Terminator Bar Fight

In This Scene: A T-800 Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent back in time by John Connor to protect his younger self. He appears near a biker bar called The Corral and inspects the bikers to find clothes that match his body size. Once he finds the right match, he takes the man's clothes, boots, motorcycle, and a shotgun and then proceeds on with his mission.

From "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (1991)
Carolco Pictures / Lightstorm Entertainment / Le Studio Canal
Distributed by TriStar Pictures. All rights reserved.

Video available in 720p HD.

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Длительность: 3:59
Комментарии: 566

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Автор SnakeEyes4597 ( назад)
That feeling when a freaking computer is cooler than you.

Автор ryacus ( назад)
That woman with the septum piercing was damn sexy not gonna lie.

Автор Jack Burton ( назад)
I want see him to this scene but walk into the white house and say I need
your job and clothes and throw Goat boy out the

Автор ClVlLlZED ( назад)
they dont make bad ass movies like this no more, the movie and music
industry has gone to shit.

Автор terry wheatley ( назад)
great scene, love it!

Автор Mark Aranita ( назад)
It would have been even funnier if Arnold grabbed dude by his nut sack and
ripped it out of his jeans while watching him bleed out by his dick

Автор Baseball5581 ( назад)
The girls was all ^.^
The guys was all o.O
Terminator was all -_-

Автор Josh Games | ( назад)
Terminator 2 judgement day is the most famous terminator movies ever

Автор The Undertaker ( назад)
Yeah really.

Автор Robert Reaves ( назад)
I'm happy they got beaten up haha

Автор Movies with Matticus ( назад)
Nice touch not having the motorcycle light on since later in the movie he
mentions he doesn't need it

Автор Californian ( назад)
I remember when this film was released & it was just full of scenes like
this, scenes you never forget...

Автор tripjet999 ( назад)
@3:46 - Forgot his helmet. Never ride without one.

Автор lfaldrummer12 ( назад)
After Aliens this is my favorite Cameron movie.

Автор SHNGHN WII U ( назад)
37 people were Intimidated by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Автор fei ( назад)
I agree

Автор ᏚᏆᎡ ᎡYᎪN YᎾᏌ ( назад)
Damn!!!!!! Holy shit!!!

Автор Kruppt808 ( назад)
No uziiiiiii nine milimeeta here......

Автор Jon Heatley ( назад)
He's on some high quality bathsalts right there!

Автор Trent Jackson ( назад)
That is as kick ass as it gets right there.

Автор gimik2 ( назад)
Arnold Swizer is a fagg. Not only that he posed nude for a queer nude
magazine called After Dark, but he also likes to display himself butt naked
in every "bad arse" movie.

Автор Christopher Grathwohl ( назад)
Don't fuck with the terminator

Автор Ted Cantu ( назад)
I love watching the biker get fried to a crispy crisp !

Автор Mech Function I.E ( назад)
At first I was like damn this looks gay af man cause I never seen the
movie.. Then he took the mans shotgun and shades and put them on right in
his face, revved the motorcycle with the music. This motherfuckers a

Автор Pancake Sweetie05 ( назад)
It's natural 😊

Автор Ftisr Lsat ( назад)
3:30 ... No one will ever be this cool again.

Автор Knight192 ( назад)
lucky the bike had a shotgun holster

Автор Rebel&Conquer ( назад)
2:09 2:14 that's what she said LMFAO!!!!!

Автор Copndonuts ( назад)
The Plymouth sedan in the parking lot is a Ford Mr. Terminator!

Автор Dr.Stormy Stop-Motion ( назад)
Guitars Cadillacs 😂

Автор Jesseus The Body ( назад)
i always beat up the red head first as well

Автор Chris Morgan ( назад)
The guy behind Arnold at 1:27 already has his cue stick handle up for the

Автор Crabby Old Gamer ( назад)
You forgot to mention he takes the other guy's sun glasses.

Автор Luis Martinez ( назад)
Ahh memories

Автор Ruben Salazar ( назад)
can't let you take the man's wheels son lol

Автор Andrew Grigorian ( назад)
Let's say that if you've never saw this film, don't know anything about it,
and you only have watched this scene, you'd assume it's a film about some
unfeasible superhuman badass that you'd want in real life.

Автор Brian smith ( назад)
I think this Terminator is programmed a little different that first so that
is why he does not kill plus John wants him to be more human.

Автор Brian smith ( назад)
This Terminator is allot friendlier than first one. This one just beat the
shit out of people and threw a guy out window first one one had killed them
most likely.

Автор dahwriter ( назад)
2:01 - There's you're problem, Bikerman! You used a bendy knife.

Автор 1bigjohn11 ( назад)
funnier than shit.

Автор Dexter Morgan ( назад)
lol her face at 1:00

Автор Bud Light ( назад)
Nobody enters a bar like that and I believe no one ever will...

Автор avi gutierrez ( назад)
Eternally classic.

Автор FRANK THE TANK fernandez ( назад)
my favorite part of the movie very good movie

Автор Michael Hall ( назад)
Remember practice your wounded shooter drills!

Автор Gaurav Tapaskar ( назад)
Future humans

Автор Big Mike ( назад)
That is such a great scene

Автор electricsub ( назад)
Truly Bad to the Bone! Epic entrance, epic exit!

Автор Allen Han ( назад)
Goes to show you. It's the man that makes the clothes, cause the clothes
didn't look so good on the other guy.

Автор David Stella ( назад)
Arnold Schwarzenegger was beyond awesome in that scene. A true classic.

