Heath Slater vs The WWE Legends

I do not own any of the footage in this video,
All of it is copyright of WWE World Wrestling Entertainment inc.

Enjoy !

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 10:33
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Автор Stoney Guerrero (26 дней)
They should do this again but only have bo Dallas instead

Автор PGERASUCKS (6 месяцев)
i wish each and every single legend returned and beat john cena

Автор worldofX Gamer (5 месяцев)
Wwe almost died after stone cold left and truly died after the rock left
and the streak end and the shitiest wrestlers became overrated like roman
fuck and bray shit and 

Автор Elwin Coldiron (4 месяца)
And now Slater is having problems with a bunny!

Автор Arslan Ali (21 час)
Awesome. Heath did a great job provoking the WWE fans so the match could go
exciting. I wish there was more 

Автор Nagy Balázs (1 день)
Did he get double-pay for gettin' his ass kicked by legends?

Автор TheOSUfan46 (9 часов)
Sad to see this now that Doink has passed. 

Автор Mikey Macabre (22 дня)
Heath is a total douche, but at least he's a team player. He makes Justin
Bieber look a little bit cool, but that's his job.

Автор Iwillmakeyousqueal5 (1 месяц)
you forgot to put Ryback in the video
come on man! ryback is a legend

Автор ramennoodlechef (2 дня)
wanted to see Farooq do the Dominator. aw well

Автор Matthew Ford (1 месяц)
video is missing Slater's match vs s2h from nxt i belive also dose anyone
know who played doink for his match vs Slater becuase i can't find anything
on who it could be

Автор John Tronolone (18 дней)
these were my favorite segments leading up to the 1000th episode .. the
'omb' gimmick of slater's was gold, at least from a comedic perspective.

Автор American Alpha (3 месяца)
It was neat seeing these legends (although most the kids in the crowd were
probably confused) but did Slater really have to set up each and every one
of their appearances? That's the problem with this PG (post greatness)
wrestling, they just don't take themselves seriously anymore. Wrestlers
used to go to great lengths to keep the integrity of the business...going
so far as never being seen together in public with their on screen rivals
or legitimately assaulting ppl who called wrestling fake or questioned its
validity. Obviously this isn't the 1940's and the wool as long been
removed, but the shit they show on the show nowadays is ridiculous. 

Автор jose tovar (22 часа)
The refs face when APA came out

Автор Cade Thompson (22 дня)
Heath is a goof ball :P

Автор Andrés Chalar (13 дней)
Lita could singlehandedly destroy the divas division without sweating a
single drop

Автор Adrian Everett (20 дней)
He got his ass beat like the ugly red headed step child he is ! Especially
when Psycho Sid ruled his ass with a Power Bomb from Hell

Автор Blowing Fed (2 дня)
nice boobs heath

Автор RockStarmyths (2 месяца)
Heath Slater's career highlight. Sadly...
Also... Just imagine... The Iron Sheik making Heath Slater humble.

Автор lillmissd (3 дня)
This guy is a total ass wipe! I can't stand him

Автор Nevy S (11 дней)
slater is cooler than cena or this fuck daniel bryan

Автор Serbian PlayerHD (3 дня)
I thought Vader is dead.

Автор Julius Parci (11 дней)
No mate slater is better is rubbish

Автор Bob Kish (12 дней)
its time its prison time you sick freak

Автор Aryan shah (1 месяц)
i wish lita beats heath without any help that would be more insulting!!

Автор Jordan Sowadski (29 дней)
cena vs legends who cares about slater

Автор Peter Cataldo (1 месяц)
Heath needs serous help with his mic work and the gimmick he is using is
very weak and needs to be developed more... If this is the product they put
on TV it's no wonder people like me gave up years ago.... also he needs
major helping selling himself and taking bumps...

Автор LordJeet2 (3 месяца)
What a noob PG crowd, they don't even know who Sycho Sid is

Автор Ezzy Hoyte (1 месяц)
Y2j is the best wrestler and under rated he should of have numerous title
runs not John Cena and Randy Orton.

Автор Tofiq Mehdiyev (26 дней)
I am the 1 man band BABEEEEE

Автор 이지현 (10 дней)

Автор Juan Soria (1 месяц)
Wtf that was awkward I though they were dead

Автор reemer911 (29 дней)

Автор Shingara singh (26 дней)
I wish Kurt angle returned and beat rusev up

Автор joe joe (1 месяц)
Wwe is fucked unless they introduce a new era not this shitty pg era

Автор John Garabedian (1 месяц)
this was bullshit, because anything Heath said was a heads u[ to let you
know who he was going to face

Автор OzaeGaming (4 месяца)
I do enjoy it when my right ear can hear things again.

Автор MadeLunaa (2 месяца)
RIP Road Warrior Hawk! thumbs up if u agree

Автор John Bederick (3 месяца)
I loved this so much!

Автор gpuppy1234 (1 месяц)
I hate when cole says "vintage!"

Автор Gazi Rehman (2 месяца)
Heath Slater is hilarious, if he keeps entertaining people like this then
one day he might be considered a legend. I love it when he says "I'm the
one man band baby!" and then gets beaten up :)

Автор MA21L (1 месяц)
WWE is now a pantomime....

Автор Kevin Smith (16 дней)
coolio bro

Автор KC Coleman (4 месяца)
Heath Ledger is the jackass of the WWE

Автор nhs2008NC (1 месяц)
Slater's got Moobs?

Автор accies4life (2 месяца)
if they used anyone else this wouldnt have been as funny but heath slater
makes this hilarious with his selling and promos 

Автор KayJayA7X (2 месяца)
For some reason, I don't mind being Heath Slater if I get the chance to get
beat up by all those Legends!

Автор Steve Hedrich (1 месяц)
Slather go blow the digs!

Автор Abigail Sawyers (4 месяца)
Lita is a boss even in retirement! 

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