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In which John shares much good news and goings-on within nerdfighteria, and pauses to celebrate the ten years (and three days) we've been making videos on YouTube. Thanks to all of you for being part of it. DFTBA.
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Автор Winta Assefa ( назад)
I don't know what to comment

Автор Chris Helms ( назад)
Oh my god part 8 I'm not crying you're crying!!!

Автор Kassiah Faul ( назад)
Congratulations to ya'll. Love how much you love each other!

Автор Linda Williams ( назад)
Make Hank French a llama.

Автор KMYRED ( назад)
Punishment Suggestion: Hank gets hit in the face with a pie crust filled with a food (in it's original/blended/mashed state) that starts with every letter of the alphabet the stranger the food the better. 26 glorious pies and 26 wonderful opportunities to be creative.

Автор Wander ( назад)
I'm watching this with a laptop on my stomach.

Автор 3sedavis ( назад)

Автор Something2look4ward2 ( назад)
that has got to be the best intro ever

Автор Morantau ( назад)
Hank should lern and recite the entire periodic table (by heart).

Автор Emily Ricci ( назад)

Автор Noelle Davis ( назад)
Wait did you say Boston? Is NerdCon in... Boston??

Автор RT Life ( назад)
Part 8 gave me goosebumps

Автор Kassie Martins ( назад)
I'm not crying, you are! 😢 But in all seriousness, I'm so grateful for the 2 years I've spent as a part of this community. Not only have I found somewhere in which I truly belong, but I've met some incredible people and fell in Nerdfighterlike. Nerdfighteria means so much to me and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this awesome community!

Автор James Ashenhurst ( назад)
That was touching at the end. You should tell him you love him.

Автор Kristin Damian ( назад)
Whoa. You came dangerously close to saying those three little words at the end there.. Dodged a bullet ;) Congrats on 10 fantastic years -- here's to 10 more!

Автор Palatino Pettigrew ( назад)
Dear Mr. Green,

I just finished reading "The Fault In Our Stars." With all due respect, sir, WHAT THE HELL?!.

Best wishes,

Автор Marion Condeza ( назад)
Started following you guys last year, and you really made me a more empathetic, happy, wholesome, and hopeful person. Thank you for everything you do.

Автор buttsy ./ ( назад)
that's honestly pretty crazy that they weren't really close siblings before this channel, I wasn't around for the first couple of years so it feels like they have always been best bros

Автор Richard B. ( назад)
I cried real tears at that last statement.

Автор Heather ( назад)
Hanks punishment: He has to join you for the live workout.

Автор Jennifer Balboa ( назад)
Is that like, normal in USA? Not being close to your siblings?

Автор Bobbydog66 ( назад)
2:03 And I would vlog a decade, and I would vlog a decade more, just to be the vlogbrother to dftba at your door, DUH NUH NUH!

Maybe not as catchy.

Автор Dani Josephine ( назад)

Автор Paul C ( назад)
Rhett and Link logo!

Автор Jackie Nordquist ( назад)
Got to admit, I got a little teary at the end...

Автор Arielle Shiloh ( назад)
Hey John, I'm a big fan. I've read all your books. I watch all of Hank and your videos and I have to say I absolutely love you two. I mean how can you not. Your wit is amazing. And I love hearing about your insight on the world. I've been going through a very hard time lately, but everyday when I get a notification and see that there is a new video up my day becomes 10x better! You guys are amazing!! I love you two!! Thank you for making your amazing videos!!

Автор Erinpwns ( назад)
thought john said "Fucks Sports One" 😂

Автор Erinpwns ( назад)
"like Voldemort's soul this video comes to you in 8 parts." the add in this video was for the James McAvoy movie 'Split'.

Автор Marcus Dagostino ( назад)
dress as clown

Автор Stephanie Sharpe ( назад)
I'm not crying-YOU'RE CRYING. <3

Автор Lindsay Donajkowski ( назад)
David Bowie's death date is tomorrow and you make Tuesday videos, mention your thoughts on him please??? It would mean the world to me. dftba👨🏻‍🎤🖖🏼

Автор Michelle Bean ( назад)
What is this, Esther Day? In all seriousness, I love when you guys get a little bit sappy :)

Автор Sawri M ( назад)
The end? Tears!