Автор KnightWing408 ( назад)

Автор mathantium ( назад)
Would've been way better without the bad to the bone song playing

Автор What Doth Life ( назад)
Don't forget to turn on your lights when you're driving at night.

Автор olmosm1 ( назад)
Why do women stair. Robots don't have peckers.

Автор William Elbaum ( назад)
"Can't let you take the man's wheels, son."

Автор Matthew Rider ( назад)
Terminator: "I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle".

Man: "Sure. I need you power cell, your CPU, and the Superbowl winners for
the next 20 years."

Автор GeneralMartinus ( назад)
That motorcycle must have some amazing suspension!

Автор Matt McClure ( назад)
"I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle." Somehow it always
ends very different for me when I say it...

Автор c'est moi (1215 лет назад)
He was smokin hot back then! Great scene!

Автор Rooster1Cogburn ( назад)
I'll say this again: That fat guy at the end should have gotten an Academy
Award for this performance.

Автор OptimisticCynic715 ( назад)
@1:50 Little Ceaser** breaks up!
@3:41 Fortunately there was an empty shotgun holster on the bike.

**Ron Young. Google just shows pizza now.

Автор David Schlessinger ( назад)
So well done.

Автор 380PPK ( назад)
I think Arnold should re-enact this scene when he turns 80.

Автор John Smith ( назад)
This is arguably the most bad ass scene in movie history

Автор Chunda8 ( назад)
Sometimes the older model still works pretty well. Not personal...

Автор Raskal Robbin ( назад)
OJ Simpson would have played a better Terminator.

Автор Punks Not Dead ( назад)
@Shawna Graham That Harley is a '91 Fatboy

Автор Matthew Sexton ( назад)
LoL! Not much of a fight really.

Автор ThePatriotMuckraker ( назад)
In a perfect world there would be no Terminator after T2.

Автор jpdst29 ( назад)
When you hit someone across the head with a pool cue and they don't even
flinch...you are in big trouble.

Автор Shawna Graham ( назад)
Year and model of bike? Harley I know.

Автор pete saws ( назад)
What I do to my in-laws when they won't leave my house @1:51

Автор steve conn ( назад)
The post-Kindegarten Cop Arnold: No fists run through chests, just tossing
guys onto grills and snatching guns away like a school marm.

Автор luvfreedom ( назад)
That 1911 had no mag in it.

Автор sicwititdimeful ( назад)
the sound of the leather as he walks up the stairs fucking awesome

Автор Jane Cornette ( назад)
How the F could you thumbs down this ????? Geeezus..!!!

Автор afarmenian ( назад)
hahaha what was he scanning old boys beard for?

Автор LegitimateKill (649 лет назад)
Damn bruh Arnold was toned!

Автор wchase62 ( назад)
That car is Ford, not a Plymouth. Poor intelligence

Автор Wallis Chapin ( назад)
Best scene in the movie. Love the shit eating grin on the biker blonde when
he walks in buck-ass naked.

Автор Jesse Davalos ( назад)
I wonder if he took his draws or is he commando

Автор Fulgore Elite ( назад)
this scene is so badass it makes a man out of a woman.

Автор spewgilist ( назад)
The ol' 1887 is the coolest thing in the video

Автор Steven Sawyer (728 лет назад)
One of my all-time favorite movies, and scenes in the movie! :-)

Автор atiboyful ( назад)
I remember watching T2 in an obscure theater in NY with my new wife. The
special effects were amazing for 1991. We were both blown away by the T3
with his "liquid" effects. I guess I am still blown away 23 years later

Автор Stephen Schultz ( назад)
Takes shotgun and sun glasses and rides away on a motorcycle. Pure badass

Автор OpenMawProductions ( назад)
@Gerardo Lopez, the editor in me wants to say they used just a hint of
speed up in the editing, but it's entirely possible that was pulled off
without any trickery.

T2 has some amazing cinematography, and it is a brilliantly written action
film. The Terminator will always be my favorite of the series, but T2 is
just a fantastic movie all around. "They don't make em like this anymore."

Автор noah busch ( назад)
when some one beats the living f*** out of the bar u are in who takes u on
with a shotgun second when same said man takes the shotgun out of your
hands by walking up to u with no fear run!!!!!!!

Автор DRock1042 ( назад)
T-800 series. Model 101.

T-800 series had real human flesh over their endoskeleton. 101 is the
terminator that looks like Arnold. 

Автор sgtsnakeeyes11 ( назад)
what i dont get is, if he is this advanced, unfortunately he would be far
more subtle in real life. He would attract so many cops this way....

Автор Jaehwa Jeong ( назад)
Bitch please!

Автор GabeReal9009 ( назад)
20 people got tossed through windows and on to flaming grills!

Автор miklitov23 ( назад)
No, they'd record the fight if it was 2011, but since it's 2013, they're
going to make a fucking shitty vine about it. 

Автор Cooper Terrell ( назад)
Actually he is a T-800. There are multiple sub models of T-800s. Arnold's
particular model is model 101. But one with a different tissue would be a
different sub model. 

Автор Ian Mittelstaedt ( назад)
For the last time, he is a T-101!!!!!

Автор PsychoMistress ( назад)
God, it's amazing how well this movie stands up today, ~22 years later. 

Автор Gerardo Lopez ( назад)
damn, he snatched the shotgun so quick, no special effects??

Автор Sierra “Levite” Leone ( назад)
Lesson of the day: never ask naked man to say please 

Автор Marshall Street ( назад)
If this scene was filmed today in 2013, most of the people in the bar would
whip out their smart phones and record the fight.

Автор Shiftey Greig ( назад)
you are so right!

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