Tutorial: Construct 2 - Title Menu

This video is a video overview of a typical Game Title Menu made in Construct 2. A corresponding .Capx can be found below. This video explains briefly about what is normally found in a Game Title Menu. And then proceeds to explain the functionality of the .Capx presented and how it works.

.Capx files are used with the programme Construct 2.

The video has been created by English Acorn, as has the artwork and audio. The voice over audio is that of Adam English.

More information about English Acorn can be found at http://www.englishacorn.com

A link to the downloadable .Capx file is:
http://www.englishacorn.com/construct2/ (Scroll Down)

An interactive example can be found:

For more information please visit:

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Автор Frater .Genus ( назад)
Turn off the music and stop to talk about extraneous subjects.

Автор Loops P ( назад)

Автор Aura master Rio ( назад)
hello everyone. if any of you are game creators of construct 2 could you
please help me out? im making a fighting game and i am trying to make a
character select screen. if you guys were to be so kind could you guys help
me out? it would be awesome if I could get a response before jan 5th

Автор Zon Petilla (Burning Wood) ( назад)
There are deadlinks. I'm glad your site progressed, and I'm not the best at
updates either, but the deadlinks didn't really move me to buy or explore

Автор Sang Ki Kwon (Cranberrygame) ( назад)

Автор English Acorn ( назад)
@Gss sachin Kumar, I would suggest adding a cut scene via sending the
player to a new Layout, then construct the layout on this. You can add in
game videos to Construct 2, so you may consider doing this.

Автор Gss sachin Kumar ( назад)
how to add a cut scene or a tutorial video in construct 2?

Автор Ace ( назад)
can you make a tutorial on construct 2 loading screen

Автор Michael Bay ( назад)
New file working only for the new Construct 2, anyone has an old version of
the file?

Автор Shemoi12 ( назад)
+English Acorn your link isn't working i can't get to download.pls fix

Автор Sebastian Zeballos ( назад)
+English Acorn please fix the download link

Автор JustPlayerDE ( назад)
i can`t english and i undersansd you :D 

Автор sebastian1998j ( назад)
How i can add new tabs?
i cant find a button to add a tab (Free version)

Автор English Acorn ( назад)
Apologies for the late reply. I've relinked the .Capx file. I've recently
redeveloped my site.
+Jim Perry : I apologies for any inconvenience, I've recently redeveloped
my website. You should have more luck there.
@jonathon porter: Bad choice on my part unfortunately.
@Hacker00125: I've relinked to the .Capx files.
@Syn: Thank you for your comment. I've recently returned to C2. I'll hope
to be producing both better quality and more informative tutorials and
files than I did before.
+Marxally : Thank you.
+Markess A. Wilder Capx link relinked. Thank you.

Автор Markess A. Wilder ( назад)
Capx page cannot be found...

Автор » Marxally ( назад)
Nice video!

Автор DnBsyn ( назад)
thank god i found you, constructdudes tutorials are absolutely awful, hes
waaayy too quick, like, he doesnt understand that people that dont know the
software very well cant understand that speed, so i had to start the
tutorial, listen to 3 seconds and stop, so freaking frustrating. thank you
for your great tutorial

Автор Hacker00125 ( назад)
couldn't get the file, I went on that website and there was no file

Автор jonathon porter ( назад)
bloody annoying music

Автор Jim Perry ( назад)
Tried to register on the site but I never the confirmation email. No, it's
not in my spam folder. :( 

Автор English Acorn ( назад)
Hi, is there no grey bar at the top of the screen? There should be a
Login/Registration option at the top left of the screen within a grey bar.

Автор Stephen Abbott ( назад)
Registered on your site but there is no where to login... 

Автор DjembZz ( назад)
I dont have the Title Menu Sheet....how can i Create it?

Автор Torki Noor (Supernova) (1902 года назад)
keep going :))

Автор English Acorn ( назад)
Thank you for the compliment.

Автор C2Tuts 2D Game Development ( назад)
sweet vid :D

Автор English Acorn ( назад)
Hey Leozin, thank you for watching my video. And thank you for the
compliment. My aim is to make more, I still have a list of them to
complete, as well as the .Capx files. I hope to make one for Game Saves at
some point soon. Take care, -Adam

Автор Leozin Sincero ( назад)
Thank you very much, EnglishAcorn! Finally you made this great tutorial!
Please don´t stop making them. I would ask if you could explain how to make
save games using Construct 2. TY! Great teacher!

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