Betty's Buttercream Frosting

Betty demonstrates how to make her easy and fantastic Buttercream Frosting. This will be demonstrated as a frosting for cookies, but it is appropriate for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, doughnuts, and just about anything you like spread with a sweet and delicious topping!

Buttercream Frosting

16 oz. package confectioners sugar
½ cup butter, softened
3 tablespoons milk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Use an electric mixer on low speed to beat 16 oz. confectioners sugar, ½ cup butter, 3 tablespoons milk, and 2 teaspoons vanilla until well blended and smooth. If the frosting is too thick, add a small amount of milk. If it is not thick enough, add more confectioners sugar. When it is of spreading consistency, it is ready to use. You may refrigerate it until later. When you remove it from the refrigerator, let it stand until it reaches room temperature for easiest handling. This recipe will make approximately 2 ½ cups of frosting.

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Автор DjTechnoid ( назад)
Thanks Betty, just what I was looking for!

Автор Melanie Truot ( назад)
i really have to make one now.

Автор Melanie Truot ( назад)
damn that looks good!!

Автор Lisa O ( назад)
Please sell cans of your frosting! I would buy them.

Автор Sassy Cat ( назад)
This woman has the fanciest southern accent I have ever heard.

Автор vivian okoye8 ( назад)
How do u make store bought buttercream frosting?

Автор N.E.Arkansas Trash Trucks&Lottery ( назад)
Hi Betty today is my birthday and was looking for one of your icings to use
on my devils food cake.I am going to make your frosting but add melted
chocolate chips to turn it into chocolate butter cream frosting.Dose that
sound like it will work??

Автор Mẹ Nghé HomeMade ( назад)
Nice video! Subcribed your chanel, Hope you will subcribe me back ^^...

Автор Charlie Li ( назад)
your voice is so soothing

Автор Isabella A Rossellini ( назад)
I love the fact the frosting can be colored with food color. I made this
recipe and it turned out so good! This is my favorite butter cream frosting
recipe! It's delicious! Thank you Betty!

Автор Teresa Savage ( назад)
is this for just spreading or can i use this frosting for decorating a cake

Автор Luybov Bocharov ( назад)
Thank you so much your amazing and pretty thank you

Автор Isabella A Rossellini ( назад)
The grocery store where I shop puts shortening in their frosting which
grosses me out and I always scrape a lot of it off when I eat their cake.
The store even sells containers of their frosting from the bakery. Now that
I cook and bake A LOT I've been wanting a good butter cream frosting
recipe. Thank you so much Betty for making a video on this! I wonder if
this frosting can be put in the freezer for future use? 

Автор Vivek Kumar ( назад)
It has powdered sugar

Автор Tani Angel ( назад)
Can't it be almond extract?or only vanilla extract?

Автор Greer Albaugh ( назад)
This doesn't use powered sugar right?

Автор Aaliyah Campbell ( назад)
loved your videos

Автор Katelynn Roark ( назад)
mmmmmm yummy!

Автор Daisy Rios ( назад)
Mines came out wrong.. I think I need to blend it more. And it came out too
sweet, how do I fix it?. What happens if I add flour to thicken it? 

Автор Jessie Hudson ( назад)
+nadia javed 113g

Автор 1993lms ( назад)
Thanks for the great video, I like how you don't rush through it so we can
understand easily.

Just a tip- confectioners sugar has corn starch in it so if you put regular
sugar through the blender and have trouble getting it the right consistency
you may want to add a little corn starch. However, I make my own all the
time and never add corn starch (I have to stay away from corn products) and
rarely ever have a problem with it, so most likely it won't matter. Just
figured I'd let you guys know in case someone is having problems. 

Автор Rachel Lehtonen ( назад)
would this recipe be enough to cover the top and sides of a cake or would i
have to double it? please let me know :)

Автор LONNIE DODSON ( назад)
MS.BETTY i can't use sugar my husband is a diabete how much splenda do i
use if i use sugar his blood sugar will go sky high and i don't want that

Автор MaryE MCLea ( назад)

Автор nadia javed ( назад)
hi betty, could you pls tell me how much is a stick of butter in grams? 

Автор Jai Kanda ( назад)
Hooray! I've been looking for a decent tutorial for ages!

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
You could do that, but only if you want chocolate butter cream that is
chocolate-colored and flavored. --Betty :)

Автор Hargurpreet Mander ( назад)
Hii betty can i use chocolate syrup instead of vanilla extract?

