LeBron James says Donald Trump elected president by goofy votes

Following the Cleveland Cavaliers' Friday morning shootaround, LeBron James was asked about the goofy All-Star voting from players and responded by mentioning Donald Trump and the election.

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Автор Hillary For Prison ( назад)
This video was click bait you dipshits. Enjoy your new president for the next eight years :)

Автор DONALD ( назад)
A 'man' who throws a ball around (and badly) shouldn't go around talking about other people. Mind your own business!

Автор Sixto ( назад)
Damn Lebron, you whine about everything.

Автор Megalomouth Radio ( назад)
You can mock Trump all you want. Good luck in 2020. You'll need it.

Автор 19leeryan ( назад)
You aren't paid to talk...bounce bounce

Автор TurtleBet Suomi ( назад)

Автор Alex Martinez ( назад)
Lebron is just jealous cause Trump is being put on Mt Rushmore.

Автор Kala Herbert ( назад)
Stay strong. We love you because you stood up.

Автор Buddha Bob ( назад)
Lebron should really stay out of politics. If you are too lazy to vote, you have no right to tell others how to vote or criticize the Ohio voters for how they voted. They did their duty as citizens, Lebron couldnt be bothered. This is like being fat and chastizing people for not exercizing. .
Had he and 1 million blacks voted, the election would have been different but there was 1 million less black voters this time around and more blacks voted this time for republicans than the last election.
Im sure the next thing he will do is call Martin Luther King III, Jim Brown and Steve Harvey 'mediocre negroes' like CNN has.

I dont even blame the blacks for not voting: the reality is Clinton was a horrible candidate and literally ANYONE else would have won this election. Anyone. Even hippie Bernie who was screwed over by his party and the media (remember his fans were told by Hollywood a-holes to "Get over yourself").
You can blame goofy votes, russians, the Podesta emails, Wikileaks, Saudi money and racists all you want but the reason Trump won is because of who he went up against: a warmonger/psychopath who is along with Bombing Barry (the Nobel Prize winner who bombed more countries and droned waaay more people than Bush the idiot son) the reason why europe has been invaded by millions of refugees because of their wars on Lybia and Syria (never mind that Barry worked overtime to get a war going with Russia when he supported the violent overthrow of the ELECTED gov in Ukraine).

Look yourself in the mirror Lebron, you are (one of) the reasons why Trump won.

Автор Kala Herbert ( назад)
Real Americans love you because you have a right to your opinion. Stay Strong

Автор Adam smith ( назад)
The American people need to wake up, and say we're not gonna let Athletes or Celebrities influence our vote. If you noticed Hollywood, the NBA and the NFL, have to spread this notion of voting democrat, I wonder why.

Автор Adam smith ( назад)
Lebron James is just mad cause he supported HILLARY and she lost. Wouldn't be surprised if he donated a lot of money to her campaign or the Clinton Foundation.

Автор King Gersh ( назад)
He was supposed to flop and fall down

Автор Chef O ( назад)
Trump is a goofy ass bitch just like his fans

Автор Uptown Finest ( назад)
stick to acting Leflop shouldn't talk politics

Автор thekillermaster 666 ( назад)
No matter what this mokey think👎👎👎👎👎👎

Автор Kid From Africa ( назад)
These comments made me SUPER happy I live in Canada.

Автор hshshshshshshs ( назад)
I like NBA as a player. But there's no way a celebrity opinion will convince me to change how I think.

Автор abc ( назад)
i agree

Автор Irving Antunez ( назад)
I only see crying widows for hillary's defeat

Автор Julian Mcafee ( назад)
u would still be stuck in a crack house selling dope or robbing white people if it wasn't for the nba

Автор JJoe ( назад)
I'm a Trump voter. I'm not offended. It was a good joke. Let's all chill out folks.

Автор BlimpCityFeeder ( назад)
LBJ can talk about 'goofy votes' all he wants, he plays in a swing state. If he and fellow Democrats campaigned harder in Ohio about Jobs like Obama did it 2008, 2012; the outcome last November could have been different. No standing President lost Ohio's Electoral Votes and still won the Election. Democrats needed rural Ohioans to go and vote, as they foolishly assumed another heavy Black voter turnout while having their needs ignored compared to transgender bathrooms in NC.

Автор Chuck Adams ( назад)
Stick to what u know throwing a ball through a hoop awesome contribution to the human race !!!!

Автор olram xb ( назад)
funny, but doesnt need to be on youtube

Автор Alec Montiel ( назад)
Lmao Americans making fun of their president. Amazing .

