Ford escort 2.0 spi timing belt tensioner pulley noise

driving down the rode and the car started making this loud knocking sound coming from the right side of the motor. took it to a shop and they said i had a broke piston. took the oil pan off and everything was fine. barrings were fine pistons were fine. it was the timing tensioner pulley, it had spit out all the barrings.

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Автор mk3stargazer (3 года)
Lucky it didnt strip the teeth off the belt,,,

Автор donde48 (2 года)
im working on my car and i hope this is what is happening on my car......
my car is a opel corsa c 1.8 .... hope to be able to fix it.... thank for
the video.

Автор beachbummm69 (3 года)
wheres the video on doing the work?? a how to

Автор RochNoure (1 год)
I have a Corolla and it sounds worse!

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