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
1 pound confectioner's sugar = 3 and 3/4 cups. --Betty :)

Автор Jillian Cyrene Limen ( назад)
hi betty i just have a question about the one pound sugar thing can you
pls. tell me how many cups is that

Автор rashida rahman ( назад)
Hi, I used to have the same problem... what I do now instead is beat the
butter first for a good 10 minutes at least before adding in my powdered
sugar. The butter becomes a lot fluffier and triples in volume and this
allows for less icing sugar to be needed for the desired consistency. It
may seem a little excessive but trust me it works and makes it look nicer
also. Give it a try. :)

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
Thanks for your great feedback. I really appreciate it! --Betty :)

Автор PetalsofRosie ( назад)
Thank you! I made the cake and it came out really good =)

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
You could turn this into a cream cheese frosting. (Just add cream cheese,
as desired.) That will cut the ratio of sugar to the rest of the
ingredients. --Betty :)

Автор Veronica Vania ( назад)
Hi Betty.. Adding much icing sugar makes the butter cream creamy and nice,
but it's too sweet for me, do you have tips for reducing the sweetness?
Thank you.

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
2 recipes will make a generous amount of frosting for a 2-layer cake.
--Betty :)

Автор PetalsofRosie ( назад)
im trying to make a 2 tier cake, do you think only one batch of buttercream
frosting is enough? if not how much batches should i make? thank you! love
the video

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
The vanilla tastes good, but, if you don't have any, the frosting will
still be tasty. --Betty :)

Автор pooregirlsable ( назад)
can i leave out the vinilla i don't have any

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
Yes, you may use a whisk or spoon; just keep working until the frosting is
smooth. --Betty :)

Автор Jillian Cyrene Limen ( назад)
can you use a plain whisk my electric whisker won't work!PLS. ANSWER!!!!

Автор Luxshmi Srikumar ( назад)

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
You may use the Buttercream Frosting as soon as it is made, as long as you
are icing a cooled cake or cupcakes, --Betty :)

Автор Luxshmi Srikumar ( назад)
betty can I use the butter cream as soon as I made it or do I have to
refrigerate before using it. REALLY WANNA KNOW. PLZ 

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
If you have regular sugar, you can put it in a blender and blend it until
it has the consistency of confectioner's sugar. --Betty :)

Автор Raymundo Osorio ( назад)
If i dont have enough confectioners sugar what can i substitute it with? 

Автор PhiPhiKins :) ( назад)
Hi Betty c: can you make a video on swiss buttercream frosting? normal
buttercream is too sweet :( -Phil

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
The reason buttercream frosting is so sweet is that it depends on the
confectioner's sugar to get the proper spreading consistency. You could add
cream cheese and make it a cream cheese frosting, and that would take the
place of some of the sugar. --Betty :)

Автор Mieyna Amalina ( назад)
hi betty, i just wanna ask..does buttercream frost have to be so sweet? can
i make it less sweet??? really need ur help

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
Yes, I use salted butter, but you may use unsalted. --Betty :)

Автор Max Yang ( назад)
do you use salted butter

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
Please search for Cream Cheese Frosting in bettyskitchen. I have a
delicious one that I use on Carrot Cake. --Betty :)

Автор Paloma Velasco ( назад)
Betty, If I want to make the buttercream with cream cheese, do I have to
replace any of the ingredients? or it´s the same recepie?? 

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
Thanks for your great feedback! 1 stick butter = 8 tablespoons. --Betty :)

Автор Sylvia Catalano ( назад)
Betty! I made your All Purpose chocolate frosting for my family get
together. Everyone loved it!!! We always thought that "canned" frosting was
the best, because that's how mom made our cakes. (We always thought the
Costco cakes were horrible due to the shortening type icing. yuk! So, when
I showed up with the first homemade chocolate frosting....everyone went
crazy over it. For the above recipe, when you say 1 stick...how many Tbsps
exactly is that? My Landolake sticks are in 1/2s.

Автор Jayde Peacoke ( назад)
Thank you so much!

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
1 pound = 3 3/4 cups confectioner's sugar. --Betty :)

Автор Jayde Peacoke ( назад)
How many cups is 1 pound?

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
Yes, but it will not have excess icing for big swirls, etc. --Betty :)

Автор Jayde Peacoke ( назад)
Could this ice a two layer 8"cake?

Автор samantha Fonseca ( назад)
You are soo adorable:) I love your videos:)3

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
About 2 dozen, unless you pipe lots of frosting on each cupcake. --Betty :)

Автор vinny sheeran ( назад)
This is good for how many cupcakes? 