Автор Lagnaf Irby ( назад)
if all these Hillary supporters would have spent as much time checking her back ground. As they do playing f****** video games and watching sports they would be a little more educated

Автор Cucumber Melon ( назад)
Why would anyone choose to go back to Cleveland? It's like a cesspool of failure.

Автор Cucumber Melon ( назад)
Why the hell would anyone choose to go back to Cleveland? It's like a cesspool of failure.

Автор Rocci Berrini ( назад)
politics? just put the round ball in the net

Автор Rocci Berrini ( назад)
politics? just put the round ball in the net

Автор RAZORJB ( назад)
Lebrons a clown and always has been

Автор stupidasso77 ( назад)
Lebron is an dumbass

Автор Comedy Bros ( назад)
Hil-liar Clinton is a criminal and should be serving the rest of her life in prison for what she's done behind America's back.
Gary Johnson is just a flat out childish moron who didn't have the mental capacity to run for office.
Jill Stein is a crazy environmentalist who would have focused more on trees than what to do to better our country.

Donald Trump was the only person in the final run that was and is fit to lead the country. I'm not saying he's perfect by any means whatsoever, but he was our best choice by a long shot.

Автор TheMrvidfreak ( назад)
I just came here to read comments about "salty Trump supporters", all while being the comment section of a video that would't exist had the left not lost despite permeating Hollywood, celebrities and the media with it's agenda. Yes, I do enjoy irony, and even us Finns see all of this.

Автор Eli Johnson ( назад)
I mean what a surprise a basketball star doesn't understand how the political system works. Why is this news? Lol

Автор Daniel Bowen ( назад)
why LeBron so smart

Автор tw o ( назад)
stay in your lane

Автор Aron Garner ( назад)
who cares ball player, stfu and play ur sport for us. dance circus freak dance

Автор casio1 ( назад)
Why does anyone ask these people for their opinion. He an entertainer...like a clown. Shut up and amuse me clown

Автор Hieillua ( назад)
"He throws balls in a basket for a living so he can't use free speech to express himself".

Good sir, the baboon you voted for play acted in his "reality" show for a living with e-list celebrities nobody knew of. "Celebrity Apprentice". More like Who the hell is that Apprentice?

Автор Mike Lowe ( назад)
first time EVER siding with lebron xD

Автор Mex1canPapi1 ( назад)
fuck trump

Автор Jose Munoz ( назад)
Such an easy joke to make. Sad!

Автор Vince ( назад)
Goofy huh, I bet he works for the evil Disney corporation

Автор DA FUNKY STONER ( назад)
5k people are TRUMP voters they are fucking salty bitches

Автор jjrod33 ( назад)
Why do people care what famous people think?

Автор Mr. Green ( назад)
go lose another championship you bitch.

Автор Noe Camarena ( назад)
donald trump supporters are as whiney as liberals

Автор DONJON ( назад)
Good, people like him need to speak out against that corrupt cunt Trump

Автор Atomically Awesome ( назад)
someone else said goofy votes he just repeated

Автор zijun qu ( назад)
People who don't agree with me = "goofy", and now half of the American people are confirmed goofy by Lebron

Автор Skyler Sirstins ( назад)
Lebron Lames more like.

Автор sensation ( назад)
Labron didint even really say it lol that white dude did then labron said "yeah there's always goofy folks" this is a lie man

Автор Moliminous ( назад)
What's that? Another multi millionaire complaining other people didn't vote the way they wanted? What ever side you're on that should piss you off how quickly they'll look down on you, yet still gladly take your money

Автор Yout Tuka ( назад)
Please go back to practicing.

Автор Pablo Rivera ( назад)
Most of the few fans lebrone has are Trump fans, so Lebrone will have alot less fans after his goofy comment.

Автор Pablo Rivera ( назад)
Lol @ cry baby sore loser liberals commenting that Trump voters are cry babies. Oh the hypocricy!

Автор this is green text ( назад)
trump supporters keep saying " We Won! " yea but what are you doing now besides making racist comments?

Автор Madame X ( назад)
Lebron only repeated what the white man beside him said. He wasn't smart enough to come up with it himself. Good little democrat doing as they tell you. Being a slave to their party still.

Автор Azrael ( назад)
Why are Trump supporters getting called salty? We won. We're not mad. Do you know whats salty? LIBERAL TEARS. #MAGA

Автор Jrm Her ( назад)
that's the kind of shit they all say until they meet the president.

Автор AT Swiss ( назад)
I had youtube on auto play and I thought this was Obama speaking for a second.

Автор adrian m ( назад)
Trump supporter here not butthurt quit saying we are to make yourselfs look smart. Thought it was funny to see his point of view.

