Heath Slater vs The WWE Legends

I do not own any of the footage in this video,
All of it is copyright of WWE World Wrestling Entertainment inc.

Enjoy !

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Длительность: 10:33
Комментарии: 1980

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Автор Sebastiansingson Singson ( назад)
I remember when I started watching wwe and I thought Heath Slater was
actually called Health Slayer

Автор Bruno Rodrigues ( назад)
You are not the top on raw you are the chick from Wendy's 

Автор brennon dixon ( назад)
You forgot his match with Scotty 2 Hotty from NXT

Автор Narek WWESheamus ( назад)
ja que bueno.

Автор Kaynos ( назад)
They should use Heath more, i like him.

Автор thepicfailgamer tr ( назад)
Türk yok mi

Автор Alex Mason (1525 лет назад)
he may be a band but he cant wrestle

Автор hititdj ( назад)
would've been cool if ahmed johnson was among the legends, the underhook
sit-out powerbomb wouldve been awesome to see

Автор Jaret Wood (1189 лет назад)
Love Heath, he is hilarious and very entertaining.

Автор Dallas Crank ( назад)
I LOVE APA's theme. It's so badass.

Автор Craig Murray ( назад)

Автор Zachary Alderete ( назад)
Did anybody's headphones go from 1 ear to to both. Like sound

Автор AwsomePowered KidGamer ( назад)
+MadeLuuna 👍 srry if I got name wrong

Автор Jordan Walls ( назад)
Ddp diamond cutter is RKO

Автор Gary “Wyld Hawk” King Jr ( назад)
Jesus, Backlund is nuts lol

Автор Rene Vazquez ( назад)
He got his but kicked by the legands

Автор RKOLegendKILLER Girl ( назад)
9:22 the ref's face. Lol

Автор ThE DuDeZ101 (629 лет назад)
how many ppl wanted Kane or The Undertaker to come out for no dis. or count

Автор MrKiteflier7 ( назад)
OMG! Its health bar!

Автор H1TMan (663 года назад)
R.I.P Doink The Clown !

Автор S. Imetengel ( назад)
Seriously. How cool is it to wrestle some of WWE's greatest legends?

Totally cool.

Автор Narek WWESheamus ( назад)

Автор Narek WWESheamus ( назад)
la canción de vader se parece a la de Steve austin

Автор MrSlySky ( назад)
I'm watching this so I can get passed dusty rhodes death

Автор Jake Hardy ( назад)
i am that wendys chick and i rule the world

Автор Fitri Narumi ( назад)
Slater obviously plays weak for the sake of "them"

Автор ks29earl ( назад)
Sid is looking a lil old lol

Автор ks29earl ( назад)
Love it how his opening lines had you predicting who it
was....lmao...pretty good.

Автор Shaine Lomenario2 ( назад)
Health Slater makes me laugh so hard. He literally tries to act cool then
he gets beat up!

Автор Elliott Wilber ( назад)
I love the refs reaction at 9:23 when the apa comes out 

Автор Andy Marquez ( назад)
Jobbing at its finest.

Автор namkhanh hoang ( назад)

Автор Alex Snowden ( назад)
Slater sucks

Автор Mari Herman ( назад)
Quien gilipollas es doink 

Автор ThePG RYBrockians ( назад)
terrible crowd acted like sid was nothing

Автор Cmpunk fan012 ( назад)

Автор Global Warming Skeptic ( назад)
"...I know that I've lost to every last legend on RAW, but I promise I will
prove that I am a legit RAW superstar. I just need ONE MORE MATCH with a
RAW legend to prove it!"

Автор AssassinSurreal ( назад)
Can't understand why so many people think Slater should be released. The
guy has to be the most entertaining jobber ever.

Автор RedEvainator ( назад)
Could they of made the arrival of vader anymore obvious?

Автор wwe network ( назад)

Автор Edgar Rivas ( назад)
I think that Heath slayter might have a speech problem 

Автор MrPoirot01 ( назад)
Im 8 and I know who they are

Автор dawson seibert ( назад)
9:22 the reffs face says it all lol

Автор andrew roldan ( назад)

Автор devon mccarthy ( назад)
Heath is a clown and so stupid darn good for nothing redneck 

Автор Dean F#cking Ambrose ( назад)
So this is how slater got buried.

