Heath Slater vs The WWE Legends

I do not own any of the footage in this video,
All of it is copyright of WWE World Wrestling Entertainment inc.

Enjoy !

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Автор Crazy cow Cam ( назад)

Автор Darragh Gelston ( назад)
It's me its me its ddp

Автор Gabriel Martinez ( назад)
When you put headphone in one side does not work

Автор Arstotzka's Border Chief Operating Officer ( назад)
I mean... He pinned Doink.

That's something, right?

Автор samhardy samhardy ( назад)
all legends

Автор Adam Kirk ( назад)
riskis vs kim

Автор Jo Stevens ( назад)
Vader time is now for you heath

Автор Ruben Wilson ( назад)
get rekt

Автор Ruben Wilson ( назад)
no its Vader time

Автор Itsjosh ( назад)
Wrestlers that do the Twist Of Fate:
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy

Автор Katie-Louise Bradley ( назад)
your a clown

Автор RoD H ( назад)
You cut off Ron Simmons???


Автор Jayden Caraballo ( назад)
what if it was stone cold vs heath slater

Автор Narrowc ross ( назад)
Well at least Slater sells moves very well, he could have been a decent
heel if he had better speaking skills.

Автор Kevin Esteban Gomez ( назад)
Sycho Sid Hall of Fame 2017 :v

Автор Tanu Sharma ( назад)
9:21 their reaction was like mom dad came home early

Автор Dogukan Karaca ( назад)
from india heath slater baby

Автор ponyboy314 ( назад)
What was Backland during this match? 60? And he was still in great shape
and a solid wrestler. He caught a lot of shit for that Opie thing, but the
guy was a real wrestler. That by itself deserves respect.

Автор Kerroin ( назад)
poor doink the clown :(

Автор amber hughes ( назад)
Was that the boogeyman

Автор The Destroyer ( назад)
same XD

Автор MiniOne82 ( назад)
My Right ear felt left out.

Автор Patrick Onofre ( назад)
i thought i read Heath Ledger lol

Автор ATXs Navbuoy ( назад)
Slater really sold that clothesline and look at JBL's face at 9:52-9:56 -
he's got a huge $#!+ eating grin. Takes a lot of humility to pull it off.
It actually paid off for Slater - looks like he made some friends along the
way for his troubles. Good stuff.

Автор Farrel Gp ( назад)
09:21 even the referee didn't expect the A.P.A

Автор Scott Zahlmann ( назад)
isn't the diamond cutter basicly a rko

Автор Scott Zahlmann ( назад)
you are the best you just got beat by a bunch of 50 and 60 year old

Автор Giovanni Loera ( назад)
Bitch tits

Автор Jack Payne ( назад)
That is the most fake tan ever and his red hari Wendy color.

Автор Banter Lads ( назад)
Is it weird that I'm 11 and I watch wrestling but I know all of these
people that come out?

Автор oleBoi Got Heat ( назад)
a swantom bomb from jeff or matt hardy woukdve been dope

Автор John Dzukey ( назад)
Funny thing is my name is DD

Автор John Dzukey ( назад)
That was Amazing Bang yo It's me It's me It's DDP

Автор Walter Sobchak ( назад)
Chucky vs The WWE Legends, LOL :)

Автор Iggy Bush ( назад)
lita is so pretty sexy

Автор R.J. Perfetto ( назад)
Lita could and can still go if she chose to.

Автор R.J. Perfetto ( назад)
I think this was the LAST INTERGENDER MATCH>

Автор R.J. Perfetto ( назад)
The Diamond Cutter is so much the Stunner.

Автор Hector Al ( назад)
their not called legends for nothing Heath

Автор Spartacus Brown ( назад)
Heath slater has to be the funniest motherfucker in the WWE right now

Автор Happy ( назад)
Gillberg vs Heath Slater nobody will win their both a bitch

Автор Happy ( назад)
Lita is sexy

Автор Happy ( назад)
How can a girl beat a boy

Автор Swiftie Forever and always ( назад)
Heath i s so cute

Автор Bruce Dallas ( назад)
sid had the best heel turn ever

Автор Hunter Hockaday ( назад)
heath slater: why are we celebrating past raw superstars anyway me: cause
they are way better than you

Автор Jorge Delgado Sanchez ( назад)

Автор THE LOVER SMILER ( назад)
uhh!! little poor slater

Автор Camile Ali ( назад)
who is that after Vader

Автор Tristin Jones ( назад)
Your audio quality fucking sucks

Автор GTAslayer302 ( назад)
I Wish Eddie Guerrero Was Still Hear Because I want to se latino Heat
Burning Slater

Автор Daniel Ives ( назад)
When Sids music started..dude...goosebumps.

