WWE RAW 2008 Total Edition PC Game: Wrestlers


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Tags: Stone cold stunner steve austin rikishi blackman bret hitman hart bret owen rey misterio undertaker evan bourne kane jeff matt hardy batista bomb powerbomb shawn michaels hbk triple h hhh edge christian brock lesnar chris jericho big show rob van dam rvd great khali mvp montel vontavious porter andre the giant goldberg jr. chavo gurrero eddie guerrero tna ecw wwe wwf wcw raw smackdown randy orton john cena ric flair vince mcmahon shane stephanie kelly kelly maria victoria divas wrestling wrestler big daddy v mark henry johny nitro jonh morrison the miz matt striker finley tazz hornswoggle manking hulk hogan the rock boogeyman bob lashley ashley elijah burke cm punk jack swagger all-american kofi kingston nature boy swanton bomb batista bomb pedigree canadian destroyer powerbomb FU STFU twist of fate chokeslam shooting star press five star frog splash sweet chin music g.t.s. go to 2 sleep hollywood star press crack em in tha mouth deuce domino and beth phoenix santino marella gimmick bradshaw

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Длительность: 4:05
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Автор Lucas Pereira de Carvalho (5 лет)
e o Hard Gay

Автор Lucas Pereira de Carvalho (5 лет)
no, he's a mod of rikishi... not sure

Автор stringer786 (3 года)
@jucas19 so how do i get the latest mod??? or how to use mod???? plz help

Автор blaz411 (4 года)
Actualy it owns in gameplay but sucks by graphics

Автор wajdan khan (1 год)
vishal krishna how to download 2012 edition please tell me plzzzzzzz.

Автор Lucas Pereira de Carvalho (5 лет)
I don't remember if these are the default controls, but they are....
Reversal: A+S Irish Whip: S (To Grapple) and A+Side (where you want to
throw him) Finisher: When your momentum bar is full (shining), keep
punching him, and when he get stunned, Grapple him (S) and Press S+A

Автор Lucas Pereira de Carvalho (5 лет)
didn't understand..

Автор Emici Brunim Da zl (1 год)
eu não consigo jogar só aparece jogo controlando a cpu me ajuda ae como eu
faço pra eu jogar abraços !!!

Автор Lucas Pereira de Carvalho (5 лет)
its not possible to change the champions... even if u win the whole

Автор khurramjak88 (3 года)
where are the "DIVAS" dude....???? :p

Автор siddhartha723723 (4 года)
how do you create kane!

Автор Lucas Pereira de Carvalho (4 года)
@lopas961 Nope...

Автор sasaki kojiro (5 лет)
anybody knows how to add mp3 on this game??for custom character entries i
need that advice.I want to use mp3 from my pc and dont know how

Автор felipe costa (5 лет)

Автор Leetless1337 (5 лет)
This gfame is a bullshit

Автор James Horan (5 лет)
big daddy v reminds me of zoidberg from futarama

Автор stringer786 (3 года)
how to unlock randy orton? plz help me!!!!

Автор Vishal Krishna (2 года)
This one is a waste! I played it one time and threw the game disk to the
bin! But, I enjoyed playing the 2012 edition of this! that was great with
steel cage matches, money in the bank, wrestlemania 28 and also there were
referees really in the videos. You can also change the attire of Kane,
Undertaker, Big Show and Triple H

Автор Prince Ruban (3 года)
superb and nice , 100% awesome

Автор firemandude1 (4 года)
can u tell me all the buttons please and how 2 pin ? thanks

Автор facualderetekpo (1 год)

Автор BRIDLIY (5 лет)
how to make mods for wwe total edition 2008???

Автор Wajahat Baloch (5 лет)
No Brother... This Game Was Release In 2008 ..!! U Can See That When U
Start The Game.. And Just A Proof That The Latest Superstars Are Also In
Here Which Werent In wwe In 2001-2002.. =)

Автор Senatus Cherichel (3 года)
@jucas19 great now i can prove my bro is a DUMBASS

Автор Lucas Pereira de Carvalho (5 лет)
i think is a program called XPK... i'm not sure...

Автор videoclubman (4 года)
You forgot batista!

Автор Christian Romoda (5 лет)
simply.. sry for the very late answer but here it goes.. u need: hex editor
photoshop with dds plugin xpkgui and radvideo tools

Автор zeus13ist (2 года)
de unde il pot descarca

Автор Hagen20013 (5 лет)
Umaga looks the best, looks like he's really on the roster of the default

Автор johnthemanandking (5 лет)
LOL: 1:38 - look how small Hornswoggle is!!

Автор mrbannaheadhardy (5 лет)
ive got controls anybody wanna buy

Автор Wrestlinfan354 (5 лет)
I need the controls to this game. Like, how to irish whip. how to reverse
moves. how to perform a special. Somebody help, please.

Автор brunomuitcholoko (5 лет)

Автор Xcompool (4 года)
can anyone can tell me how open the characters in WWE RAW DEMO on pc!

Автор Lucas Pereira de Carvalho (5 лет)
Look at my other videos... RAW 2002!!!! RAW 2008 is a mod!!!!!

Автор superfilippo789 (2 года)
come faccio ad avere big show

Автор Lucas Pereira de Carvalho (3 года)
@stringer786 You don't need to unlock... maybe you're just playing another
version of the game (the 2002 original or other mod).

Автор avplgv (4 года)
you cant IS A DEMO

Автор Lucas Pereira de Carvalho (3 года)
@swagmaster360 It's not illegal... the RAW 2002 was the original released
by WWE, and this 2008 Total Edition is a mod, with different roster and

Автор Lucas Pereira de Carvalho (3 года)
@stringer786 Try google it... i HAD 3 of them... the original (2002), the
2007 mod and the 2008 "Total Edition"... if i remember well, both 2007 and
2008 have Orton. If you've got an Orkut, you can try joining the community
in the description and looking for the download links... it's in portuguese
but you may ask for some help and the guys might help you... (sorry for the
english... i'm brazilian, too)

Автор nathanmellop (2 года)
whered u download it from please tell me

Автор stringer786 (3 года)
how to unlock randy orton?

Автор SaX665 (4 года)
Oh! Man so can i download WWE RAW 2008 Total Edition on pc because i
download once but it is no working !!

Автор stringer786 (3 года)
@jucas19 so how do i get the latest mod???

Автор Lucas Pereira de Carvalho (5 лет)
in the picture he is "big" because its with zoom... in the match he must be
half undertaker or khali!

Автор Lucas Pereira de Carvalho (5 лет)
yeah, but think about it... it's way better than a lot of new games, if u
know when this was released: 2001-2002!!!!

Автор RJ8038 (4 года)
how to win championships and characcters have championships ????

Автор Clam Chowder (4 года)
is there backstage and royal rumble?

Автор Wajahat Baloch (5 лет)
Why cant we save The Superstars When They've won a belt... I WOn Wwe Belt
with HBK but cudnt save it.. and so pissed.

Автор Lucas Pereira de Carvalho (4 года)
Actually, both Ultimate Impact and Total Edition 2008 are mods of the same
game (RAW 2002).

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