Riddick Official Trailer #2 (2013) - Vin Diesel Sci-Fi Movie HD

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Riddick Official Trailer #2 (2013) - Vin Diesel Sci-Fi Movie HD

Left for dead on a sun-scorched planet, Riddick finds himself up against an alien race of predators. Activating an emergency beacon alerts two ships: one carrying a new breed of mercenary, the other captained by a man from Riddick's past.

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Длительность: 2:22
Комментарии: 534

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Автор ZBYSZEK NIECHAJ ( назад)
dobry film

Автор Antonio bhunter ( назад)

Автор Arab Katib ( назад)
Is it gana be horror?

Автор Kooli O ( назад)
Fukin bad ass movie; another to add to the series. I hope they make another

Автор Biotic_Commando ( назад)
So it's pitch black all over again.

Автор Biotic_Commando ( назад)
You're so punny!!!

Автор Mateo Kupstys Chica ( назад)
I liked the movie a lot. It takes parts from the 1 and 2 together, and
leave you with expectations of the following one.

Автор Ryan Manley ( назад)
Looks awesome! i want to see it

Автор justcallmedoggie ( назад)
its turn to terraria :D

Автор Borimas choochuay ( назад)

Автор qasef14 ( назад)

Автор Maciej Zabrocki ( назад)
im search a full movie internetis you have a link

Автор UNLIMITED POWER ( назад)
This was awesome!!!!!!!!

Автор UNLIMITED POWER ( назад)

Автор jane ochieng ( назад)
stale joke

Автор Emperorsday ( назад)
If you liked pitch black, you will love this!

Автор KatterynKevorkian223 ( назад)
Nope. But the feel of it when you see the trailer, Sort of has that feel.
Its gritty and unpredictable, And truer to the Ptch Black fans than the
ones who never saw either Dark Fury or Chronicles. If you go, you won't be

Автор Carson Givens ( назад)
is this the same planet as pitch black?

Автор Devansh Gandhi ( назад)
I saw this movie felt that this was a more or less a comedy film

Автор TimeForRevenge96 ( назад)

Автор Manilynie Markus ( назад)
Riddick (2013) at iwantmovies.info

Автор natalee bernard ( назад)
Is there a book 2 these movies?? If so, will someone please tell me?

Автор StinaJoy ( назад)
after he took the throne im guessing he began thinking about his planet
furya and started looking for it. im also guessing that one of the other
necromongers who wanted the throne led him to believe that the planet they
brought him to was furya. they tried to kill him and he was stranded on the
planet. pitch black has its similarities but with the other two movies he
has planned the story is going to go in a different direction.

Автор StinaJoy ( назад)
in pitch black he was just running away from mercs.. in the chronicles
after pitch black he found out that someone put a big bounty on him and
went to find out why. Come to find out they wanted him to come outta hiding
to fight the planet conquerors that are running amok. thats when he finds
out that the necromongers wiped out his entire race+they converted and
killed the girl he cared for. so he whooped ass and took the throne.

Автор olena bubakova ( назад)
moc pěknyj.......

Автор MajickDemoniack ( назад)
Waaaay less Creatures, more of Riddick surviving on his own. The Mercs are
totally different from the characters of Pitch Black and Riddick does a
fair amount of Merc slaying prior to the monster assault, which is confined
to the third act. Basically it's the monster parts of PB combined with the
Merc parts of Chronicles.

Автор Jordan Trinca ( назад)
Does he die

Автор Alexander Ilarionov ( назад)
well lets watch it and see.

Автор nathanb605 ( назад)
This movie has different monsters and a different mission then pitch black
.. How do u like them apples ?

Автор Przemyslaw Grzybowski (Soul Reaver) ( назад)
Riddick Official Trailer #2 (2013) Premiera jutro !!!!!

Автор Zeemas ( назад)
It actually kinda relates. Pitch Black was a few a years ago, in the movie
I mean. I forgot if the Chronicles of Riddick was before or after pitch
black, but I remember it's about him getting caught. After Pitch Black,
Riddick was on the run, still wanted but with higher stakes this time(due
to him breaking free..). That's why theres bounty hunters in this. I might
be wrong if its many years after pitcjh black or right after it...