Автор Losty Ghost ( назад)
hrál slater is so stupit

Автор SciCrafter ( назад)
anyone remember that time when sycho sid broke his leg?

Автор Kane Knightwolf ( назад)
whatever happened to this guy?!

Автор nspicer81 ( назад)
Say it's time twice and you summon both Darth Vader and Vader Heath

Автор Khalid Sayfullah ( назад)
Same thing happened to me

Автор AwesomeGamer ( назад)
9:27 DAMN!

Автор Ryan Dominguez ( назад)
Triple threat lira vs chyna vs Trish Stratus who would win

Автор Ryan Dominguez ( назад)
I hoped Stone Cold would come out and beat him up same with Goldberg

Автор trotuele69 ( назад)
Imagine Million Dollar man ted diabase

Автор Dustin Hiser ( назад)
go to 4:37 and look to the right over Dallas you can see some kid asking
his dad why that guy used Randy Ortons move lol.

Автор William Scherer ( назад)
Doink is dead now

Автор Ryan Garmston ( назад)
The refs face at 9:22

Автор ThatSkaterJustice ( назад)
Heath did a really good job selling that clothesline from jbl 😂

Автор Cory Gibson ( назад)
Stop talking about your fucking 1MB

Автор Hector Suenaga ( назад)

Автор Mike M ( назад)
you am a punching bag

Автор Some Guy ( назад)
He's lucky Sid didn't just bend him over and rape him.

Автор WWE Johncenafan ( назад)

Автор SkiLL3D GaMiNG ( назад)
9:22 #RefFace

Автор Jhy Certy ( назад)
This guy cracks me up: LMAO! "Whuuuuyyy? (jerry lawler almost lol's) are we
celebratin' past Raw superstars anyway? Because we got a current Raw
superstar standing right. In. Front. Of. Your. Face!" *Lawler loses it*
LMAO *stupid look on his face* haha

Автор melar godeaqui ( назад)

Автор Preeti Nijjar ( назад)
Thank you litaand trish
gailkim and chyna
Jacqueline Moore and Victoria tara and michellemccool ivory Amy webber and
kay lee ray Sarahbeckman kaiteLea birchill

Автор Radiation Gaming ( назад)
They should have JR return

Автор Gavin Dwyer ( назад)
this was actually very entertaining :)

Автор joe cormier ( назад)
His face when doinks music hit hahaha

Автор TheCrusade ( назад)
Heath slater for wwe world heavyweight champion

Автор Irma Gamboa ( назад)

Автор Irma Gamboa ( назад)
9:22 the ref's face

Автор CanUDigItSuckaaaaa ( назад)
Demolition The Best tag team in history IMO.

Автор Satish Lalwani ( назад)

Автор M3RKGAMEZ ( назад)
Heath Slater got beat by a GIRL. LOL

Автор Angelwarlock Gaming ( назад)
wheres hulk hogan? p.s it was made before 2015...

Автор Harley365 ( назад)
we all knew that Heath was asking for this

Автор MnMs002 ( назад)
That wasn't fair to the one man band baby!!! He got gang banged by 2 old
washed up has beens and a lesbo... That ain't right man that's messed up.

Автор Mama Lama ( назад)
Vader being #1 trend in the world? Must have been a slow day for Twitter.

Автор zellmer ( назад)
For as "Oh fuck, runnn!" as Vader and Sid still are because of how crazy
they where back in the day, it was kind of depressing to see the fake Doink
and Animal without Hawk for sure.

Автор Oliver de Hauteville Bell ( назад)
Nice if Benoit came out

Автор Soda Popinski ( назад)
anyone would've kicked out of the Vaderbomb . He was a nobody

Автор Talking Turkey (6 лет назад)
what was Farooq gonna say at the end

Автор Lisa Dennis ( назад)
I think this dumb ass would of lost to Mae Young lol

Автор cynthia cheng ( назад)

Автор cynthia cheng ( назад)

Автор mastermesut ( назад)
her un old leasen dont mess wed legend from past öre end up like heated

Автор Trevor Boyll ( назад)
how many people are repeatedly watching this just to watch Slater get his
butt kicked?

Автор Russ F ( назад)
It was cool unti Animal came out then i starting cheering at my computer
screen basically and i havent watched wrestling for 20 years. More of this

Автор Glauco Pereira ( назад)
Lita has the hugest boobs

Автор Jos Kirin ( назад)
well, at least slater can become legendary jobber...

Автор David Cunningham ( назад)
Even the ref was suprised when apa came out

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