konohamaru vs pain - breathing

Vidéo sur le combat de konohamaru v pain dans naruto shippuden sur la musique breathing.

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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 3:40
Комментарии: 303

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Автор Fede Castro (1 год)

Автор TheFraga96 (8 месяцев)
as the song is called???

Автор Daniel oliveira (4 месяца)
why the fuck is the tongue so big? 

Автор HLGMOD10 (4 месяца)
What the fuck is that cursor is doing there? XD

Автор Camii Gogo (4 месяца)

Автор Ezechial Ezach (2 месяца)
Even though it is BADLY obvious that Naruto / Sasuke are pretty much meant
to be the strongest characters in the naruto universe (as far as their age
goes, combined with how much power they've obtained, combined with how much
power they could obtain), I actually want to see more development of
Konohamaru. I mean knowing Naruto, he'll take on the roll of Jiraiya for
him, teaching him possibly the sage art technique, and afterwards, maybe
even rasen-shuriken.

In a way, that somewhat resembles how Goku and Gohan worked out, how Goku
learns all this and cannot wait to teach his own flesh and blood son the
same material. XD

Автор Késsia Layane (1 год)
Yellowcard - Breathing

Автор NONIE14LOCO (1 год)
Good shit

Автор Lance Vance (1 год)
this music is so gay it gave me herpes...

Автор King Koolouski (1 год)
if only i knew what they were saying ;D

Автор romeo richardson (1 год)
Well he is not Kakashi or Captain Yamato but he sure goes out with style LOL

Автор Silver Crow (1 год)
como se llama la cancion Y EL ARTISTA O BANDA QUE LA CANTAN!!!! ¬¬

Автор Memories365 (1 год)
Lol It's funny how the dude with the sunglasses keeps his sunglasses on
after getting his ass whooped. Overall great video jerem92500

Автор Brunoo Henriquee (1 год)

Автор Matthew Guerra (1 год)
love the song choice and this video is so badass and awesome. keep up the
amazing work on and off the computer whatever u do is a success

Автор thehamma1001 (1 год)
Your welcome :)

Автор João Victor (1 год)
essa foi lokaa mullekee .

Автор Sophisticated Guy (1 год)
i dislike AMV'S but this one is actually good

Автор thehamma1001 (1 год)
yes ... Rasengan >:)

Автор Junior Farias (1 год)
é sim ele é um dos 6

Автор calebhudson38 (1 год)
Fucked him up!!!!!!!!

Автор Orochimaru San (1 год)
ouaip mais bcp danglai deteste les francai et sa menerve mais au moin que
parle leurs langue aussi....

Автор MusicN0Lifer (1 год)
Good job Konohamaru!

Автор OVNi-ReaSon (1 год)
Thx ! :)

Автор bardokson232 (1 год)
1:58 hentai :O

Автор Qu Blu (1 год)
is there no english version or english sub for konahamaru vs pain?

Автор xiter' Acosta (1 год)
NJajaja se ve la flechita

Автор Mari Lima (1 год)

Автор gabriel alexandre (1 год)
w is this ep

Автор Phoenix winn (1 год)
damn im impressed konohamaru could last thtlong against pain

Автор VENE YAIR (1 год)

Автор Wolfie Bae (10 месяцев)
Sasori is, it's just Lady Chiyo was controlling Sakura, which gave them the

Автор junior95103 (1 год)
nao é oodama pq o konohamaru não aguenta

Автор Leigh Davidson (1 год)
i missed when naruto showed him shadow clone and rasengan

Автор Гриффин Мастер (1 год)
на видео стрелка бегает ваще безпаливно!

Автор SuperMarioBros99thx (1 год)

Автор Usui Takumi (1 год)
whats the song?

Автор sigit irfan renaldi (1 год)
god job

Автор Angel Gmz (1 год)
que bakan el bideo

Автор OVNi-ReaSon (1 год)
thx :)

Автор gmanful1998 (1 год)
oodama rasengan?

Автор OVNi-ReaSon (1 год)
Merci ;)

Автор Xdivisionofficial (1 год)
Naruto taught him at some point they never say/show when.

Автор dzkaiserable dzkaiser (1 год)
ces video au français non anglais :)

Автор alexistd1 (1 год)
buen video sige asiendo mas :D

Автор nikolai møller (1 год)
he is AWSOME

Автор NativeTae (1 год)
its something else similar to rasengan ..it has a bigger explosion then
naruto regular one

Автор yogi pradito (1 год)

Автор OVNi-ReaSon (1 год)
Ouais ^^

Автор weslei faria mangas (1 год)
hahaha ha a naruto eres mto boommmmmmm ti amuuuu de natalia

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