Автор PhiPhiKins :) ( назад)
<3 betty

Автор PhiPhiKins :) ( назад)
<3 betty

Автор ISABEL R. ( назад)
Can't wait to make it, thanks.. =))

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
Thanks for your comment. In this recipe I use salted butter, but no
additional salt. --Betty :)

Автор Lion21Zero ( назад)
Thanks 4 shareing some of your great bakeing knowledge!! Quick question due
use salt as well?

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
Great fixes! --Betty :)

Автор Alyssa Udy ( назад)
I used butter spread and it turned out more runny so I put another cup of
powder sugar and it turned out fine and mine was yellow not white so I
added food coloring and made it purple 

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
I use salted butter, but you may use unsalted. --Betty :)

Автор Molly Rodriguez ( назад)
Hi, is it salted or unsalted butter?

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
Look again. The description says 1/2 cup of butter, which is one stick.
--Betty :)

Автор redvelvet5050 ( назад)
in the video u said one stick of butter but in the description u said 1/2 a
stick of butter how much is it?

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
Yes, margarine is fine. --Betty :)

Автор Cenaluvver ( назад)
Is it okay to use margarine instead of butter? 

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
Actually, I don't see a good reason to use it, because the flavor and
texture with butter is really good. --Betty :)

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
Stir the confectioner's sugar into the melted butter. It will be too runny.
Refrigerate until somewhat solid, then beat it with an electric mixer.
--Betty :)

Автор Antonia von Stockhausen ( назад)
Hey I put my butter into the microwave too long :( how can I save my Icing?

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
The boxed sugar is 1 pound. You may turn white sugar into powdered sugar
by blending it in a blender. --Betty :) 

Автор dallas gudino ( назад)
if you dont have a box of sugar how much do you put?

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
The boxed sugar is 1 pound. You may turn white sugar into powdered sugar by
blending it in a blender. --Betty :)

Автор Jazzy Marie ( назад)
here in montana we dont have boxed powdered sugar so how much do i put for
a bag? 

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
I use salted butter, but that is not necessary. Substitute 1/2 the amount
extract (if recipe calls for 1 tsp extract, use 1/2 tsp powder). --Betty :)

Автор Shifa Almontaser ( назад)
salted butter? and if I used powder vanilla flavoring is it the same

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
No, but if you put regular sugar in a blender, you can make powdered sugar.
--Betty :)

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
The icing is white, maybe a shade creamy, because of the vanilla. --Betty

Автор pink3puppy ( назад)
1 bl is 2 cups. Had to look it up lol. Also is the icing yellow, or is it
just the lighting?

Автор Maisy Horan ( назад)
Thanks :) ill look forward on baking it

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
If your icing sugar is like mine, it will be very smooth. If the sugar is
not smooth, you can put it in a blender to make it very fine. --Betty :)

Автор Ahmed Taher ( назад)
i love all ur videos u make the best recipies i have a question when i do
buttercream frosting it always has that crunchy sugar texture in it so is
this normal?

Автор Ahmed Taher ( назад)
great recipe i love all your videos i have a question i always make
buttercream frosting but it always has that crunchy sugar in it..... is
that normal?

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
Approximately 15. --Betty :)

Автор Maisy Horan ( назад)
How many cupcakes does it frost?

Автор Beasty Bone ( назад)
You make very nice cooking videos. You do because some people make a
mistake and they look retarderded but you don't. Very nice

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
Cream Cheese Frosting would be a good choice; it has both butter and cream
cheese to go along with the confectioner's sugar, so it is less sweet.
--Betty :)

Автор winter falls ( назад)
Hi ms betty! I really love to pipe decorations for my cupcakes and cakes
but I found that buttercream really taste so sweet. Can you give me other
options that I can use to pipe beautifully but instead of so sweet icings
its the creamy one

Автор Betty's Kitchen ( назад)
This frosting is pretty sweet. If you make Cream Cheese Frosting, the sugar
is lessened in intensity by the addition of two ingredients, instead of
one. --Betty :)

Автор ateiluj08 ( назад)
is it too sweet? I don't have a problem with too much sweetness, but my
mother does. So far I've been using whip cream to cover my cakes. My mom
loves it, and that's all she wants to taste, specially mocha whip cream. I
want to change it up a little; I don't want to be stuck with the same

Автор warriorcats4ever100 ( назад)
Your videos are great! I love the recipes you use. I also love your
southern accent (I think it adds a nice touch, I live in Northern
Virginia). Anyways,you have really good videos! You always make everything
seem so easy and the results look delicious :) 

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