Jagd terrier & Giant Schnauzer Wild Boar Hunting Romania

Jagd Terrier & Giant Schnauzer Wild Boar Hunting Romania Mures Corunca Óriás Schnauzer Vaddisznó Vadászat Románia Marosmegye Koronka jagdterrier
vanatoare mistreti schnauzer urias

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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 1:52
Комментарии: 31

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Автор MachineFight (3 года)
wow what a fat beast =o

Автор sErna97 (3 года)
az annyira snaci mint en geci gazdag..nem igen stimmel

Автор Lance Coleman (4 года)
@ikilldeerlots 250

Автор vides936 (3 года)
@GangstaDogg21 i don´t belive you sry i think the max weight is 150-200kg
250 is too much

Автор konar miles (4 года)
@GangstaDogg21 good boar my last was 130kg keiler with 21cm tusks

Автор MrHutvagner (3 года)
10 éve vadászom , de nekem azt tanították hogy tiszteld a "Vadat"!!!Na itt
ez nem sikerült!

Автор bilvis48 (3 года)

Автор Lance Coleman (3 года)
@MegaPancho001 Maros megye

Автор Gabriel Guzman (3 года)
Do you think all those dogs can kill a wild boar? A wild boar is pretty

Автор SkBooy (4 года)
patologia -.-

Автор ccalidor (4 года)
You hunt wild boar with a Giant Schnauzer?

Автор TeamJPE (1 год)
That's a nice schnauzer, I'm sick off seeing prissy show dogs prance
around, I'm all for working dogs!

Автор Edeltraut3 (4 года)
sick cunts like english .sheep.shaggers

Автор balizsgellert (4 года)
yes it s very good dog ;) It s verry good in the wild boar hunt;)

Автор Lance Coleman (3 года)
@vides936 there are different boars on this video but the very first one
tied up on the 4x4 was 250kgs believe me

Автор MegaPancho001 (3 года)
hatalmas jószág! nagyon szép hol lőtéttek ki?

Автор Lance Coleman (3 года)
@rainmaker1213 igaz nem tiszta de kit érdekel? engem biztos nem

Автор Lance Coleman (3 года)
@bilvis48 If I knew I would tell you :) The Terriers are crazy dogs. They
atack pretty much everything from other dogs to horses lol My neighbour has
a caucasian shepherd big ass dog, I let my two female jagd terriers to play
with it, they grabbed him from the neck from both sides and the caucasian
just couldn't do a thing just kept going in circles with the little
bastards not letting his neck then he got tired and felt down :) I
pronounce it "yagd" btw I have two puppies 3 months old for sale

Автор firekiller4848 (4 года)
how did you kill that

Автор konar miles (4 года)
how many kg??

Автор Lance Coleman (3 года)
@supErjoker225 no mate, fuck you!

Автор yetisquid (4 года)
Love the jagterrier..Brave little guy

Автор Lance Coleman (4 года)
@firekiller4848 By shooting it.

Автор Lance Coleman (3 года)
@gabeguzman No the dogs didn't kill the boar. Their job is to find it and
chase it and the hunters shoot it. Every season we loose about 10 to 15
dogs. They get killed or get lost during hunting.

Автор balizsgellert (4 года)
Salut daca intereseaza suna aceasta numar:0744620877Pa.

Автор Eric Aceblood (2 года)
@GangstaDogg21 Coooll huntinggg big boarr is awsome !! :D

Автор bilvis48 (3 года)
@GangstaDogg21 Do you know whats sge's mixed with...what ever the
combination of breeds she is it sure produced a hearty animal!....and those
other terriers...the ''jagd''...man they are game and tough!...how do you
pronounce the name 'jagd'?

Автор rares rusan (4 года)
ma intereseaza un mascul de jagdterrier cu acte pentru monta cat de repede,
sunt din Cluj

Автор rainmaker1213 (3 года)
is the giant shnauzer your catch dog?

Автор Lance Coleman (3 года)
@bilvis48 I don't know her weight. She's a female but she's very old now,
her owner rarely takes her hunting. the thing is she's not a pure giant

Автор supErjoker225 (3 года)
fuck you

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