Heath Slater vs The WWE Legends

I do not own any of the footage in this video,
All of it is copyright of WWE World Wrestling Entertainment inc.

Enjoy !

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Автор Adam Chen ( назад)

Автор Kayden cash ( назад)
Heath you are a clown.

Автор dswagger Greene ( назад)
this video is playing tricks with my ears

Автор Dark Messiah ( назад)
whenever someone enters ,the look on stakers face

Автор Elijah Phillips ( назад)
for the last 1 instead of Lita it should of been stone cold

Автор ƬψƬ ʇƗʍ ( назад)
This is not all Legends where UnderTaker ,John Cena, Rey,Randy Orton ?

Автор Douglas Muir ( назад)
Too much returns this year but they are also super old returns

Автор Douglas Muir ( назад)
Heath got reked by rikishi I didn't know rikishi was that strong

Автор John Paul Acopiado ( назад)
I wish Boogeyman was there just imagine.....

Автор Ben Reynolds ( назад)
Man I miss Justin Roberts!

Автор perksy/ 09 ( назад)
sadly doink the clown can't come back. r.I.p doink

Автор Zanon The Tiger ( назад)
Audio is shit tho.

Автор Everyone butUs ( назад)
even the referee is in shock

Автор Dominic Caldwell ( назад)
poor heath neber getting a chance

Автор Trai Duck ( назад)
lita vs heath slather what

Автор Kyle Phipps ( назад)
9:52 Faarooq: "DAMN."

Автор Darkness To Hell Gaming ( назад)
My face when apa return 😱😱😱😱😱😱

Автор skyhero223 ( назад)
Slater shoulda kept his hair long

Автор wes dryden ( назад)
vader really struggled to get in the ring at the end :(

Автор SouthernSamurai (1913 года назад)
The one time they bring him back

Автор TyV Vulpintaur ( назад)
RIP Roddy....

Автор Le Lenny Face( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( назад)
Heath Slater Is Legend,The Most entertainment wrestler In The History

The One Man Baaaaaaand Babyyyy!!!!

Автор matias cabezas ( назад)
La wea chupa pico :v

Автор Esai Patino ( назад)
I thought she ment the harddys

Автор Bianca Bee ( назад)
Heath slaters funny he said he rules the world he is a clown

Автор Riyan Ahmed ( назад)
Heath Slater is lucky to face these legends

Автор Bayley_Bliss 902 ( назад)
Slater: I said I rule the world!
Me: yeah sure you do...... 🙄

Автор Dennis B. ( назад)
Heath Slater has to be the luckiest PG Era wrestler ever, to of had to
gotten to step in the ring with these wrestlers

Автор brian smau ( назад)
July 23 is my bday

Автор Frano Grizelj ( назад)
Song name in the beggining?

Автор Drake Fischer ( назад)
I wanted nothing more than for Stone Cold to come out and open a can of
whoop ass

Автор Syed Ali ( назад)
eed slater

Автор Gaming Diamond 10 ( назад)
what a name sycho sid

Автор Gaming Diamond 10 ( назад)
vader time doh

Автор Kiryam Samuels ( назад)
They fire Drew McIntyre but keep this guy? Smh

Автор Devandar Kaushik ( назад)
He is demented

Автор Rich Porter ( назад)
He rules the world of losing

Автор Charlene Billingsley ( назад)
lesson it should be romans regeins not the beast that got the belt he
cheated i still be on roman side no mater what believe that

Автор zeriul09 ( назад)
Slater must of had a great time working with all those legends, its a real
shame they dont use him more

Автор Mike Espinosa (82 года назад)
wait does he get beat up and then he talks and another comes out

Автор Rat King ( назад)
Imagine if Goldberg returned.

Автор Richard Lesman ( назад)
fuck heath slater

Автор Michelle Chavez ( назад)

Автор Michelle Chavez ( назад)
rrooaadd wwaarriioorr

Автор Michelle Chavez ( назад)

Автор Michelle Chavez ( назад)

Автор Michelle Chavez ( назад)

Автор Michelle Chavez ( назад)
Slater you suck

Автор Michelle Chavez ( назад)
Vader .