Автор PhoenixBorn666 ( назад)
its a similar concept but this time has better creepers n no civilians so
itll be better action scenes imo

Автор 01visque ( назад)
enjoy the entertainment of the movie and stop the bitching and annalizing
it. damn, you's sound like polititions... (fuck the spelling you get my

Автор Schnooby ( назад)
Watch the movie before you assume things lol btw it was a great movie, at
least i enjoyed it.

Автор Gavrila Stefan ( назад)
You do know that Riddick is one of the most dangerous murderers, and as for
believing in god, he doesn't, he makes that perfectly clear in Pitch Black.
Also, believing in a deity is not a moral guideline, you should look up
what moral means before using it again.

Автор Karneval21 ( назад)
Anyone else love Riddicks eyes in this compared to the last two? Awesome.
Also, allthesemovies is a f*%&ing LIE.t.t

Автор Olin Kašpar ( назад)
and a sideboobs... don't forget the sideboob

Автор Lee Besing ( назад)
Opens on Friday in the USA. Can't wait. :)

Автор wolfcurt22 ( назад)
In Pitch Black he was already caught, but in this one he was not already
caught. It's 100% different......-_-

Автор Mathukey1 ( назад)
This movie looks RIDDICKulously good!!

Автор King Bob ( назад)
Can't wait

Автор John Constantine ( назад)
I love Riddick. A man who likes to stroll on dangerous planets yet they
keep looking for him again and again. Why? Because he sets his own
bounties, that's why. To have fun with people who take life seriously, like
scummy space mercenaries and hot mamacitas. Now it's clear how he rolls. He
gets bored and goes on an adventure for shits and giggles. Who's up for
some murder?

Автор Dagoberto Garza ( назад)
Someone sent those bounty hunters,i think riddick has new hardcore enemies.
Pretty awesome.

Автор Dagoberto Garza ( назад)
Yeah, titles, plot, beasts. Watch the previews and you'll see the

Автор littleredtel ( назад)
I hate how much trailers give away.

Автор leonardo molina ( назад)

Автор Jean Gove' ( назад)
that's what they're trying to go for but as usual no discipline or
restraint Pitch Black was high quality entertainment - humans battling one
hostile alien specie this one has five alien species in the trailer alone

Автор christian terry ( назад)
Riddick might die in this one

Автор frebetta ( назад)
This is like Prometheus and Alien vs Predator

Автор Tazz Applin ( назад)
Thankyou. A man after my own heart. :)

Автор Tazz Applin ( назад)
It's Riddick 'nuff said.

Автор Novi Ta ( назад)
the new pitch black.. but i like it..

Автор jose rivera ( назад)
We better cut him loose...... LOL!!!

Автор phloudernow ( назад)
extremely similar to pitch black from the look here i was hoping they would
actually talk about what happened after he becomes "king" of the
necromongers LOL

Автор Matej Ivanović ( назад)
Can somebody tell me how it can be bad idea to be like pitch black?

Автор ercan atay ( назад)
first film and third films are same.i thing.........

Автор Nasko Hristov ( назад)
master Riddick is back

Автор jp200065 ( назад)
it still looks pretty good

Автор wukewuke ( назад)
that's impossible lol

Автор wukewuke ( назад)
it follows the storyline of the 2 previous movies, lol.. pitch black was
different, similar but definitely different.

Автор Heather Greco ( назад)

Автор Charles Wilkinson ( назад)
Pitch Black monster fly but has binld pot and one bawty hunter . new
Riddick Monster run bad ass tail no binld pot 7or 8 bawty hunter and bawty
hunter are bad ass but Riddick is the #1 bad ass

Автор HoldupnWatch ( назад)
"so... this... aint nothing new." I think Vin summed it up himself

Автор SwagicornTheBallin ( назад)
We will just have to find out.

