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Автор EntertainmentBuddha.com/EBMG, LLC (10 месяцев)
New official Riddick trailer #2 - http://youtu.be/zRUUWQcmEQU

Автор Radoslav Nedyalkov (10 месяцев)
You not afraid of a dark are you...>8)

Автор Deimoss (10 месяцев)

Автор KatterynKevorkian223 (7 месяцев)
Nope. But the feel of it when you see the trailer, Sort of has that feel.
Its gritty and unpredictable, And truer to the Ptch Black fans than the
ones who never saw either Dark Fury or Chronicles. If you go, you won't be

Автор Rocleod211 (8 месяцев)
it's shorter

Автор SpockLover27 (8 месяцев)
This is just a little thing but I'm pretty sure no one ever called them
bounty hunters. It was always 'mercs' short for mercenaries.

Автор Roxie Martinez (9 месяцев)
All this is is the remake of pitch black, kinda, so this one actually comes
before chronicles of Riddick, so yeah. I think it will be interesting to
see who jack and Carolyn are played by this time

Автор nathanb605 (7 месяцев)
This movie has different monsters and a different mission then pitch black
.. How do u like them apples ?

Автор wukewuke (7 месяцев)
that's impossible lol

Автор xiVeNoMz (7 месяцев)
it's his home. dumbfuck..he does have morals if you didnt know, like he
believes in god but hates him.

Автор themegabosscfts (8 месяцев)
yeah you rigth

Автор Karneval21 (7 месяцев)
Anyone else love Riddicks eyes in this compared to the last two? Awesome.
Also, allthesemovies is a f*%&ing LIE.t.t

Автор schuylerirosanney (7 месяцев)
This trailer was fine, but I watched the entire movie and it is a lot
better than the trailer suggests. Do not believe I've already watched the
movie? Well, I found this great web-site where you can see all kinds of hit
movies for free, even this one which isn't released yet. The website is
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Автор themegabosscfts (8 месяцев)
is a remake, but now look very good

Автор PhoenixBorn666 (7 месяцев)
its a similar concept but this time has better creepers n no civilians so
itll be better action scenes imo

Автор Sonny Boneses (8 месяцев)
How is this any different from Pitch Black?

Автор Chico B. Figueira (7 месяцев)
I love Riddick. A man who likes to stroll on dangerous planets yet they
keep looking for him again and again. Why? Because he sets his own
bounties, that's why. To have fun with people who take life seriously, like
scummy space mercenaries and hot mamacitas. Now it's clear how he rolls. He
gets bored and goes on an adventure for shits and giggles. Who's up for
some murder?

Автор MarikHavair (8 месяцев)
If I have it right he is on Furya Furia... eh whichever way its spelt so to
answer you're question in many ways its not the more important question
though is will you enjoy it.

Автор Courtney Cleavest (7 месяцев)
This storyline Riddick figures bounty hunters would be crazy to come to
this planet(full of shit that has no fear of lasers,weapons,firepower)
where he lives. Guess money is too hard to resist in deep space. However
they do come not knowing the freaks come out at night!!......My only beef
is they made storyline too obvious unless theres a plot twist.

Автор Ryan Prentiss (9 месяцев)
Thanks for explaining. Wish there could have been an "in-between" movie
detailing his involvement; as it comes off now, it seems as if they're
looking to quickly erase the memories of the second movie in efforts of
rehatching the Pitch Black concept of Riddick.

Автор SpockLover27 (8 месяцев)
Yeah good point. There was only one other left besides Riddick. And he
committed suicide since he was a necro.

Автор Elias Timberlake (8 месяцев)
The giant rock formation at 0:22 looks exactly like one of the bio-raptors
heads from Pitch Black.

Автор Tazz Applin (7 месяцев)
Thankyou. A man after my own heart. :)

Автор Jayson Casanova (8 месяцев)
Sos sad that kira already died

Автор Mathukey1 (7 месяцев)
This movie looks RIDDICKulously good!!

Автор Mizunisama (9 месяцев)
Considering Jack died in the last movie I don't think she's going to make
an appearance.

Автор Not The King (9 месяцев)
they dump him on that planet cause they don't like how he runs shit and
they guy that does it play the keep what you kill card about doubles his
bounty to try and ensure his removal.

Автор goldenrdg (8 месяцев)
They betrayed him...1:12

Автор frebetta (7 месяцев)
This is like Prometheus and Alien vs Predator

Автор Nasko Hristov (7 месяцев)
master Riddick is back

Автор Hay Thorn (8 месяцев)
I demand to know what was his comment!

Автор teddyharvester (8 месяцев)
The bounty hunter doesn't specifically point to THE box that Riddick's head
is going to go in, that is all :)

Автор theprofessorfeather (7 месяцев)
Vin Diesel loves the Riddick character and the mythology they created in
the last film. It was however a commercial flop. This movie is no attempt
to cash in. It is a low budget attempt to bring the franchise off of life
support. Show them some respect for their dedication. It's not the movie I
wanted, or the movie Vin and David wanted. But it's the movie we got, till
Underverse comes.

Автор agarwaloashliez (8 месяцев)
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Автор ercan atay (7 месяцев)
first film and third films are same.i thing.........

Автор AudioflyLt (8 месяцев)
dumber and better looking remake of pitch black :D

Автор Shirly Todd (8 месяцев)
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Автор Kevin Red Crow (9 месяцев)
its about time.cant wait!

Автор Matej Ivanović (7 месяцев)
Can somebody tell me how it can be bad idea to be like pitch black?

Автор Carson Givens (7 месяцев)
is this the same planet as pitch black?

Автор Bogdanuser (7 месяцев)
i got a adblock plus addon :)

Автор phloudernow (7 месяцев)
extremely similar to pitch black from the look here i was hoping they would
actually talk about what happened after he becomes "king" of the
necromongers LOL

Автор aguinigaclynettef (5 месяцев)
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is why I needed to bring up something regarding this site I found over the
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Автор MajickDemoniack (7 месяцев)
Waaaay less Creatures, more of Riddick surviving on his own. The Mercs are
totally different from the characters of Pitch Black and Riddick does a
fair amount of Merc slaying prior to the monster assault, which is confined
to the third act. Basically it's the monster parts of PB combined with the
Merc parts of Chronicles.

Автор Emperorsday (6 месяцев)
If you liked pitch black, you will love this!

Автор Dee Hickman (9 месяцев)
So I didn't see anyone who could be jack in this film but I did see a
dark-haired girl reminiscent of Ziza... Also, was that necromonger armor I
saw? c:

Автор abcjsj08 (9 месяцев)
My guess from the one Necromonger trying to ghost him... I say he got
betrayed and left for dead. Just another day in paradice for good old
Riddick. :)

Автор theicestorm1000 (9 месяцев)
Just another pitch black

Автор Devansh Gandhi (7 месяцев)
I saw this movie felt that this was a more or less a comedy film

Автор Charles Wilkinson (7 месяцев)
Pitch Black monster fly but has binld pot and one bawty hunter . new
Riddick Monster run bad ass tail no binld pot 7or 8 bawty hunter and bawty
hunter are bad ass but Riddick is the #1 bad ass

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