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Автор JPBugdust (1 год)
Went down to a model plane "swap shop" today. Got a Wankel like this one in
you-tube for $93 dollars. Will run it on a test-stand this week. Has been
run about 10 hours. It has good compression.

Автор shel bot (5 лет)
your another 1/2 tard that thinks rotary doesn't produce torque. if that
mkes you happy to think that then keep on with it. only a rotary driver
knows they do produce both hp and torque especially for their size. read
some stats before you blab stupid shit.

Автор phenixkell (7 лет)
OMFG! ITS ADORABLE! wher did oyu get this? lol my friend would flip shit to
find this ahahh he love rotories! god bless mazda for having the ball to
use them XD

Автор TheFartenator (7 лет)
billdale, just calm down. If you don't like what's in the clip then just
piss off. Do you honestly thing that people who watch this are interested
in anything you could possibly have to say?

Автор andrewwwcomv8 (7 лет)

Автор Joel Robin (7 лет)
Also billdale having a EV you still have to replace parts. There are
Consumable parts such as tyres, brake pads, wheel bearings, tie rod ends,
windsreen wiper Blades and a whole list of other parts. (cont)

Автор braddeicide (4 года)
This the third video in a row i've watched where the plain stayed on the
ground, does no-one fly these things anymore?

Автор chabbalato (5 лет)
try 1% acetone in the mix for better atomization and significantly reduced
fuel adhesion (more complete combustion)

Автор CmdrTobs (4 года)
@JBofBrisbane That actual depends on what power level. Take a comparable
effective displacement piston engine and tune it to the same sort of power
and it will have similar fuel use to the rotary. Now account for the
superior weight of the rotary and rev them hard (racing/flying) and the
rotary will be more fuel efficient. This was one of the boons of the much
talked about Rx787 race car I believe.

Автор billdale1 (7 лет)
when I came back to this page earlier, YouTube is glitchy and had only
posted your last comment. I'm glad to know that you at least are happier to
have something that uses less oil. I was entranced by the simplicity of the
Wankel many years ago when it was new to the American public, and still
like it in many ways, but I'm just too concerned with the environmental and
health problems with ICEs. I'm going to try to send you an email... this is
too much of a hassle.

Автор Gfok3 (5 лет)
yeah they do produce torque, but only above 6k rpm where its fn useless...
not to mention the godawful noise they make, it reminds me of sounds
someone would make in the bathroom after bad mexican food.

Автор monsterink101 (5 лет)
how much dose it cost to get one of those motors

Автор billdale1 (7 лет)
@ ccraxfan: Nanosolar panels. called Powersheet, are already in massive
production-- 30 feet per minute-- they will B able 2 cover 100,000 homes/yr
w/ current factory, even more if they build more factories. Each home, if
it has a storage battery, can run w/out any pwr from grid, rechrge an EV, &
still sell pwr back 2 the grid. NanoSafe batteries frm Altair Nanotech will
last for decades. 4 small stuff such as laptops, can be recharged in < min.
when devices R designed 4 them. (cont.)

Автор pizzashint (4 года)
Lol it actually sounds like someone saying vrooom vrooom vroom.

Автор ccoraxfan (7 лет)
krankiev: LOL! Whatever you say man, you obviously know me better than I
know myself... :)

Автор pawelebay (4 года)
@sebaskarenjay Noone likes to be called stupid, especially what you know
what you do. But thanks for the retract and hoped you enjoied the low
quality film ;)

Автор xTheUnderscorex (6 лет)
not quite, the crank spins at 1/3 the rate of the rotor, so its really 1:2
rather than 1:6

Автор billdale1 (7 лет)
All anyone has to do is see the huge plumes of smoke behind the plane in
the video! Motorcycles today don't leave any visible plume at all! Ozone
causes asthma attacks in concentrations as small as .060 parts per
BILLION... that is far too small to even be SEEN with the naked eye-- when
sunlight hits those huge plumes of blue smoke from that little tiny plane
it forms toxins that are far more potent, ruining the air quality for miles
around. Go crawl under a rock.

Автор shel bot (5 лет)
for the size yes. most compare a wankel to a v8. if the v8 boys were smart
they would actually be comparing a wankel 13b(1.3L) to lets say a chevy
sprint 3 cyl also 1.3L. which one would win....... obviously the wankel
engine now how they bash on us is mind blowing. a stock 13b turbo second
gen rx7 vs a 5.0L mustang . the stang is going to lose against the rx7. ive
been there and won so dont reply v8 lovers i already know which has more

Автор shel bot (5 лет)
older apex seals had an hardened leading edge that was 60C Brinnell. the
back side facing the rotor of the apex seal was 40C Brinnell. like you said
through the heat exchange, and direction change the OLD seals weakened.
scince you cannot tell me the stock seals fail 99.9% of the time between
the hardened and soft edge where the corner seal invites its way into the
party. 13bs are now pushing 800+ hp and no they are not rebuilt every
4828.03kms (3000mi) unless a failure in tuning. suck it.

Автор gdanceo (4 года)
Go to 0:56, close your eyes and imagine someone imitating a motor with his
voice :)

Автор ccoraxfan (7 лет)
I really wish there was an affordable EV option available for people such
as myself. I have to drive long distances every day and spend the vast
majority of my money on gas for my vehicle, and the price just keeps going
up. I also despise the fact that my money is going to support my enemies,
and that petroleum is being essentially wasted in inefficient vehicles when
it could be put to much better use, such as material for useful things like
plastics and even pavement rather than fuel.

Автор Pedro DashT (6 лет)
Nice Engine dont like the pipe

Автор leviterande (6 лет)

Автор videomaxwell (7 лет)
yes, so forget the toys..

