Heath Slater vs The WWE Legends

I do not own any of the footage in this video,
All of it is copyright of WWE World Wrestling Entertainment inc.

Enjoy !

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Автор Jake Patterson ( назад)
9:22 look at referees face at the APA

Автор Pzyho Gaming ( назад)
Sid killed my Right ear

Автор Sports Guy88 ( назад)
When the apa came even the ref was surprised

Автор CyborgMarkGaming ( назад)
OMG!!!!! these guys are LEGENDS!!!!

Автор Turtle Moshpit ( назад)
i was there live when lita came back

Автор 名假 ( назад)
lol...this was all in one show?

Автор RoKeT XMBM ( назад)
I love the song of Lita

Автор Sharkbruh360 Bites ( назад)

Автор David Hill ( назад)
Heath is crap

Автор Wild Goose ( назад)
Audio problems

Автор Elseworld Media ( назад)
Imagine if it was Chyna instead of Lita

Автор SuchtiGamerLP ( назад)


Автор oB Temperr ( назад)
Would Heath slater stop saying "I'm a one man band"

Автор Maxwell Taylor ( назад)

Автор Tony Stone ( назад)
yo its me its me its ddp

Автор extreme Tr ( назад)
i miss rikishi i want him back to WWE ; (

Автор Sand Paper ( назад)
for me, this what makes him a legend..

Автор Scream Team Plays (Max) ( назад)

Автор Dimitur Popovski ( назад)
STOP BEING A DOUCHEBAAAAAG! Lita's song is amazing for that "Heath Slater"
topic LMAO

Автор Samuel Head ( назад)
rip heath

For a second I thought it was Not real


Автор The Immortal One ( назад)
Its me Its DDP

Автор King_Speedy007 ( назад)
This guy reminds me of the Cletus guy who goes hunting with Trevor in Grand
Theft Auto 5

Автор David012186 ( назад)
Heath Slater is the best jobber I seen so far, Hahaha

Автор no1 knows me ( назад)
he should enter record book of getting lost to most legend

Автор marvinj487 ( назад)
Heath Slater has no charisma.

Автор ArchieFunTimeChannel ( назад)
the diamond cutter looks like a rko

Автор Hardcore gamer Hardcore gamer ( назад)

Автор Elly Boos ( назад)
I miss doink

Автор BlackDudeHoods ( назад)
This made me a Heath Slater fan. He did a great job on this and it brought
some nostalgia.

Автор Asher Guela ( назад)
Slayerrr time. Haha Lol

Автор Ian Newman ( назад)
I Hate Lita Cause She Cheated

Автор Yameli Rodriguez ( назад)
Imagen Jake the Snake Roberts

Автор Roman Reigns XD ( назад)

Автор Giovanny Araujo ( назад)
expresion del arbitro al 9:21

Автор Yahir Soto ( назад)
am l the only one that knows wwe when it was world wrestling federation

Автор Fernando Alvarado ( назад)
I wish Jeff Hardy was a there

Автор RUSTY_ NUGGETS ( назад)
It seemed like Lita did an RKO

Автор RUSTY_ NUGGETS ( назад)
Heath Slater dat tan doe

Автор Mauryce Thomas ( назад)
Slater Your time is up

Автор Kevin Soret ( назад)
the new generetion sucks greatest entertainner in the and never be the same

Автор Kevin Soret ( назад)
the new generetion sucks greatest entertainner in the and never be the same

Автор _drawdenoryb_ ( назад)
oh my you're so boring cole!

Автор Javier Vargas ( назад)
(I am one of the superstars on the top!) one of the worst superstars top

Автор laura Monise ( назад)
Heath Slater you are so motherfucker Mean

Автор Mz AllAboutMe ( назад)
health looses more maches than he won he will loose
im gonna watch it right now

Автор John Paul ( назад)
Where is Bret the hitman Hart

Автор Ryan Rodriguez ( назад)
Poor Doink The Clown

Автор Griffins Channle ( назад)
Sycho Sid vs lunatic fringe

Автор Jeeson Samuel Aga-ab ( назад)
He is still the Chicks in Wendy's lol

Автор Hector Al ( назад)
does Heath ever change his pants???

