Worlds scariest video. SCARY AS HELL

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No joke u gotta see this video is 1 of the most scariest video... Couple of clips from different scary videos check it out... SUBSCRIBE for MORE VIDEOS... :-)

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Автор Andrew Verdecchio ( назад)
Hi Dennis, I played drums on one of your records

Автор Ash Morales ( назад)
why isn't my video loading? and yes I put it 240 but it still isn't
showing. ... damn sucks...

Автор ricardo martinez ( назад)
the video from 2:13 its fakundo iloved his show.let me tell u about this
video. this is real. fakundo after the video he had encounters w that gilr.
he even had to take some time off. he had a bad time trhou this. after they
saw the gilr he ran out of the cementary. and ever since hes not the same
guy. watch his show.

Автор Kaylee Williams ( назад)
what do you have to scream about Plain Hall hahhahahhahahahhahha he
screamed about hahahahahahahaa

Автор Adam Pierce ( назад)
2:26 man in a cardboard suit 😊

Автор Greg Hughes ( назад)
all bull shit

Автор juspasenthru ( назад)
I call bullshit.

Автор Drew PopShellz ( назад)
video has no picture

Автор Rock Hudson's ( назад)
wow. .

Автор Little Miss Gamer ( назад)
Can someone please tell me what happened I'm to scared to watch it

Автор Jose Alvarez ( назад)
3:36 WENDIGO >:D only explanation!

Автор Wade ( назад)
Rake monsters still around , best way to kill em is Bowie knife and chop
head off . They feed on children during nights .

Автор Andres Alonso ( назад)
to bad nobody goes ghost hunting no more. just stuck on their Androids and

Автор Essence Meyer ( назад)
this was not my scariest video I've seen scarier

Автор braheim rush ( назад)
dis bs..what kind of cameras where they using. ..I got better lens work on
may galaxy note 4

Автор Frank Rizzo ( назад)
Doesn't look like I'm not watching anything, as there is only audio and a
blank screen.

Автор Ced8897 ( назад)
Can't see shit.

Автор Alysa Marvidikis ( назад)
Dis ain't scary worth shit

Автор superfun EPICFACE ( назад)
da first one is wierd cause ur friends or family died they will always be
with u in ur heart and they might get in ur pictures im still sad my uncle
died but I wish I can see him

Автор Flavio Campos ( назад)
o primeiro filme e mentira,..foi apenas para um filme de cinema.loool

Автор Travis Young ( назад)
Goomba fuck you!

Автор Dexies Mama ( назад)
All I got was audio and a black screen ~

Автор Robert Lopez ( назад)
there is NO X in especially!

Автор Kbholla ( назад)
I will never pick up a hitchhiker nor will i allow whomever is driving to
do so. You can get pussy anywhere so do not fall for the devils tricks he
is infinitely smarter than you and God infinitely smarter than he. Do not
play games witj either of them im telling you. There is no victory to be
had in hell

Автор Gavin Williams ( назад)
What!!! This wasn't scary at all. First one sooooooooooooooooooooo fake,
second one was a person with a dog head obviously and the police chase one
is easily explained... The fence was loose at the bottom so when the car
drove at it the fence just lifted up from the bottom.

Автор riffslayerz ( назад)
nice 5 min black screen..ass

Автор Gilmour Keirs ( назад)
the car chase was proved it wasn't paranormal it was on fact or faked and
the fence wasn't secured properly at the bottom and the car drove through
it and it lifted up and folded back down

Автор Gilmour Keirs ( назад)
lot of crap so fake

Автор Shane & Noahs Daily Pranks ( назад)
i freaked tf out then rememberd this is fake

Автор giancarlo dinapoli ( назад)
lol scary?? ive seen scarier stuff in my toilet after i take a dump

Автор punkgrl1982 ( назад)
I always wonder how they always have the camera on at the right time!

Автор Smilin Observer ( назад)
The hitch hiking girl thing has been a thing since I was a kid. I'm 39 now.

Автор MrKalvinC ( назад)
Uploaded October 2008. 11 million views. I am the first comment lol.

Автор christopher phillips ( назад)
what a load of crap

Автор paul tidswell ( назад)
I will have to keep my bedroom light on now and buy a bigger bulb

Автор Joey Fives Massino ( назад)
yeah, this is like suspension is of suspension of belief

Автор Kaitlyn Matherne ( назад)
His voice scared me....the video was cool 😛

Автор Reece Q Baskin ( назад)
every time the narrator said 'expecially' instead of especially, I cringed.

Автор julie selbach ( назад)
wow this is stupid

Автор Nallanyesmar ( назад)
Sure was a pretty ghost girl. Dang. She could haunt my dreams all she

Автор awnsers to your questionsಠ_ಠ ( назад)
bruh this is a 2008 video

Автор Sam _1275 ( назад)
im sorry this just isnt scary

Автор alannah dalton ( назад)
I don't think anyone is ever going to pick up a hitchhiker in the middle of
the night, regardless of whether they saw this or not..?😂

Автор poOpy42O ( назад)
fake and gay

Автор Laura Peterson ( назад)
I wonder that same thing every time I watch one of these.

Автор Hitendra Gohel ( назад)
eat shit and die

Автор NotAboutMe79 ( назад)
Who you gonna call?

Автор The Dark Knight ( назад)
I would have dicked the girl down from the first video, when she opened up
her mouth my huge along would've went down her throat and we would've had
paranormal sex activities

Автор Norma Mezaduarte ( назад)
so scared of the thing

Автор horndog anshu ( назад)
I should have watched Courage the cowardly dog than this !! OMG i am scared
as hell !! call 911 !!