Автор pawelebay (4 года)
@sebaskarenjay Thank you for your recognition. I have to ask though. Just
checked your channel.Saw a V12 model engine. Is that something you are
working on?

Автор billdale1 (7 лет)
There has been much progress in rechargeables. The Altair NanoSafe and the
A123 Systems batteries both can be recharged in less than 10 minutes...
there are others as well. I am not a huge fan of hybrids-- I want to see
full EVs-- but hybrids can still reduce pollution dramatically since their
engines run at a constant speed, which allows optimization rather than
having to work well @ a wide range of speeds and loads. Long charging is
still rarely a prob, since most drivers can recharge @ nyt.

Автор shel bot (5 лет)
not everyone has one because of people like you. hate hate hate! i don't
care what you like or don't like.

Автор Joel Robin (7 лет)
Im From Australia Billdale1 its not economical to run EV's in my Country!
the reason being is that most of our major citys are more than 6 hours
(1500 kilometers away - 62miles = 100kilometers) from each other and a EV
just doesnt have that kind of range a combustable engine does. (cont)

Автор neXib (6 лет)
Less compression? The RX-8 engine has 11:1. And 235 horsepower on 1,3
litre, what are you talking about :P

Автор Sonny Brown (7 лет)
holy shit guys, i just finished a awesome ass video of a very small wankel
engine in an rc plane and thought, holy shit!!thats sweet!!! than i scroll
down to the page expecting comments like "awesome!!or "holy shit thats
small for a rotary motor" but all i see is this bullshit about us gas
prices being a conspiracy, thats bullshit! this is a video of a fuckin
engine in a rc plane and you assholes with no life turn it into an
arguement,watch the fuckin video pricks,comment on it!not gas prices!!

Автор snowrocket (7 лет)
I like the idle as well as the full throttle sound; very cool! Do all of
your Wankels throw that much oil smoke at full throttle!? Two of my Mazda
rotaries didn't smoke that bad!

Автор pawelebay (7 лет)
Thanks JPECaterham

Автор Gfok3 (6 лет)
they also have no torque or low end power... keep that in consideration

Автор thiago497150 (7 лет)
a light weight wankel engine with an efficient electric drive system could
make a good hybrid.

Автор billdale1 (7 лет)
Do u really xpect gas 2 stay under $4/gal for more than a year? Do u
realize China has been building 15,000 cars per DAY? Almost no Chinese used
2 have cars-- India is same story-- how long u think the current gas supply
will last? We MUST swith 2 EVs B4 it is 2 late. State-of the-art EV
batteries can be recharged in 10 mins, as proven by Aerovironment for
Calif. Air Resources Board (CARB) May of this yr (google it.) (cont.)

Автор ccoraxfan (7 лет)
Because electricity can be generated from so many diverse sources,
including wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and other non-polluting sources,
as well as low-pollution sources like nuclear and natural gas, this makes
electricity among the best sources of energy. The only problem it has is
lack of portability. Hey, it would even be worth it, as I see it, to string
lines over major highways and use automated pantographs to supply power for
long-distance travelers.

Автор BarracksSi (7 лет)
That's wild -- it sounds like a micro-sized Mazda 787B! I had no idea that
the Wankel had made it to R/C vehicles (which just shows how out of the
loop I am).

Автор john bon (7 лет)
hi how long is the life span in that engine last thinking to buy one , dose
a piston one last longer

Автор SEGnosis (6 лет)
Sounds like someone going REEUUNN REUUN as a voice

Автор billdale1 (7 лет)
@ ccoraxfan: An EV does not need 2 B recharged N 5 mins. N order 2
completely change the way the world gets from A to B. Even if they cud only
recharge N an hr, they could still serve the needs of 90% of urban
commuters, so long as they could go more than 100 miles on a charge: they
can be recharged at night easily & V cheaply at nite-- rather than today's
cars costing an average of $.30/mile on clogged fwys, an EV costs less than
a penny per mile. (cont.)

Автор cheaphardwarez (7 лет)
Are there plans for this small rotary engine?

Автор ccoraxfan (7 лет)
I fail to see how inserting an electric drive train can make that much of a
difference in the pollution output of an internal combustion engine. The
power still comes from the engine, which pollutes as it runs. The only
thing changed is the duty cycle, and I understand that hybrids only get
better mileage in stop-and-go city driving, but actually get worse mileage
on the highway.

Автор JBofBrisbane (5 лет)
The way I understand it, the main advantage of a Wankel rotary is a fair
slab of power in a small, light package. The downside is there's no such
thing as a free lunch; that extra power comes at the expense of extra fuel
consumed. Rotaries are also down on torque compared to similarly-powerful
piston engines. Lots of car companies once had licences to develop their
own Wankels, but the NSU Ro80 debacle and the 1973 fuel crisis put an end
to all of them except Mazda.

Автор sheik480 (6 лет)
Not quite...too high pitched.

Автор Corbin Goodwin (7 лет)
Ah, I see, I read car model and thought you meant a certain make and model.
Make sure to say model before car. But that would be interesting.

Автор DG121480 (7 лет)
It's not as much a polution concern, as it is an efficiency. 40-50 mpg is a
good thing even if it smokes like a chimney.

Автор Joel Robin (7 лет)
THIS IS FOR ALL THE HOBBYIESTS OUT THERE..... Billdale your a Fuck wit and
a loser. People like you spoil the fun for people like me and others who
like building models and people that are into anything R/C. Get a life and
stop complaining and go back to green peace were you belong! Ow one more
thing. If you are so concerned about the pollution in the world what about
the methain gas that cows produce? answer that one billdale you

Автор 30GB (6 лет)
too bad they cost f**king $500 or $300 for one

Автор Mark Dix (7 лет)
is that the extreame 3D

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