Автор Skiing for dayz ( назад)
Sound quality sucked

Автор Ali Cal ( назад)
I would cry in my own laughs and tears if john cena dissd lita agin with

Автор Ben Crow ( назад)
What is wrong with the sound :/

Автор Darin Vu ( назад)
9:22 even the referee like oh shit

Автор Connor Ward ( назад)
Heath slater is so bad

Автор Scisorred BR ( назад)
Farooq just stands there akwardly

Автор Mick Collins ( назад)

Автор Glen Mcguiness ( назад)
heath slater is a fucking asshole

Автор Denroy Robyn ( назад)
Slater should go into Hall of Fame for this. #ONEMANBANDBAYBAY

Автор Nisreen Khan (695 лет назад)
Fuck you

Автор Dominic Meeks ( назад)
bu lita

Автор Angel Wells (1564 года назад)
Lol he got beat bye a girl ps I am a girl so don't hate

Автор Burt Vitale ( назад)
I Was At The One With

Автор John Youssef ( назад)
Slater deserve it

Автор dannydahscreamer ( назад)

Автор The Super John Cena ( назад)
Wtf Michael you didn't have to say it's time x3

Автор Subarna Figo ( назад)
When rikishi's music hits, slayer's face tells the whole story when he was
told to do this

Автор Bola92a YTB! ( назад)
Heath Slater so noob

Автор David Dumitrescu ( назад)
Heath Slater is stupid

Автор David Dumitrescu ( назад)
Heath Slater is

Автор Nathan m ( назад)
rip to those who lost there lifes in this video

Автор Calvin Mitchell ( назад)
out of my mind

Автор Vx TM Extreme ( назад)

Автор Craig Kabat ( назад)
"Future" champion

Автор Craig Kabat ( назад)
I freakin hate Heath slater

Автор Terion Taylor ( назад)
Health Slater got his butt wooped

Автор Shafeek Jarrah ( назад)
Heath slater did it he defeated a legend!!! Wow he's my hero

Автор CAMERON HATTON ( назад)
Slater is a fool

Автор Jean Pierre Nossa Rugeles ( назад)
Heath slater new gimmick..... THE LEGEND

Автор Jonny Smith (867 лет назад)
Go back to see the referees face when Heath slater got clothslined

Автор Jim Ross (1948 лет назад)
Would really like to see Trish and lita vs Paige and Becky lynch.
Wrestlemania 32
Book it Vince!!!!

Автор Jessica Vivace (406 лет назад)
Doink the clown died

Автор Connor Strickland ( назад)

Автор Connor Strickland ( назад)
Right in front of yo face

Автор PrAnKsTaTV ( назад)
Lita has nice titties

Автор shamoney102 ( назад)
yo lita

Автор Himanshu Singla ( назад)
lita is the best ever

Автор Himanshu Singla ( назад)
wwe has become a master of killing talent, slater is one of them

Автор Bruce Wolfowitz ( назад)
:o Heath slater won :o

Автор Flamerz Project ( назад)
It's dumb that the crowd reactions are low.The pg era people don't know

Автор Juan Ceja ( назад)
he forgot Sgt slaughter and rowdy piper

Автор xxVCRExx ( назад)
I miss lita she was the greatest diva she would fuck up any diva today

Автор Boss king chickin gamer ( назад)
lol lita beat health slater :D

Автор kevin cruz ( назад)
Good job everyone

Автор Jenna Hutchinson ( назад)
Funniest thing ever X D

Автор Vijaya Muthanna ( назад)

Автор Andy G ( назад)
It's quite upsetting to see animal without hawk

Автор Prem Duggal (211 год назад)
No offense but Vader is the fat rey mysterio cause of his mask

Автор Streetgamer 007 ( назад)


Автор JC Yang ( назад)
You missing Slater vs Scottie too Hotty on NXT

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