Автор Bogdanuser ( назад)
i got a adblock plus addon :)

Автор MelodicMizeryPs3Vids ( назад)
i loved pitch black, frankly if they want riddick to fight those monsters
again thru the whole movie thats still awesome. they have better fx now, in
pitch black it was mostly a story and you dont see the monsters much. i
always wished there was more of him fighting them. i miss the old buff
movies where the action heroes kick ass like the first predator

Автор MelodicMizeryPs3Vids ( назад)
its not really but its more updated. pitch black was like 13 years ago.
they can do more fx more. prob everything that they couldnt do the first
time around

Автор theprofessorfeather ( назад)
Vin Diesel loves the Riddick character and the mythology they created in
the last film. It was however a commercial flop. This movie is no attempt
to cash in. It is a low budget attempt to bring the franchise off of life
support. Show them some respect for their dedication. It's not the movie I
wanted, or the movie Vin and David wanted. But it's the movie we got, till
Underverse comes.

Автор Spike Spiegel ( назад)
I got a Riddick Ad trying to watch this trailer...

Автор PhoenixSnakeUK ( назад)
LOL! I'm not being cynical, or at least I'm not trying to be! However this,
does just seem like a pointless HD/3D remake of Pitch Black. I haven't seen
the film, so I'm reserving judgement! But something tells me, that this
film is going to completely ignore, or barely reference the events of the
Chronicles of Riddick. If it does! And I'm not saying for sure it will, but
I suspect! Then this film IMHO will be nothing more than another Hollywood
cashcow produced with little or no imagination!

Автор Courtney Cleavest ( назад)
This storyline Riddick figures bounty hunters would be crazy to come to
this planet(full of shit that has no fear of lasers,weapons,firepower)
where he lives. Guess money is too hard to resist in deep space. However
they do come not knowing the freaks come out at night!!......My only beef
is they made storyline too obvious unless theres a plot twist.

Автор Redd Head ( назад)
-___- If they tell you that, what's the point of watching the movie? God
forbid they leave some parts out of the trailer. smh.

Автор HSS Revenir ( назад)
If I have it right he is on Furya Furia... eh whichever way its spelt so to
answer you're question in many ways its not the more important question
though is will you enjoy it.

Автор Shirly Todd ( назад)
Hey people i discovered a web site you could enjoy whole high-definition
movies. Va4Movie.com

Автор James Saunder ( назад)
can somebody tell me how this movie is different from Riddick Pitch Black?

Автор KnightWing408 ( назад)
Lookin good. I always wanted to know where Riddick went after pitch black

Автор Jared Hefley ( назад)
Harlydavedso, MrMmicro's comment is taken directly from the IMDb Storyline
capsule: imdb.com/title/tt1411250/

Автор harlydavedso ( назад)
mrmmicro doesnt know what he is talking about gavrila his home planet is
destroyed by the necromongers hes fighting to kill them and to get off the
planet im guessing cause surviving for him is easy :P

Автор Nicholas Mullennex ( назад)

Автор Noobs DeSroobs ( назад)

Автор Elias Timberlake ( назад)
The giant rock formation at 0:22 looks exactly like one of the bio-raptors
heads from Pitch Black.

Автор mehmet sezer ( назад)
Go to the internet site to view total video Va4Movie.co­­m

Автор johny guitar ( назад)
he just trying to ascape like allwhays do

Автор themegabosscfts ( назад)
is a remake, but now look very good

Автор themegabosscfts ( назад)
yeah you rigth

Автор DEVOURER ( назад)
Pitch Black 2... lol I just wanna watch the full movie :P

Автор g2malton ( назад)
Pitch black, chronicles of riddik and now this are all based on a similar
story line and from the same producer. The power of internet ,,,,

Автор Sonny Boneses ( назад)
How is this any different from Pitch Black?

Автор jstnxprsn ( назад)
There are just a few really tiny differences. Watch them both and watch for
them. But yeah, I get your point, it was kind of a waste.

Автор Rocleod211 ( назад)
it's shorter

Автор mane calderon ( назад)

Автор foobar42 ( назад)
this movie looks fracking good.

Автор Mathias Damgaard ( назад)
Is this also some cgi crap? when are they going to use puppets like in
pitch black, aliens and predator

Автор Hay Thorn ( назад)
I demand to know what was his comment!

Автор Jackson Schultz ( назад)
You keep what you kill.

Автор Marc van Steenoven ( назад)
die kut reclames altijd vids

Автор Tam Nguyen ( назад)

Автор BRAVO north ( назад)

Автор SENSELESSIMON ( назад)
Yeah they took it back to the Basics

Автор Abdulahi Awad ( назад)
I don't see Kurl Urban in this

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