Heath Slater vs The WWE Legends

I do not own any of the footage in this video,
All of it is copyright of WWE World Wrestling Entertainment inc.

Enjoy !

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Автор PGERASUCKS (3 месяца)
i wish each and every single legend returned and beat john cena

Автор worldofX Gamer (2 месяца)
Wwe almost died after stone cold left and truly died after the rock left
and the streak end and the shitiest wrestlers became overrated like roman
fuck and bray shit and 

Автор KC Coleman (28 дней)
Heath Ledger is the jackass of the WWE

Автор Elwin Coldiron (1 месяц)
And now Slater is having problems with a bunny!

Автор Ravishing Rick Rude (5 месяцев)
i would've loved to see Heath get his ass kicked by Rick Rude. 

Автор John Bederick (10 часов)
I loved this so much!

Автор Peter Grimshaw (3 месяца)
My mommy said Heath Slater in real life could demolish all these ex
wrestlers....and dats da bottom line!

Автор LordJeet2 (5 дней)
What a noob PG crowd, they don't even know who Sycho Sid is

Автор Venom DF (1 месяц)
cant belive Rikishi is the usos dad :D is he really ?

Автор American Alpha (21 день)
It was neat seeing these legends (although most the kids in the crowd were
probably confused) but did Slater really have to set up each and every one
of their appearances? That's the problem with this PG (post greatness)
wrestling, they just don't take themselves seriously anymore. Wrestlers
used to go to great lengths to keep the integrity of the business...going
so far as never being seen together in public with their on screen rivals
or legitimately assaulting ppl who called wrestling fake or questioned its
validity. Obviously this isn't the 1940's and the wool as long been
removed, but the shit they show on the show nowadays is ridiculous. 

Автор OzaeGaming (29 дней)
I do enjoy it when my right ear can hear things again.

Автор Joe Blackburn (2 месяца)
The referees reaction to the APA return lol 

Автор Murphy Beck (1 месяц)
Haha so funny😝😆

Автор Abigail Sawyers (1 месяц)
Lita is a boss even in retirement! 

Автор Ricardo B. (4 месяца)
BTW your video scared me, I thought my headset went broke with parts where
it plays only in one side...

Автор Gamaliel Rios (2 месяца)
Slater vs New Jack

Автор MrMariolover64 (2 месяца)
Rip doink :(

Автор silvergir89 (1 месяц)
Rikishi A.K.A Father Uso.

Автор Jordan (1 месяц)
op as fuck

Автор EnderSpyGames (1 месяц)
I hate Slater and he was destroyed. Thank God. He beat Doink. Thats it

Автор AQshado (1 месяц)
lita bewbs

Автор JunnyTheAss Bunny (5 месяцев)
anyone else using headset had audio issues at 1:23

Автор WizGaming (2 месяца)
I wish Goldberg came to beat his ass

Автор klicksubs (2 месяца)
This should be awesome...What if Bo Dallas wants to attack all wwe

Автор Pickles Goodcat (2 месяца)
Slater vs Kevin Nash? :D

Автор Ghostram Moralez (1 день)
get shit on heath

Автор Ryan Teo (5 месяцев)

Автор Samuel Tweedie (2 дня)
The boogieyman is a crap YouTube name

Автор A-RoD Nation (3 дня)
When the legends returned my favorite was Road Warrior Animal and Rikishi

Автор Quinty de peinder (2 месяца)
heath slate is noop

Автор KillerDreck89 (2 месяца)
Too bad Stone Cold didn't have the time stunning Slater back then.

Автор TheRisenSoldier (6 месяцев)
Brand new o WWE but I still knew a few of them haha I wonder if he
volunteered for this or if he was told he had to be the guy to do all of

Автор Tyler (3 дня)
They need more woman wrestlers like AJ.

Автор tronis96 (4 дня)
the fuck is wrong with the audio

Автор pAuLiStErROXttt (12 дней)
Seeing all those legends makes me miss the good ol' days of the WWF. After
the Attitude Era, IMO, WWE was never the same.

Автор Carolina Gomez (3 месяца)
Thumbs up for Slater for making all these legends look good. 

Автор Jean Pantano (9 дней)
Doink should have won.

Автор Xantylon74 (4 месяца)
3:45 this was Not the original doink right! Osbourne was one of the best
wrestler ever step in the ring!

Автор Ashley Gorman (13 дней)
Fun video, thanks. But, .... don't you ever cut Ron Simmonds off ever
again! DAMN!

Автор riley carroll (4 месяца)
ddp created the rko

Автор Andrew Nelson (12 дней)
9:21 even the ref is shocked XD

Автор BongHitterification (17 дней)

Автор Desert Loner (23 дня)
slater is the best thing on wwe right now...until tamina returns

Автор PiiigzPVP Gaming and GFX (28 дней)
didnt Doink The Clown die?

Автор George Hernandez (1 месяц)
Slater sold that Clothesline From Hell like a champ!

Автор Le Menir (1 месяц)
Is Slater Lol 

Автор Elementize (4 месяца)
Wish rikishi did his little butt wipe (Forgot real name) to Heath. That
would have been funny

Автор Kendall Emanuel (1 месяц)

Автор Syxx (1 месяц)
I love Heath! He is probably the best jobber ever.

Автор Dan Barlow (1 месяц)
it's time, it's time, it's time, it's vader time!

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