Автор SomeMadVernacular ( назад)
The punishment should be Alvin and the Chipmunks related

Автор cubedude76 ( назад)
how about Hank has to eat an entire roll of toilet paper over like 2 days?

Автор Leah ( назад)
That intro though

Автор Jen Seelaus ( назад)
Part 8 :')

Автор Aastha Jain ( назад)
I love you both and what you do, so genuinely.
Thank you for the decade worth of awesomeness. You have changed my life.

Автор sn0wflake ( назад)
That intro though. Wellll done.

Автор Michelle Harrop ( назад)
In 10 years, "Hank, I'll see you on Friday" has turned into "I love you." And it's been a privilege to see it change.

Автор Rubiksguy ( назад)
Awesome Punishment:Have Hank try to solve a Rubik's Cube on stage in 10 min. If he can't solve it, he must try for the entire 10 min. Making it very awkward. ...or he could just watch the amazing tutorial I made on my channel and OWN that punishment. (I average 17 seconds)

Автор My Favorite Things ( назад)
Correcting... Voldemort soul was devided in 8 parts counting the one inside Harry.

Автор ForTheLoveOfRyan ( назад)
Happy ten years :)!

Автор The God Emperor ( назад)
My tummy is for smashing clams upon! :P

Автор Joseph Mulpeter ( назад)
do you have make-up on in this video?

Автор Old Books at Midnight ( назад)
John, have you seen The Get Down on Netflix?

Автор mariana buelvas ( назад)
Please do a video about Carrie Fisher

Автор mrscary3105 ( назад)
Suggested punishment, John sings a song Hank loves and butchers it on stage!

Автор ElwoodDowdJr ( назад)
Just a heads up: As google cannot help me with how to stay subscribed yet opt out of the community stuff on the mobile app, I am reluctantly forced to unsubscribe from the channel to keep my mobile app feed clean.
I'll still check in manually on posting days, but I can't figure this out. If I'm not alone, this may affect your subscriber numbers.

Автор Jasmine Parker ( назад)
that was.....really sweet? omg. normalize men talking about their feelings and expressing their love and support for their family.

Автор Kyle Marshall ( назад)
I'm also thankful that I've been able to watch the awesome you both have put out into the world since the first Project for Awesome.

Автор maggieedna ( назад)

Автор The Phantasm ( назад)
Part 8 is so sweet. I love how they've done this amazing entertaining thing that has brought a community together, but I've never really thought about how it's brought the two of them together. As someone who has always been close with their brother, I love that they were able to grow close as adults.

Автор Rebecca Nordquist ( назад)
Peeps or the political situation in Nepal or something

Автор Andrew Wolf ( назад)
Punishment Idea: You may have to get the rights to it if you post it - But Hank should have to learn and perform Yakko Warner's "Countries of the World" song

Автор Thais Laney ( назад)
This video is so touching. So many excellent nostalgic moments: the first video, a punishment again, and this date in vlogbrother's history! It also makes so apparent how much the community has grown in the past decade (AFC Wimbledon fans meeting en masse and all the shoutouts to the new channels within nerdfighteria, for example). I can't imagine the past 9 years of my life without this channel. DFTBA!

Автор vL Buck ( назад)
lol I found you through World History

Автор Hailey Ziegelmeyer ( назад)
Oh im crying, its so sweet and precious 😭😍❤️

Автор ADHDragon ( назад)
The ending got real emotional real fast, I still remember Hanks "you can see my eye, in my eye" I'm paraphrasing but god it's been such an adventure I'm so happy to be a part of this amazing community, you guys are such a big influence to my channel, you guys make such big differences ^-^

Автор Roxanna T Francies ( назад)
I cried a little with your message for Hank...

Автор Alec Hall ( назад)

Автор Adelaide Matheson ( назад)
Hank should have to discus the 2017 political situation in Nepal while eating toilet paper

Автор Catherine Lowe ( назад)
I tried to like this video twice, something that often happens when I watch the vlogbrothers.

Автор Agent Thursday ( назад)
Punishment: hank has to recreate either his favorite of your vlogs, or the most popular, from memory, on stage, every word

Автор Ashling Rae ( назад)
What is this, Esther day or something? He made me tear up a bit and I'm not even Hank.