Автор Lisa Boodram (1041 год назад)

Автор jack money (669 лет назад)
miss kitty with them titties. Armageddon 1999. And I know all these beasts
and I'm almost 15

Автор Reggie Dunn Jr ( назад)
Heath Slater vs The WWE Legends: https://youtu.be/zSLLPQyfww4

Автор Jeffrey McSwain ( назад)

Автор Jeffrey McSwain ( назад)

Автор James Payne ( назад)
After those beat downs, they should have sent Slater packing for a good,
one-man band? more like the one man choke job

Автор TheDanzomanzo ( назад)
Heath is so fucking lucky when you think about it.

Автор KING KONG ILL ( назад)
animal looked in better shape than when he showed up at the rumble

Автор Sean Fitz ( назад)
what the fuck with the audio switch???? fucking twat

Автор TurbulenceYT | MC , CSGO , GFX ( назад)
is Sycho Sid - Sid Viscious ? you know the one who's leg snapped in two ?

Автор Lucas Pnd7 ( назад)

Автор joseluis “jayden” Casiano ( назад)
Doink the clown 

Автор m579064 ( назад)
2:08 really

Автор JKentF ( назад)
Nobody delivers a powerslam better than Hawk, and kudos to JBL for that

Автор Dinnur Black ( назад)
Doink RIP :(

Автор Level100Magikarp ( назад)
All the kids in the crowd are like "Wat is a apa daddy! Were is jon cena?!"

Автор AntiCmpunk90 ( назад)
Heath Slater is a jobber lol

Автор Adarius Stovall ( назад)

Автор Steven Bishop (545 лет назад)
Lita's hotter now😍

Автор Mayor4434 ( назад)
The crowd is dead they dont know who sycho sid is

Автор BIG NATE Wills ( назад)
Lita tho stil beautiful great shape and just from the TOF and moon salt u
can teall ahe couls come back tom ans out wrestle and of the barbies wwe
has now...

Автор Olivia Wesley ( назад)
APA should return at Payback

Автор jamal wolf ( назад)
LOL Heath Slater do a great job on this character XD

Автор AHappy Chameleon ( назад)
At 9:21-25 look at the refs face

Автор ProjectGibix ( назад)
Dude, if I was facing Vader I would most definitely SHIT myself. Hard. That
guy is scary as hell in the ring. Read stories about his moves looking good
and hurt like hell....because it fucking did! D:

Автор Charlie Holme ( назад)
i'd like him to say mama always told me life is like a box of chocolates

Автор JasonNathan AndEthan ( назад)
Referee: Alright ok protection ok whatev-
*Theme hits*

Автор Attila Mestra ( назад)
Ciki hogy egy lány legyőzött

Автор Diogo Ari (1718 лет назад)

Автор Tom Hamilton ( назад)
That JBL clothesline sell was pretty good.

Автор Syncere Thomas ( назад)
The nwo should have returned when heath challenged any raw main eventer 

Автор Dan Perry ( назад)
shitty video quality

Автор kaito121 ( назад)
that was the biggest burial since zack ryder

Автор Bobby Bobson ( назад)
lol christ I think this guy buried his career. I wonder who he pissed off
in WWE.

Автор Klain Main ( назад)
Wow, i didn't know Julianne Moore can wrestle.

Автор Redpantsyellowshoes ( назад)
Lita is the greatest wrestler eveeeeer! #queenofextreme 

Автор _Panda _Gaming_ ( назад)
I was there and I was like the only person on my row cheering for every
superstar that came out expect for slater the others on my row were ten
year olds with John cena badges 😁😜

Автор Leslie Briley ( назад)
Liva ra laza

Автор Emarion Solomon ( назад)
I like this. Video

Автор cool guy mathew “mattster199” leon ( назад)
No body gave a shit about doink.................... Why am I not surprised 

Автор Solasman ( назад)
Slater is full of it

Автор Nathaniel Yosores ( назад)
I thought Sid has An serious injury in the fibula 

Автор gumbo ( назад)
I love Heath Slater

Автор Vertigo ( назад)
Like how he says Rore....

Автор axelrayne69 ( назад)
Dude you cut it short!

You didn't get Ron Simmons time in.

Автор Jyrus Tumanan ( назад)
can`t beat any old timer. who`s next? hornswoggle?

Автор DA GOD MAN (2000 лет назад)

Автор FunnyGamer HD ( назад)

Автор Eric McPhatter ( назад)
That is just sad.

Автор mr leedles ( назад)

Автор xx xx ( назад)
rikishi my fav during childhood .... miss those days

Автор Zaph Izack ( назад)
Whats with heath going against bunch of legends? Is he still in the WWE?

Автор Lewis Reeder ( назад)

Автор Zach Madej (Godzillaboy98) ( назад)
Damn kiddies, don't know who these badasses are

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