Terminator Bar Fight

In This Scene: A T-800 Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent back in time by John Connor to protect his younger self. He appears near a biker bar called The Corral and inspects the bikers to find clothes that match his body size. Once he finds the right match, he takes the man's clothes, boots, motorcycle, and a shotgun and then proceeds on with his mission.

From "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (1991)
Carolco Pictures / Lightstorm Entertainment / Le Studio Canal
Distributed by TriStar Pictures. All rights reserved.

Video available in 720p HD.

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 3:59
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Автор OpenMawProductions (1 год)
@Gerardo Lopez, the editor in me wants to say they used just a hint of
speed up in the editing, but it's entirely possible that was pulled off
without any trickery.

T2 has some amazing cinematography, and it is a brilliantly written action
film. The Terminator will always be my favorite of the series, but T2 is
just a fantastic movie all around. "They don't make em like this anymore."

Автор DRock1042 (1 год)
T-800 series. Model 101.

T-800 series had real human flesh over their endoskeleton. 101 is the
terminator that looks like Arnold. 

Автор Jaehwa Jeong (1 год)
Bitch please!

Автор noah busch (1 год)
when some one beats the living f*** out of the bar u are in who takes u on
with a shotgun second when same said man takes the shotgun out of your
hands by walking up to u with no fear run!!!!!!!

Автор Marty Lewis (1 год)

Автор GabeReal9009 (1 год)
20 people got tossed through windows and on to flaming grills!

Автор Andrew Ogden (1 год)

Автор sgtsnakeeyes11 (1 год)
what i dont get is, if he is this advanced, unfortunately he would be far
more subtle in real life. He would attract so many cops this way....

Автор atiboyful (1 год)
I remember watching T2 in an obscure theater in NY with my new wife. The
special effects were amazing for 1991. We were both blown away by the T3
with his "liquid" effects. I guess I am still blown away 23 years later

Автор Stephen Schultz (1 год)
Takes shotgun and sun glasses and rides away on a motorcycle. Pure badass

Автор melaniew77msn (2 года)
I do not know much about Harley Davidson motor cycles or motor cycle
drive-train,supension,power brakes or tires. Would this make of bike truly
have stayed together with the stunts performed on it. If it would stay
together with a man could it have withstood the weight of the terminator?
We are never given terminator's weight, but in the first movie we see him
bend a step with just standing on it. The step he bent would be able to
hold 3 large men easily. Any answers are welcome. Thanks!

Автор snoxbox (2 года)
how come the terminator took the skinny redneck's clothes?

Автор Lulu Escovarr (1 год)
I'll never get tired of this movie. Its on my top 10.

Автор snoxbox (2 года)
love that Oh Shit moment at 1:43 from the redneck's face........

Автор Sean Norfleet (1 год)
True. That would be a whooole nother weight class lol. Still. How great
would it be to have that kinda strenght...

Автор WACO (2 года)
Nobody plays a robot like Arnold, and I mean that in the most complimentary
way possible.

Автор DRock1042 (1 год)
I'm guessing each model of T-800 terminators are programmed to prefer
certain types of vehicles and clothing in order to blend in...Arnold's
model prefers badassery in clothing and vehicles.

Автор Alexander Rodriguez (2 года)
man wolverines adamantium would chop up a terminator

Автор JustHalfling (1 год)
Can we even call that a fight?

Автор Keturah Robinson (2 года)
sooooooooo FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - stay peace

Автор Marshall Street (1 год)
If this scene was filmed today in 2013, most of the people in the bar would
whip out their smart phones and record the fight.

Автор Johnny Nunez (2 года)
This movie never gets old.

Автор Bluehat Deals (1 год)
good for you!

Автор Dick Hurtz (2 года)
In the Terminator's defense, he did ask nicely, right?

Автор crackernumber2 (1 год)
rednecks drive big jacked up 4x4's.... bikers ride bikes.

Автор Velly Jatt (1 год)

Автор tenhirankei (2 года)
@ 3:36 Now, I'm cool.

Автор KINGRODP (2 года)

Автор Sierra Leone (1 год)
Lesson of the day: never ask naked man to say please

Автор jymz13 (1 год)
Damn. I gotta brush up.

Автор BloodThornODST (2 года)
"That's it, god damnit." as in, don't walk any closer or I'll shoot.

Автор CEOkiller (2 года)
Dwight Yoakum!

Автор Frank Black (2 года)
Actually he is a CSM-101

Автор hotspur666 (2 года)
Too bad Arnie married a Kennedy drunken jackass and turned into a fucking
RINO!!! Cunt musta sucked in his balls at one point...

Автор FAON1886 (2 года)
Remember he was reprogrammed

Автор F350With460engine (2 года)
Your right thanks.

Автор Shiftey Greig (1 год)
you are so right!

Автор daniel parrott (2 года)
bad ass bad ass bad ass

Автор PsychoMistress (1 год)
God, it's amazing how well this movie stands up today, ~22 years later.

Автор Roy Khan Is God (2 года)
Maybe you should lighten up, pussy.

Автор tenhirankei (1 год)
Oh, Terminator 3. I don't remember that one as well.

Автор mjkjsa (1 год)
Terminator 3 took this scene and made it hecka gay goddamn the makers of T3.

Автор CDHfilms (2 года)
SCREW Terminator Salvation!!! This is THE REAL Terminator movie!!!

Автор Cyndi Her (2 года)
I like when he was naked

Автор Crash5161 (2 года)
*cries softly* But It tastes so good!

Автор JayMark2049 (2 года)
Don't worry friend. You are not alone. *hugs*

Автор Justin Yeung (1 год)
after watching this movie,whenever i put on my sunglasses i feel like a

Автор TXP9 (2 года)
oh right, i heard about that. i thought smoking cigars had something to do
with it too

Автор 90sgrunge1 (2 года)
classic I love Arnie

Автор 90loneeagle (2 года)
damn he put porky pig to shame at the end with his shades lol!!! badass

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