Автор Rinn ( назад)
Congratulations gentlemen.

Автор MixUpTips ( назад)
Hahahahah To be honest it is mind blowing. Awesome sharing. Going to subscribe you.

Автор Melissa Elza ( назад)
I think Hank should have to put a ton of tiny little hair elastics in his hair, wear a mud mask on his face, and then go to the grocery store, get a car wash, and buy a coffee from a local shop all while wearing the above mentioned accessories.

Автор Shaun Hentchel ( назад)
Hank PUNishment should by PUNS!! Dutifully carried out and inflicted by fellow Nerdfighters at Nerdcon.

Автор kayisfish ( назад)
Is there a punishments playlist? 'Cause that would be great

Автор Aidan Miller ( назад)
Hank has to eat 50 eggs

Автор Chris Allison ( назад)
Wow. I've been a nerdfighter since March of the first year and I don't think that I was quite aware that you and Hank were so distant before this all began.

Автор Ray ( назад)

Автор Hilary Sturges ( назад)
10 years... whoa. I've only been watching since 2008 but STILL that is a crazy long time and I've been reminded that I'm old now so, thanks?

Автор Sally Mckenna ( назад)
I'm shockingly bad at ideas, but how about as his punishment Hank can only talk in book, film and famous people's quotes all day?

Автор Neo T ( назад)
Thumbs up for brotherly love

Автор Jonny Owens ( назад)
i think perfect would be the length of the video hank was over in a bath of cold beans.

Автор titania642 ( назад)
Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!

Автор Claudia Becerra ( назад)
Punishment issue, given that Hank has incredibly blonde shiny hair, I mean it, he should dye it, not permanently, if he would do that he would look like a bad-ass Proclaimer. Or he should be shaved like You-know-who. @vlogbrothers

Автор Dana Homsi ( назад)
you look healthy :D good for you John

Автор Devan Velo ( назад)
Are you still doing pizza parties?

Автор MeWho ( назад)
Thank you for doing this for 10 years! I'm was a little late to find you guys, but just thank you for doing all that you are doing. I can't imagine what my YouTube subscription or history would look like without the two of you.

Автор Spaceyraes H ( назад)
Punishment idea: dye his hair an unnatural color. Like.... green.
Get it? Hank GREEN?
I'm hilarious.

Автор Nolen Petrosky ( назад)
What Hogwarts houses are you and Hank in? (I personally am a proud Hufflepuff)

Автор Colin Weiss ( назад)
Hanks punishment.....3some giraffe sex. nuff said.

Автор Ben Hamilton ( назад)
You should recreate your Nerdy Workout video on 100 Days

Автор Kelly Cox Semple ( назад)

Автор Justin Gonzalez ( назад)
At least to me anyway tickling would be an awful (great) punishment

Автор Madi Boggs ( назад)
I can't even imagine if these two didn't get together and stick through it ten years ago. Their impact is so great in quality and quantity.

Автор TSK ( назад)

Автор I_boole 663 ( назад)
hey, here is an online book you might like, because you seem to like books so much: https://parahumans.wordpress.com/
Its a super hero story, but it is unlike any super hero story you might have ever read. Please hust give it a go.

Автор Simply Lancaster ( назад)
I am not crying. I just got some pickle juice in my eye. Also, I'm crying. Way to keep that sibling goals thing going.

Автор Alexis Cooper ( назад)
For a punishment perhaps a mayo, mustard, maple syrup sandwich. You could also attempt to do a wheel barrel race with Hank as the wheel barrel of course otherwise it wouldn't be a punishment.

Автор Chelsea Jean ( назад)
I love to end a vlogbrothers video crying unexpectedly, because it's always for such a good reason.

Автор BallzyVids ( назад)
yay colorado!

Автор cpwarw ( назад)
Hank could eat a 3 course meal made up entirely of baby food. Not quite sure how it would work but there you go!

Автор M. Smith ( назад)
Will those not at Nerdcon: Nerdfighteria be able to watch Hank' s punishment?

Автор jobriq5 ( назад)
Why is are the wimbleys playing in the US?

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