600w DUAL MOSFET PA, Based on the 300W EA1KO single MOSFET amplifier

This is a dual MOSFET HF amplifier, based on 300W single MOSFET amplifier, designed and built by Ramon Carrasco, EA1KO. I was buil this doble PA, with 2 X BLF278 MOSFETs

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Автор CT2HMX (3 года)
Simplesmente espectacular!!!!

Автор NlKON (1 год)
Is it possible to make the Broadband HF RF 20W MOSFET amplifier without Low
Pass Filters? If not, could you give me a link to the mini-miniature LPF

Автор Carlos Mourato (1 год)
Yes it is, but keep in mind that the 3ª harmonic in PUSHPULL circuits is
only about 15 to 20dBs down to carrier. So the LPF is an important device
to keep the transmission clear. youtube don´t permit links, but you can
find a low power PA in google try put this on google: A Broadband HF
Amplifier Using Low-Cost Power MOSFETs

Автор CT1JRZ (3 года)
Já ouvi muita gente dizer que agora já não ha radioamadores a serio, Só ha
radiofaladores e compradores. Que se´r o meu caso... Mas vejo aqui um
exemplo que contraria reações negativas em relação ao radioamadorismo de
hoje em dia. Os meus parabens Sr Carlos Mourato por nos brindar com este
video... 73 e bons contactos

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