How to Use uTorrent to Download Torrents - Speed Up (Optimize Settings) [Tutorial]

This tutorial shows how to download, install, configure, and use uTorrent to download torrent files.

This video is intended for complete beginners, although it will help individuals with slow download speeds improve the performance

I show you how to download a legal torrent file. You can use the same information and same site to download whatever content you wish.

Any computer I have setup with the preferences like this consistently download at the set maximum speed.

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Автор superfabian1020 (1 месяц)
And here I thought that math was going to be useless for me...a part of
this video just proved that wrong... 

Автор redstone gaming (3 месяца)

you should reset your computer IMEDIATLY


Автор Dennis Tang (3 месяца)
My download status is stuck on connecting to peers. Can someone help me fix
this? My download isnt starting

Автор MemoByte (4 месяца)
How do you uninstall alll the default crap that comes with this programm?
My whole internet setup is messed up

Автор SayDog (3 месяца)
is 6mb of download speed and upload speed good? because i'm kinda a noob at

Автор NSFF1 (1 месяц)
The website you used for the vid has transformed into a program and is no
longer a website, what should I do?

Автор Kendell Placide (1 месяц)
so do i download fifa from ubuntu now i know i'm really bad at this

Автор Willie Finucane (1 месяц)
yep, lost at port forwarding part.

Автор nicolas jimenez (1 месяц)
whats a router? 10:00

Автор Alan Cotter (1 месяц)
Thanks man

Автор Roy Bauberg (1 месяц)
step 1:open internet explorer

Автор Joep Uden (1 месяц)
damn.. this looks sooo easy! thanks you very much dude

Автор Bruce Lee (1 месяц)
Can i have my virus in blue?

Автор slater (1 месяц)
7:06 sounds super weird/<3

Автор PokyPok (2 месяца)
I can't run the download test.

Автор marvellousMEEMEE (5 месяцев)
kickasstorrent website doesnt work for me

Автор WhizGaming (2 месяца)
all the download says is connecting to peers 0.0% Help me please

Автор Renee Catalanotto (2 месяца)
Someone help I have it downloaded but when I open it it says Not Responding

Автор vaiouser (2 месяца)
great video

Автор julian playes games (2 месяца)
my download speed is 353.4 kB/s (avg. 342.5 kB/s) is this good or bad 

Автор Clicky Pick (2 месяца)
Can a file still be downloaded while your pc is hilbernating or sleeping?
If not,Can you tell me how to download files while hilbernating or sleeping

Автор Yihong Peng (2 месяца)
you explained things very clearly and professionally. thank you! Now I can
watch game of thrones season 4. I wanted to buy it but its not available in
us yet 

Автор slater (1 месяц)
7:08 robot voice

Автор SacredV (2 месяца)
Can anybody please tell me how he did zoom in while recording just like he
did at 1:22?
Thanks a lot

Автор Mirza Shafiqin (2 месяца)
why my bandwidth at setup guide cant be change???

Автор camilo matic (3 месяца)
how come you guys get mb but i only get kb

Автор Bilel28000 (3 месяца)
thnx dude
that was sooooo beneficial

Автор BTD Battles Svenska (3 месяца)
It made my download slower ;(

Автор NiLL T (3 месяца)
when i go to kick ass torrents and try and download it says i need to
register and subscribe for $5 a year

Автор robert4fun58 (3 месяца)
In response to another person. It has changed to kickass.to .Addresses were
changed by kickasstorrent, and that is why you can't find it. :)

Автор | Krazy / Potion PVP, Soup PVP / Gaming | (3 месяца)
10.6MB download speed, is that good or bad?

Автор xxXaiderxx (3 месяца)
I realize that this is an old video, but I still have several suggestions.
1. At ~2:21 also uncheck the third option which will install a toolbar. 2.
At ~3:02 run both tests, there is for most people no need to manually set a
port or download/upload speed, unless you have a slow Internet connection.
Utorrent and your browser will wrestle over the available bandwidth if it's
maxed out, which (for most people) doesn't happen often enough to deserve a
manual setting in utorrent. If you put 90% of your download speed as a
limit in utorrent, your browser will most likely still exceed it when
watching videos and the battle over bandwidth has begun. 3. At ~7:42 change
"Protocol Encryption" to "Enabled", this will allow you to connect to more
peers (other people) since everyone with Disabled will be able to connect
to others with Disabled, those with Enabled to Disabled, Enabled and Forced
and those with Forced to Forced. 4. At ~7:55 do not change "Minimum ratio"
to 100%, this is a torrent killer! For a torrent to grow and have decent
download speed the ratio between what's downloaded and what's uploaded
needs to be bigger than 1|1, if everyone used 100% as a setting the
BitTorrent community would have died out long ago. And another thing, also
check the box "When utorrent reaches the seeding goal" and set the number
to "0", this will automatically stop the torrent when it has finished the
download and met the seeding ratio, it will then say "Finished", do not
manually stop torrents when they have finished downloading.

Автор andreclaros (4 месяца)
my router wasnt on that site

Автор nithin5266 (4 месяца)
thanks dude,it really helped! :)

Автор Nate p (4 месяца)
you have some slow internet

Автор Henry (4 месяца)
Thanks, it helped a lot!

Автор RoomOnFire8988 (7 месяцев)
I set this up and am trying to get torrents from piratebay. But when I
click on the "get this torrent" link and nothing happens. Can anyone help?
I'm using windows 7. When I try getting it from kickass torrents, it says
"application not found."

Автор Amit Paul (4 месяца)
thanks !! ur video iz owsom

Автор Imran Saeed (4 месяца)
I followed you upto the port forwarding part. Now i have a lot of
confusions. Please explain what to change in the router settings! (I use
Dlink DSL-2640T router)

Автор N3RDWARD (4 месяца)
Thank you! Vinyl rips here I come! :3

Автор Kimmy_Panda (5 месяцев)
Great tutorial, very easy to follow, thanks!!

Автор bullett420 (5 месяцев)
Thanks man your video was awsome u realy know how to explain 10/10 awsome

Автор I ship It (5 месяцев)
sooo i followed the steps till 9:37 and when I ran the test I got a green
check mark instead of a yellow check mark with an asterisk... but my TCP
port is set to 49,666... is this okay? e.O

Автор Melvin Benjamin (5 месяцев)
Thank you, this was very helpful. You sir, have earned a subscriber!

Автор Grant Kidd (5 месяцев)
Hopefully this is not a stupid question, but will the police be kicking
down my door for this? And how do I stop sharing it with people online? 

Автор Chuyy510 (5 месяцев)
When i download utorrent the setup screen never comes up i go on my
download n open it again and nothing happens

Автор Billy Bob (6 месяцев)
is it safe?

Автор Ryan Hayes (6 месяцев)
dude. you rule

thank you for this video

Автор fake VALVE (6 месяцев)
i dosent found DGN200

Автор rex legaspi (6 месяцев)
thank you so much....

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