Worlds scariest video. SCARY AS HELL

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No joke u gotta see this video is 1 of the most scariest video... Couple of clips from different scary videos check it out... SUBSCRIBE for MORE VIDEOS... :-)

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Длительность: 4:22
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Автор ammarijaz hussain ( назад)
All videos were setup

Автор Javier Nesta ( назад)

Автор dark kitty doll ( назад)
thanx for the vid slim shady

Автор dark kitty doll ( назад)
why do yall always pick up people

Автор MasonDylan Greer ( назад)
0:43 pedo

Автор WarAngel 777 ( назад)
the hitchhiking ghost was fake. Just a girl getting a ride

Автор Rob Miljus ( назад)
There are scarier fake videos than this.

Автор Chris Rel ( назад)
let's get a bald middle aged man and a woman and put them in a cemetery at
night. This is basically what this video is

Автор Demetrius Anchondo ( назад)
got dam

Автор Dibya Ranjan Sahoo ( назад)

Автор Rick De La Garza ( назад)
there's no picture...

Автор pumpkinpeejays1 ( назад)

Автор Mrmoparrr ( назад)
1st video is bs , people always video picking up hitchhikers.

Автор bluecanary1note ( назад)
I looked at it agin. OK, it's not a mouse. It's a man. The way he was lying
looked at first like a mouse's head. But it's just some hobo.

Автор bluecanary1note ( назад)
At 4:20 - it's a mouse. They actually ran away from a mouse!

Автор Nick Miller ( назад)
There was a video on Youtube a long time ago that was a man driving down a
dirt road and came across a black creature, I felt it was real just by the
sheer terror in the mans voice. The video was pulled and I have never been
able to find it again. THAT was the scariest video I have ever seen. Anyway
search continues :)

Автор fordgt402 ( назад)
3:37 whats so scary about a forest alien taking a dump, heck i will be
pissed off too if someone interrupts me from a constipated dumping process.

Автор Dustin SavageCoast ( назад)
all this shit is fake!!!

Автор 937anme ( назад)
the second video clip, is Facundo a Mexican comedian, goes out on the
streets to have real people's reactions, he even has his own show: "
Incognito". this time he wanted to be funny and went out messing with ghost
at a grave yard

Автор donna busca ( назад)
Some of the videos are so fake

Автор Travis Bickle ( назад)
Blow me, fucking shit is retarded.

Автор Traci B ( назад)

Автор _Kul_ _Kat_ ( назад)
the screen is black WTF 😡

Автор Happy Hum ( назад)
Wow......really scary video quality that's it

Автор natcho channel its mine ( назад)
this is an old creepypasta video

Автор Sda Chik ( назад)
wayyy more scary than heights is if you say u keep Saturday instead of soon
to be be arbitrated Sunday- a certain trigger-a bullseye of that person for
the most horrible kind of death

Автор Roblox Master620 ( назад)
The only thing that is scary is wifi

Автор Alice ( назад)
I'm scared to go to the toilet now...

Автор Scott Loomis ( назад)
I just wish that the "found footage" genre of fake videos would go away!
It's not creative anymore!!

Автор Paranormal look ( назад)
Oh yeah, that's some concrete evidence right there, the grainiest,
choppiest, badly filmed shite in the world; that's all the proof I need, at
least it didn't say "REAL" footage then it's not so insulting to the

Автор Amberlynn K. ( назад)
The scariest thing is the time, 4:20. plus it won't let me play it anyways.
Just ends it with lightning...

Автор Deivids Untulis ( назад)
this whas so scary it woudnt actuly load

Автор cameron cooper ( назад)
video sucks

Автор cameron cooper ( назад)
there's no video just sound

Автор Ahbab Ullah ( назад)
Worlds shittiest video. SHITTY AS HELL

Автор Isabella Grover ( назад)
Why is the whole god damn video black!?!

Автор Jason Daugherty ( назад)
That one with the cops is old and dumb. The car went under the fence
because it was loose at bottom. And they caught em.

Автор Mickey Blankenship ( назад)
shittest video off all time.....

Автор lucky ali ( назад)
Well this is how I did it
1. saw the title of the video
2. played first two seconds of it heard creepy music
3. went to the living room told my parents I loved them (They were like
4. Checked the comments (I'm not alone ;D)
5. watched some funny vines
6. Inhaled... exhaled
7. Closed the browser XD
8. Came back
9. was like I ain't no pussy ass bitch
10. watched the video
11. was like nope nope nope Alt F4 Alt F4
12. Watched the entire video in full screen :D
13. didn't sleep all night kept repeating YOU HAD TO WATCH IT YOU STUPID
14.Came back tomorrow
15. Wrote this shit
still got the chills
this was some scary shit....
like this if you cry everytime

Автор Andrew Matheson ( назад)
its all black the whole video

Автор Seth Winters ( назад)
All of you who say this isn't scary. Why are you in the comment section
then? Pussies

Автор Daily LifeTime ( назад)
I'm watching this at 2:14 Am

Автор Isaiah Williams ( назад)
I thought this was supposed to be scary

Автор KrackedtheFup ( назад)
Any video that has the "fallen angel" clip is automatically bullshit. It
very well known at this point that it was a viral video marketing done for
Diesel jeans in Spain. They also have the video of the make-up for the
angel. Quit trying to pass off a Comercial as scary. It's old and boring!

Автор Blerand Cungu ( назад)
first video the guy who videotape it he survived

Автор Ojas Cube ( назад)
its so blurr

Автор Mercillus_Gamer13 ( назад)
a black screen....woooohhh scary...