Автор Nand MoDFiAx staff ( назад)
a ginger raw superstar lol

Автор Omar almesbah ( назад)

Автор best in the world ( назад)
funny heath

Автор Darren Murphy ( назад)
Bob Backlund looks like Donald Trump

Автор jollywollyU ( назад)
I like heath

Автор Crazy cow Cam ( назад)

Автор Darragh Gelston ( назад)
It's me its me its ddp

Автор Gabriel Martinez ( назад)
When you put headphone in one side does not work

Автор Arstotzka's Border Chief Operating Officer ( назад)
I mean... He pinned Doink.

That's something, right?

Автор samhardy samhardy ( назад)
all legends

Автор Adam Kirk ( назад)
riskis vs kim

Автор Jo Stevens ( назад)
Vader time is now for you heath

Автор Ruben Wilson ( назад)
get rekt

Автор Ruben Wilson ( назад)
no its Vader time

Автор Itsjosh ( назад)
Wrestlers that do the Twist Of Fate:
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy

Автор Katie-Louise Bradley ( назад)
your a clown

Автор RoD H ( назад)
You cut off Ron Simmons???


Автор Jayden Caraballo ( назад)
what if it was stone cold vs heath slater

Автор Narrowc ross ( назад)
Well at least Slater sells moves very well, he could have been a decent
heel if he had better speaking skills.

Автор Kevin Esteban Gomez ( назад)
Sycho Sid Hall of Fame 2017 :v

Автор Tanu Sharma ( назад)
9:21 their reaction was like mom dad came home early

Автор Dogukan Karaca ( назад)
from india heath slater baby

Автор ponyboy314 ( назад)
What was Backland during this match? 60? And he was still in great shape
and a solid wrestler. He caught a lot of shit for that Opie thing, but the
guy was a real wrestler. That by itself deserves respect.

Автор Kerroin ( назад)
poor doink the clown :(

Автор Blood Eagle ( назад)
Was that the boogeyman

Автор The Destroyer ( назад)
same XD

Автор MiniOne82 ( назад)
My Right ear felt left out.

Автор Patrick Onofre ( назад)
i thought i read Heath Ledger lol

Автор ATXs Navbuoy ( назад)
Slater really sold that clothesline and look at JBL's face at 9:52-9:56 -
he's got a huge $#!+ eating grin. Takes a lot of humility to pull it off.
It actually paid off for Slater - looks like he made some friends along the
way for his troubles. Good stuff.

Автор Farrel Gp ( назад)
09:21 even the referee didn't expect the A.P.A

Автор Scott Zahlmann ( назад)
isn't the diamond cutter basicly a rko

Автор Scott Zahlmann ( назад)
you are the best you just got beat by a bunch of 50 and 60 year old

Автор Giovanni Loera ( назад)
Bitch tits

Автор Jack Payne ( назад)
That is the most fake tan ever and his red hari Wendy color.

Автор Banter Lads ( назад)
Is it weird that I'm 11 and I watch wrestling but I know all of these
people that come out?

Автор oleBoi Got Heat ( назад)
a swantom bomb from jeff or matt hardy woukdve been dope

Автор John Dzukey ( назад)
Funny thing is my name is DD

Автор John Dzukey ( назад)
That was Amazing Bang yo It's me It's me It's DDP

Автор Walter Sobchak ( назад)
Chucky vs The WWE Legends, LOL :)

Автор Iggy Bush ( назад)
lita is so pretty sexy

Автор R.J. Perfetto ( назад)
Lita could and can still go if she chose to.

Автор R.J. Perfetto ( назад)
I think this was the LAST INTERGENDER MATCH>

Автор R.J. Perfetto ( назад)
The Diamond Cutter is so much the Stunner.

Автор Spartacus Brown ( назад)
Heath slater has to be the funniest motherfucker in the WWE right now

Автор Happy ( назад)
Gillberg vs Heath Slater nobody will win their both a bitch

Автор Happy ( назад)
Lita is sexy

Автор Happy ( назад)
How can a girl beat a boy

Автор popmusiclover 119 ( назад)
Heath i s so cute

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