sa online in 2014???

Автор AustainTheGamer ( назад)
The whole SWAT team drinking SODA to fill their HP, how realistic. LOL.

Автор Retro Gaming ( назад)
adammıyız :D

Автор minecraftgameplayer ( назад)
0:38 patrzcie nad radiowozy cyżby oni są z polski :o 

Автор Bibo Bibous ( назад)
allll This Players This Gamemodes Are now Samp 0.3z

Автор Mr_soniper_Vvx 19 ( назад)
server MTA GTA ??

Автор Diego Strong ( назад)

Автор Ralph Aragon ( назад)
How to join with you I have GTA samp name nakefafan please

Автор Set' Calibre ( назад)
can you send the mod of the LSPD car

Автор Mark Filbert ( назад)

Автор Muhammed Kara ( назад)
Laggy shit bro.. :I

Автор Drakoulas25 ( назад)
what is the visual mod ?

Автор Dunsona's Gameplay // Official ( назад)
server IP?

Автор eMoBoY greeK ( назад)
ip server?

Автор Hanan Hajjar ( назад)

Автор Sir Bellic ( назад)
Wow how is that driving even legal on Lsrp? like come on...

Автор βιολετα σουτη ( назад)
nice soundtrack in the beggin

Автор Weslei Santos ( назад)

Автор Youssef Waleed ( назад)
As all my respect to the SAMP POLICE FORCE,u are ruining the servers,and
the khans was for a reason,high prices and all bunch of stuff,if u want
this to happen like ROBLOX (ur free but ur the losers)

Автор Seth Lippa ( назад)
looks pretty cool but you all drive like shit as cops...

Автор IG GA ( назад)
What is the ip adress of this server please someone tell me :))

Автор Cameron Morey ( назад)

Автор _EnsaR_ ( назад)

Автор Kadir Batuhan Mrl ( назад)
Server İp : ?

Автор XxroboinvadexX ( назад)

Автор Gerrin07 ( назад)
Me and a few guys have ,started a small RPing group with inspiration from
samp (san andreas-multiplayer) on gta 5. While it obviously lacks as many
featues of samp its still a good time,so send a msg if your interested. PS3
gamer-tag Leron_Winters. 

Автор Mohamed Hassan ( назад)
please i need download link

Автор rick boetekees ( назад)
Wat recording program do you use? I want to make vids my own but cant find
a program that can record enough time.

Автор Sgt.Danni ( назад)
First Song?

Автор V3GAS ( назад)
+Kurisu ಠ_ಠ Yeah this was back in the day when it was more of a game. Today
it's more of a life simulation and the police use proper terminology.

Автор ilias haddach ( назад)
i cnt join the server something with rong password?

Автор GodzillaGamers ( назад)
wats this server

Автор Jesse Lzrski ( назад)
Great memories!

Автор Mason Holmes ( назад)
where can you get this game at?

Автор Kanin ( назад)
How do you play this game??

Автор XerksGaming ( назад)
I was there good times 

Автор ExTrN Jinx ( назад)
what song is that at the beginning

Автор SkyCraft9 ( назад)
+nickfunkey Yep , the severs still working.

Автор Vince Tan ( назад)
heres the website of the server ip you can find it here

Автор XRAYFILMS100 ( назад)

Автор RocketBoyy123 ( назад)
No, you fuck off

Автор Yandere Saber ( назад)
Has very bad admins not recomanded...

Автор McBlemmen . ( назад)
lol this is so sad

Автор MT- Game ( назад)
What's IP:

Автор Luax TV ( назад)
what's Ip?

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