Автор Sherylene Roper ( назад)
so is a ghost their pick up. that so creepy

Автор Moonrunner17 (147 лет назад)
WHY THIS VIDEO DON'T LOAD HERE IN MY PC? Now i'm scared of youtube..
Let me tell you, i was watching Bjork Stalker, the Ricardo Lopez psycho,
and in the video when he says "You want to see something funny? Then he
leaves.. and the video stopped loading! It's like youtube don't want me
seeing scary, like protecting me or something, Y THE FUCK THIS VIDEO DON'T

Автор Shammo Hamid ( назад)
Da phuc

Автор Paranormal Paratrooper ( назад)
What's scary about this video is the fact there is someone out there that
would think I would fall for this.

Автор Fernando Fernandez Jr. ( назад)
Were the car go thro the fese I think he want to the past or Future

Автор John Doe ( назад)
did he mean to say stupid as hell.

Автор Bekkky Johnns ( назад)
Wow great footage sad about the quality. As im a true believer and have
gifts myself...try to make it more clear as its great footage :)

Автор vanessa lopez ( назад)

Автор tyler tramel ( назад)
Not gonna wasv l watch becuase I know it's a lie. A video of my face would
be the scariest thing ever.

Автор Steves Screen ( назад)
look at the video length.

Автор david harris ( назад)

Автор elena estrella ( назад)

Автор Kenrot emego ( назад)
i cant believe that people actually belive this crap

Автор Tammy Favichia ( назад)
all I saw was a black screen did anyone see anything?Or did someone forget
to take the lenscap off?

Автор Scott Prendergast ( назад)
yes that and the intensity the announcer has trying to convince everyone
hes actually straight and not GAY

Автор You know my name. ( назад)
wow. scariest pixels I ever watched.

Автор Reece Q Baskin ( назад)

Автор Isaiah Young ( назад)
holy shit boy

Автор Angrypossums X (1790 лет назад)
World's Crappiest Videos more like

Автор Minecraft Minecraft ( назад)
grandpa u will scary if you lost your controller

Автор westerner Astorga ( назад)
the screen is black? ?????

Автор westerner Astorga ( назад)
the screen is black? ?????

Автор jesse Hernandez ( назад)
why I'm I watching this at 1:00 in the morning

Автор jesse Hernandez ( назад)
why I'm I watching this at 1:00 in the morning

Автор Harry557 ( назад)
I've seen scarier donkey farts

Автор phrankie coffmn ( назад)
wtf dude my screen is just black like I can't see nothing!!

Автор str84ward Action ( назад)

Автор str84ward Action ( назад)
Why does all "caught on camera" or "caught on tape" have to look so blurry,
very strange

Автор johnathan totton ( назад)
I would run like hell to if I seen a skin taker in the woods

Автор hahappy8 ( назад)
This is not real

Автор Thestandinghero ( назад)
much fake such phony

Автор Isaac Daugherty ( назад)
a couple actually scared me but the rest sucked ass.

Автор Peter Quan ( назад)
A car crash?!? With a ghost

Автор Patricia Woods ( назад)
yeah. my mom is creepier than that when she figures out I used her stuff
for my school project

Автор Debra Striker ( назад)
i like ur video. please bring some
more video

Автор michael vititoe ( назад)
you want scary? a knock on the door at midnight, you get up and walk slowly
toward it. fear creeps in ,you
reach and grab. the door swings open and there on the steps ,in the dark, a
man dressed all in black says
the most frighting thing by mankind....."I'M FROM THE IRS AND I'M HERE TO
HELP YOU!!!!!"

Автор TheOneAndOnly Jason ( назад)
wtf, the first few seconds scared the fuck out of me, i wasnt paying
attention though😂😂😂

Автор Rumaisa Ahmer (817 лет назад)
i,'m scared only Allah

Автор phoenix rising ( назад)
f**k this shit man...it in't cool to "title ur vids as WORLDS SCARIEST
VIDEO and it ends up as crappy, not scary, unrealistic, so on n so forth
vids"... just wish someone would take their time sifting thru all the so
called scariest videos on youtube (or other sources) and make a top 10's or
20's or wat not n upload it, n i hope, no i fervently pray that the video
really, n i mean really really (times infinity) literally scare the shit,
literally, outta you

Автор NI RA ( назад)
Some spirit children are demons in disguise.

Автор Ivan Padilla ( назад)
That shit scary ain't going to fronttttt..

Автор Ray N ( назад)
There's one fact about these videos... They are fucking blurry as hell..

Автор Sunny Muffins ( назад)
One of the videos was a viral advert for jeans it was spanish

Автор Ichigo the Hedgehog ( назад)
There I was, sitting on the couch, in the dark, with earbuds in on full
volume, in the middle of the night, watching this after several other scary
videos, when suddenly, something poked my arm, I screamed, dropped my
tablet, and turned to see my confused younger sister.

Автор Muhammad Hadi ( назад)
3:54 LOL XD

Автор Tim Puckett ( назад)
I'm scared the world is gonna end bc of this quality

Автор Ismael Leite ( назад)
i am portuges and that guys saing is all casting.. comon

Автор JACKY REMENBER ( назад)
2016 wc this hahah

Автор Zedx Xo ( назад)
The only scary thing about this video is it doesn't work

Автор Shawnda Gibson ( назад)
Should be titled The Scariest Bullshit Ever

Автор Svet Antonio ( назад)
It's not scary it's funny

Автор Deep GRAVES (262 года назад)

Автор jet100dragons1 ( назад)
what a load of crap!

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