Автор Partys Over ( назад)
I don't see any butthurt Trump supporters. Just hundreds of leftists talking about something that isn't even there. Idk maybe you guys should make some fake youtube accounts to kick it off. You guys already fake hate crimes. Hundreds of cases of supposed Trump supporters vandalizing buildings, attacking people, etc that has turned out to be fake. It would be no surprise at all if you guys are instigating here too...

Автор Rock Forever ( назад)
LeBron a rich goofy white man pays your salary

Автор jaibo1313 ( назад)
More liberal cry babies!

Автор D3C3n50r ( назад)
Who is this guy?

Автор freakincrazy6932 ( назад)
Hit him in the pocket. Protest his games and don't buy his gear..

Автор Steam Maker ( назад)
wow you throw a rubber ball through a metal ring for a living. Stay away from politics.

Автор Richard N ( назад)
He's a goofy half-retard!

Автор Ken Fergus ( назад)
Don't forget some goofy people put you where you are,and can stop! Goofy people don't go to his games. Has been!

Автор SH4D0WXR33CONt1 ( назад)
Yes, he made a simple joke, lets lynch him! I don't think most Trump supporters were actually offended by this, and if you were, please grow a pair.

Автор jbentley8383 ( назад)
Hey!!...Don't be upset at Lebron.....He's saying what you guys would say if Hillary won....

Автор nick ( назад)
LeBron can be a little girl himself at times..

Автор pete Floyd ( назад)
boy lebron you better respect him he is our president!

Автор trash ( назад)
Here come the Anti-Trump people insulting, throwing racial slurs, and threatening to physically hurt people who disagree with them.

Автор Austin patrick ( назад)
Haha LeBron is a character, majority voters voted for Hillary. Trump one due to the electoral college.

Автор GlobalistsR Traitors ( назад)
Stop watching niggerball.

Автор 2cents ( назад)
The mind of an ape. He good in bouncy ball game.

Автор Ruben Lopez ( назад)
5 thousand dislikes haha trump voters are so damn pathetic.

Автор Reid Young ( назад)
Stupid cock sucker

Автор Nathan Buchanan ( назад)
your an uneducated retard

Автор presa434 ( назад)
who gives a fuck about lebron

Автор Ryan ( назад)
As much as I support everyone's right to speak up about any issue, it does seem counteractive right now to be focused on the political environment of the country while your team is playing worse than the 76ers right now and your bitching about not getting paid enough millions.

Автор - ( назад)
tbh he's not wrong, thousands of people voted for harambe

I'd say those are kids but you have to be 18 to vote

Автор ImTrixter ( назад)
Who cares?

Автор survivalinthecity44 ( назад)
thats alot of goofy votes dumb ass play basketball and keep your nonsense to yourslf

Автор cosmodave69 ( назад)

throw them a basketball.

Автор Nathan Smith ( назад)
That's all these folks can say is he a nigger and he should stick to basketball.
People act like he's a trained chimp in a circus or something. Like we have a right to our opinion because we're not famous, but because he is he should STFU and stay in his place right?
So he's a spoiled millionaire that shouldn't say nothing in y'all eyes. You act like he's not responsible for a lot of people's income and homes.
Come on man y'all trump supported are sickening, especially letting this man pat the head on the Martin Luther King Bust TWICE. Shit is real real disheartening. Do your thing KING JAMES fuck those Dump Supporters.

Автор SoloDolo ( назад)
Its funny how much of a tool he was for hillary

Автор Bobby B ( назад)
Lebron is a baboon

Автор Taco Bell Man ( назад)
Thanks Lebron

Автор WitherMusic ( назад)
and yet hes still your president and mine 😂 like it or not bitch dont like it? theres the door fam . but u wont use it we all know that.

Автор spokewhilehecould ( назад)
We don't expect you to have a brain LeBron. Just keep bouncing balls. It's what you do.

Автор Aaron Sanroe ( назад)
lebron looks goofy as fuck lol

Автор Greenleaf Budsman ( назад)
Love LeBron much respect, but don't try to comment on allegations. Just like we all didn't believe the news about your "Performance Enhancing Drugs"

Автор Ham Sandwich ( назад)
can we all just accept he's president? I know some people are throwing parties over it and others are protesting. But violent protests from the left and racism from the right isn't helping. Can't we just get along and move through this? A lot of the comments on this video. Democrats and Republicans. Are just dividing us more then ever. Its dumb. So what LeBron James said what he said? Who cares! It doesn't hurt you or your family or friends. Just one statement out of millions of others. Lets just accept what's happen (as in the election) and just get through it peacefully.

Автор jorge salem ( назад)
stick to what you are good at b ball. if you don't agree with voters thats cool but you are basically insulting more than 50 percent of americans.

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