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Автор shooplyer64 (6 лет)
Very nice - but why no new clips????

Автор saffrongee6 (7 лет)
old enough

Автор saffrongee6 (6 лет)
maybe some new ones coming soon

Автор axe18 (6 лет)
sexy feet can you make a video to putting on your tights

Автор Mitch (1 год)
How old was she

Автор razgriz7 (6 лет)
Could you do Pink, orange or green stockinged feet in another tease video,
and that one with the sneakers just made the video more attractive,
Something about girls feet in stockings wearing tennis shoes, that drives
us nuts, i guess it cuz they would have an developing smell to them.

Автор marianacecilia2002 (7 лет)
i just love, please, film her shoeplay in a restaurant, classroom or
library........with the same long skirt and shoes, but with white
stockings, but i just love it, a natural shoeplayer.....keep that way

Автор saffrongee6 (6 лет)
Nice suggestion

Автор 13footfreak (7 лет)
nice, how old

Автор Александр Попов (7 лет)
It's beutyfool girl! Nice feet and shoeplay!!!

Автор pacbelt (7 лет)
Definately more please, but lighter colored stockings please!

Автор ihatetexas (6 лет)
si q chinga tu madre puta d merda hahaha i think that was spelled correctly

Автор Pezibaer42 (7 лет)
genial... please more, yeh ;-)

Автор razgriz7 (6 лет)
We love it when you girls show off your hosed feet, so unique yet so

Автор Voice173 (4 года)
this is staged

Автор shooplyer64 (6 лет)
I'm not the only one hoping so!!!! :) Please, these kind of shoes - there's
already too many flip-flop videos out there.... We miss ya man!

Автор tanya bolton (5 лет)
wow! what u lik about our feetsies?

Автор cavalier82 (6 лет)
yessssss! keep teasing us please!

Автор theduke65 (6 лет)
Now for the rest of the girl.... ;-)

Автор pacbelt (7 лет)
Good answer! ;)

Автор saffrongee6 (4 года)
@Voice173 yeah, so?

Автор rick morgan (3 года)
Love the worn flats and shoeplay!

Автор saffrongee6 (6 лет)
so ... what exactly are these people saying?

Автор cRnLzA (6 лет)
lol im q

Автор theduke65 (6 лет)
Yeah show the girl or at least the skirt downwards.

Автор ruchoso (5 лет)
you no comprend the fetish of the shoes

Автор Rob Dugan (6 лет)
girls in high school would do this sometimes..I always found it really
fucking sexy..this..i dont know, i cant see a face i have to assume dude..

Автор EmOhLee12345 (5 лет)
why are there so many views on this??? Its just someone playing with

Автор warclassics (6 лет)
why do people like this? i don't understand. i'm not trying to be rude, i
just want to know. i never thought of ballet flats dangling on feet as
being sexy.

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