konohamaru vs pain - breathing

Vidéo sur le combat de konohamaru v pain dans naruto shippuden sur la musique breathing.

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Длительность: 3:40
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Автор alejandro osornio ( назад)
ja ami siempre me gusto la forma de nagato y los dolor

Автор Trohanks ( назад)

Автор BraiPerxHD ( назад)
En el minuto 3:04 aparece un maus ._.

Автор Haruhi Suzumyia ( назад)
3:08 there is a mouse icon

Автор geri charley ( назад)
uh why was konohamaru tongueing that thing?

Автор derek bowden ( назад)
konohamaru has the potential to be one of the strongest characters in
history given his familys skills and jutsu plus his senseis skills and

Автор Nosferatu Zodd ( назад)
Am I the only one who never liked Konohamaru? :D

Автор Jeff the Gamer ( назад)
yeah anyone else notice the mouse cursor in the first couple seconds

Автор highaba drakee ( назад)
i no its sad how sensi was shity in this fight but omfg i laughed my ass
off when pain just kicked him at 2:45

Автор aaron hend ( назад)
i hate that kid

Автор EnilangeTV ( назад)
La ptite souris qui en dis long sur comment tu fais tes videos ;P

Автор Nicolas Silva ( назад)
fue bastante perturbador cuando el cuerpo de konohamaru salio por su boca
en forma de lengua O_O 

Автор Наруто | Naruto ( назад)

Автор Uncle Daniel ( назад)
why the fuck is the tongue so big? 

Автор Camii Gogo ( назад)

Автор XHUNterX ( назад)
What the fuck is that cursor is doing there? XD

Автор cube craft ( назад)
muito masa do nota 100

Автор alexis anaya loza ( назад)
nose por que pero me gusto mucho el taitjutsu de ese vato el de konoha

Автор alexis anaya loza ( назад)
buena musica

Автор Lava's Plays ( назад)
konohamaru se superou!

Автор TheFraga96 ( назад)
as the song is called???

Автор Dylan Rodriquez ( назад)
Best kill ever

Автор eduardo henrique machado oliveira ( назад)

Автор HeroXGamees ( назад)
<<<< Se Inscreva No Meu Canal aqui tem tudo noticias de animes e filmes,
tem amv's, abertura de animes, Fan Animations, Tutoriais e musicas venha e
se Inscreva

Автор KEWS ( назад)
3:07 Why is thhere a random mouse there?

Автор Enzo Alvarez ( назад)
For now anyone dominates naruto rasengan was a nomas Hokages technique

Автор Arturo Gimenez ( назад)
pff konohamaru not killed

Автор Minto Kazegawa ( назад)
Ebisu is Jounin ... Konohamaru is Genin ... ...Ebisu is helped by
Konohamaru LOL XD

Автор The MetisGamer ( назад)
how embarrassing for that adult man and that man is super strong

Автор Monica Rocha ( назад)
its konohamaru rasengan full power XDDDDDDDDXDDDDDD

Автор Love 2 Love Brit ( назад)
All Pains defatled by same jutsu RASENGAN (Or a type of rasengan)

Автор romeo richardson ( назад)
Well he is not Kakashi or Captain Yamato but he sure goes out with style LOL

Автор ZYRDKING ( назад)
Not his video, check the right side of the video at 3:06

Автор xiter' Acosta ( назад)
NJajaja se ve la flechita

Автор alexistd1 ( назад)
buen video sige asiendo mas :D

Автор JAKsFTW ( назад)
Kids got balls

Автор Alan Mark ( назад)

Автор luis castrignano ( назад)
Amv Epic

Автор Oldin Soukup ( назад)

Автор firas nar ( назад)
lol pain should win

Автор XxXxgabrielLxXxX ( назад)
who plays that song?

Автор SuperMarioBros99thx ( назад)

Автор NONIE14LOCO ( назад)
Good shit

Автор felipe franco mateus ( назад)
eu fico com agonia quando vejo o konohamaru matando ele veei

Автор rebecca holmes ( назад)
that was epic

Автор luifer20031 ( назад)
simplemente EPICO!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Miguel Flores ( назад)
konohamaru win

Автор Keyko ( назад)
song in descripion sinon bonne video :) ;)

Автор Brunoo Henriquee ( назад)

Автор ChinaThruJesusChrist ( назад)
The wicked shall be turned into hell, [and] all the nations that forget
God.-Psalms 9:17 JESUS is the ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN John14:6 But as for the
cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, as for murderers, fornicators,
sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their lot shall be in the lake that
burns with fire and sulphur, which is the second death Revelation 21:8 In
flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not
the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ -2 Thessalonians 1:8

Автор Anime & Games ( назад)
Hablo Español :D

Автор theCypruswarrior ( назад)
Fucking hell, Naruto isn't big on the action side but honestly this series
is epic.

