Worlds scariest video. SCARY AS HELL

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No joke u gotta see this video is 1 of the most scariest video... Couple of clips from different scary videos check it out... SUBSCRIBE for MORE VIDEOS... :-)

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Длительность: 4:22
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Автор iWortexs (29 дней)
This doesn't even come close to the full version of the Grifter... Man, the
Grifter fucked me up. Don't watch it.

Автор Madara Uchiha (2 месяца)
░░░░░░▐▌▀▄▀▄▀▐▄SPOOKY SKILENTON

Автор Steven Thornton (3 месяца)
Driving through the metal fence has been debunked. These fences, hurricane
fences as they are called, are not well attached to the ground at the
bottom and over time even become unattached from lawn cutting equipment
bumping into the fence. The car just drove through the fence. The bottom
unattached to the ground gave way like an open door dragging over the car
and fell back in place as the car went through. Simple.

Автор Theresa Mischeski (4 дня)
I have seen exactly the same thing at 4.22 except it was standing, not
joking man my mum was with me. 

Автор goldenguy52 (2 месяца)
When the guy was talking it was scary.

Автор Jorge Flores (23 дня)
I never feel scared because there is people around

Автор Mande Peer (1 месяц)
Someone went and tried to debunk the cop ghost car chase on TV and they
gave a really shitty explanation. They said the car jumped the fence or
something. It sounded really improbable. Then they said they found the guy.
I dunno, I still don't understand how it happened.

Автор Kudulu NDG (3 месяца)
If you cant load the video... put "ss" between www. and youtube and you get
on a website where you can download it. You dont need to download you can
watch it there 

Автор Anjelica O'rona (5 месяцев)
+Jezz Man I love your profile picture

Автор Orc Hunter (1 месяц)
On the second video , did anyone else think of the movie I Am A Legend?
Because that guy looks like one of those monsters

Автор Tamotsu Tsuyoshikami (6 дней)
The forest one looks like a imp or gnome.

Автор James Le roy (1 месяц)
that first clip is fake Ghosts don't have shadow..

Автор lexi russell (17 дней)
If I was a ghost I would haunt my foes :3 Wouldn't you?

Автор Carl Johnson (22 дня)
Somebody better call Ghostbusters....

Автор Quanrich190 1 (1 месяц)
im scared to watch. first I read all the comments below to see if yall say
its that scary. im scared as crap to click play. lol :(

Автор Simon James (1 месяц)
??? video is blank and doesnt load for Aaaaages? no problem anywhere else
on youtube or net? posting this had no problems??

Автор PC Games (15 дней)
The vid don't want load

Автор HARRY CHIN (14 дней)
so fake. not scary.

Автор Yoshi Guy (1 месяц)
Imma call hacks.

Автор Doug Shrum (2 месяца)
Come. On. Man. Its. All. Fake

Автор Badmon209 (3 месяца)

Автор Andy P (4 месяца)
but the car crash sound is NOT 8 bit mono , it's actually stereo, so
someone made a shitty fake video. sorry, your not so smart

Автор sylvia martinez (4 месяца)
The girl in tbe grave came out in 2008 that was facundo it was a mexican

Автор Expendables Axion (2 месяца)
Im 81,ARHHH,I got a heart attack,i reported this as violence lol!

Автор connor fry (4 месяца)
k so this wasn't like scary at all? XD FAKE BRO 

Автор Jake Hayden (4 месяца)
the guy in the video looks freaky enough.

Автор buddyroach (5 месяцев)
the reason this video doesnt load or play is because its been tainted with
a curse of some kind. ever since i went to this video, strange things have
been happening inside my house. when i played it for a friend at his house,
strange things have been occurring there as well. the only way i was able
to reverse this was to move out. but one day my computer booted up on its
own and went straight to this page and loaded the video. since then my new
house has been cursed. been having weird ass dreams too. this morning i
woke up with blood on my shirt. but i had no wounds. i dont understand what
is happening. someone please help.

Автор Frank Alicea (3 месяца)
The clip at 3:00 was proven to be fraked the car went though the fence
The fence had nothing holding it to the pole so the car just drove through

Автор Tammy Giroux (3 месяца)
Dude, the vid with the cop car chasing the "getaway" car was proven to NOT
be paranormal, but instead to be just plain luck! Some clamps were missing
from the posts on the fence, which allowed the front car to drive right
under, not literally through the fence. :)

Автор Ben Walker (2 месяца)
second one is prrobly real

Автор Stripes (1 месяц)
At 3:36 it looks like a guy taking a crap.

Автор jvirg (2 месяца)
holy shit there was a chimpanzee behind those ghost investigators

Автор Rachel Larson (7 месяцев)
Video won't even load. 

Автор Reymundo Rios (2 месяца)
Are you serious this is not scarey

Автор WhiteMamba001 (7 месяцев)
I wonder why every clip i see of something haunting there is a girl in it,
it just seems as if people are deliberately putting girls in horror footage
to give you that more scary effect... does anyone understand lol?

Автор Jimmy Hoppenbrouwer (2 месяца)
Yeah de rake is de beste

Автор Ryan Time! (4 месяца)
ok guys... this is it. imma about to watch the world's scariest video...
tell my friends and family i love them if i dont come back.. be back in
five.. Worlds scariest video. SCARY AS HELL

Автор evaberlin (3 месяца)
It is the scariest video: One that won't play.

Автор mountainaire (1 месяц)
Is this a spoof?

Автор Dyl Pickle (8 месяцев)
This didn't scare me...

It just made me bored.

And it's really hard for me to get bored.

Автор Ragnar Earthwarden (3 месяца)
so scary my computer won't even load it

Автор Nathaniel Z (4 месяца)
I saw the one at 3 minutes on another video and I could not believe
it....the car went through the fence...and the POLICE of all people
captured it...on DASHCAM...Can even the cops explain that one?...

Автор krazy killamodz (3 месяца)
The first one is real that girl came out of her grave in 1966 

Автор Nicholas Early (2 месяца)
That was the rake...

Автор si b (4 месяца)
Try... The worlds most frustrating video.


Автор Jason Duncan (4 месяца)
the video with the police chase.. I saw that before.. its been proven how
it was done. If you clip certain parts of the fence, a car can drive
through it without much damage.

Автор Badmon209 (3 месяца)
So le spooky.

Автор Ben Walker (2 месяца)
wait its fake as hell

Автор Zain Ghazi (4 месяца)
fix yo video I cant see no picture just black screen! :( but I can hear

Автор Rossy Gaytan (2 месяца)
Ots preti skary

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