Автор Red 1648 ( назад)
How are y'all scared? I'm only 12 and from the 7th Grade and how can you be
scared of this crap?

Автор HighlyClassifiedUser ( назад)
Scary 0.0003 frames per second video.

Автор Haunted In PA ( назад)
Ah, I'm not too sure about these videos

Автор pericles carvalho ( назад)
thats first vídeo is in sintra- Portugal...and it is online for a long time
and most of us here in Portugal think it a bunch of shit...

Автор buzzbuzz buzzuhms ( назад)
Y are all the camera shitty󾓦󾓦 aren't they night vison and y were those
kid recording some random girl and she didn't mind

Автор shing kray ( назад)
the so called ghost car is the guy went through the gate "the bottom of the
gate was loose,so the should be all scratched up from the top,and if you
pay attention he kept turning off his lights"

Автор Chelsee Parker ( назад)
i have seen all these videos and im not even 10 yet it even amazes me.

Автор YungBuddha ( назад)
the real question is WHY IN GODS NAME would you pick up a person in the
middle of nowhere have you heard never pick up hitchhikers in the night

Автор artemorbid ( назад)
don't waste your time- it won't load- blank screen for five minutes

Автор Mark Coetzee ( назад)
is that hitchhiking video for real

Автор Slendus ( назад)
Who is hiding in the comments with their volume off

Автор Josh Demas ( назад)

Автор Blake Shields ( назад)
fake pranksters

Автор Horse Zanthus (180 лет назад)
What a heap of dog shit. 

Автор Katea Jurors ( назад)
Does anyone else know that week off in the car video that shows exactly
proven by fact or faked and even admitted to by the person who was running
away from the cop after they were later caught I think it was three months
after the fact dealing drugs that they unlocked the bottom one third of the
latches on that fence and drove through it the fence lifted up and landed
back down before the cops camera could see the movement of the fence.
Apparently the young driver had to use this stunt many times to get away
from cops but never had a cop follow so closely as to see him turn into the
area where the fence was unlatched

Автор Carmen Junior ( назад)
well damn

Автор Vinodhini Veloo (735 лет назад)

Автор Vinodhini Veloo (742 года назад)
I would have put the title as"world scariest vide .sary as FUCK

Автор FloskelTV ( назад)
This fucking voice is getting on my nerves so much. Do not want to go on
watching the Video

Автор Thoth D'A ( назад)
shut up bitch

Автор Majd Tinbakji ( назад)
why this video won't play?

Автор Teton Obsession (1336 лет назад)
Cringed at "expecially", stopped the video at "suspec".

Автор Noah Robinson ( назад)
not scary idiots!

Автор Aimee Stone ( назад)
Especially, not expecially..

Автор Hans Wurst ( назад)
If you can't see shit, it's fake!

The NASA can watch me jerking off if they want yet those stupid videos
don't show anything.

Автор bethany Judd ( назад)
I couldn't watch the video because all I saw was a black screen

Автор Dando Lox ( назад)
another lazy video using old youtube clips.

Автор Queen Victoria ( назад)
not scary.. not even slightly real - why do people follow this shit?

Автор Vegeta Saiyan Prince of Rage boners ( назад)
rip wes craven

Автор Michael Lantz ( назад)
when I first saw the one in the woods I thought: oh my god, jar-jar binks

Автор Wireless Brain ( назад)
All I can see is a black screen.

Автор whos ur daddy ( назад)
yes sure...u pick a girl and u film it all the while....what a coiincidence

Автор Alex King ( назад)
It might be because I'm high but this video made me so tired lol.... not
scary unfortunately :/

Автор Joseph Kheir ( назад)
Why am I watching this kinda shit in the 2 am

Автор RunnerGunner ( назад)
Ever wonder if some of these videos might be real? I wonder

Автор Is Sp ( назад)
crappy ass quality

Автор Kiah Williams ( назад)
lol that girl she was like that's where I died I was like o hell naww

Автор Leonard Perez (southernmug) ( назад)

Автор Greg Kaffenberger ( назад)
What? All that corn and no butter?
Not even salt. Pitiful.

Автор Claire Smith ( назад)
Funny how people say ghosts aren't real but yet we have spirits that keep
us alive :| And it's lame that people still continue on saying that ghosts
aren't real but yet there has been many reports in the news

Автор Claire Smith ( назад)
My dad said don't watch Ghost videos -_- I can't fucking help it

Автор Claire Smith ( назад)
1:47 Lol that guys face XD

Автор deutscher türke ( назад)
The video in the Car is 99,9% fake

Автор Josh Wilmoth ( назад)
why am I watching this blurry crap

Автор Josh Wilmoth ( назад)
why am I watching this blurry crap

Автор Uriel7623 ( назад)

Автор Mariah cox ( назад)
Hi Dennis,I don't know if you know,but the video with the car going though
the fence was explained.The fence was loose and it looked as though they
went though it,and they did.The cops just stopped because they didn't know
at the time.just thought you should know.no time travel no ghost car.😁

Автор Stephen Lamia ( назад)
Very good question. why watch this bullshit anyway????

Автор nick junior ( назад)
This is where I took a shit! AAAAAHHH OMG 《CRAAAASH》

Автор Joshua Derick Bautista ( назад)
it's so amazing wow

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