Автор Гриффин Мастер ( назад)
на видео стрелка бегает ваще безпаливно!

Автор Emre Satılmış ( назад)
Better than Sakura :D

Автор Dante Leinguard ( назад)
this is youtube not churche buddy take does predictions back to your
churche and go nock on some doors if you want attention , like the rest of
your sadistics addictive creatures.

Автор Anthony Rojas ( назад)
Naruto Shippuden 165 i think

Автор alexander ( назад)
which episode is this?

Автор OVNi-ReaSon ( назад)
Merci ;)

Автор ChinaThruJesusChrist ( назад)
The wicked shall be turned into hell, [and] all the nations that forget
God.-Psalms 9:17 GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS CHRIST But as for the cowardly,
the faithless, the polluted, as for murderers, fornicators, sorcerers,
idolaters, and all liars, their lot shall be in the lake that burns with
fire and sulphur, which is the second death Revelation 21:8 In flaming fire
taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of
our Lord Jesus Christ--2 Thessalonians 1:8

Автор aerowd13 ( назад)
Song in description sinon bonne video

Автор ZYRDKING ( назад)
That obviously wasn't a question so I didn't need an answer.

Автор xXdevilzsinzxX ( назад)
Song name plz

Автор OVNi-ReaSon ( назад)
thx :)

Автор jakstrieder ( назад)
thanks for trying but I wasn't looking for a music video just the clip.

Автор jefferson magalhaes ( назад)
thay made in chine tay sher you ???????????????

Автор domo zik ( назад)

Автор sdsdsd ( назад)
gaje bo

Автор Sir Fappington ( назад)
well played konohamaru :3

Автор Naruto Uzumaki ( назад)
That little konohamaru urgh !

Автор Reversed Equinox ( назад)
whats the song?

Автор Wesley melo ( назад)
3:07 Mouse o.O

Автор Jedd 2001 ( назад)
like if u saw a mouse pointer

Автор leandro marques ( назад)
Tenso vai

Автор Murat Mete Alan ( назад)
naruto's student :)

Автор nikolai moeller ( назад)
he is AWSOME

Автор Memories365 ( назад)
Lol It's funny how the dude with the sunglasses keeps his sunglasses on
after getting his ass whooped. Overall great video jerem92500

Автор Lance Vance ( назад)
this music is so gay it gave me herpes...

Автор adrian cristiano ( назад)
muito loko

Автор Qu blu (2003 года назад)
is there no english version or english sub for konahamaru vs pain?

Автор Reap3rF1lmz (1569 лет назад)
Rasengan really gets spammed!

Автор OVNi-ReaSon ( назад)
Thx :)

Автор OVNi-ReaSon ( назад)
Thx ! :)

Автор Trollando/Geral ( назад)
que legal muito bom nunsa vi o konohamaru lutar assim

Автор felipe centurion ( назад)
good konohamaru is so awesome

Автор Meaningful Pants ( назад)
Shut up konohamaru is so strong ! And kawaï ! ^^

Автор Seth_%r,&s ( назад)
Konohamaru is the worst character in naruto is like the real world just
because he is something of someone he is treated differently

Автор AVADA KEDAVRA ( назад)
whats the thing coming outta his mouth omg it looks like a stumic or

Автор Matthew Guerra ( назад)
konohamaru is so awesome

Автор Matthew Guerra ( назад)
love the song choice and this video is so badass and awesome. keep up the
amazing work on and off the computer whatever u do is a success

Автор Blake Ranse ( назад)
am i the only one who see's the mouse go across the screen at 3:08

Автор Jerry Cook ( назад)
Yes, as a matter of fact.

Автор ZYRDKING ( назад)
Why can't you be a normal person?

Автор ZYRDKING ( назад)
Did anyone else not see that episode yet and got scared when they thought
konahamaru died? BTW, that's not pain.

Автор ZYRDKING ( назад)
No, but it is that your a jerk on youtube comments.

Автор ZYRDKING ( назад)
Breathing, by Yellowcard

Автор xbloodxxtearsx ( назад)
What song is this

Автор Jerry Cook ( назад)
Is it a prerequisite that you play horrible music on AMVs?

Автор sigit irfan renaldi ( назад)
god job

Автор littlekid2096 ( назад)
Why can't you guys make a normal video

Автор João Victor ( назад)
essa foi lokaa mullekee .

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