Hidden Valley (2014) Official Trailer [HD]

The first trailer for Hidden Valley: Up in the hidden valleys deep in the British Columbian wilderness, a group of mates head up on a camping trip during the summer break. Unbeknown to them, all of the tourists that have walked into this valley have never walked out.
They find an old run down shack near a creek and decide that its a suitable place to set up camp. As they start getting settled with there surroundings, weird things begin to happen. There is more then meets the eye.

Slowly the campers start to get more and more paranoid and start pointing their fingers at each other. As relationships break down and fights begin to take place amongst the campers, people start disappearing. What secrets lie deep within this valley?

This was good fun to make.. there isnt actually a movie to go with this trailer... its a project I did when i was 16 for school while I was away for 2 months. head over to my channel for more videos.

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Автор laucha escobedo (3 года)

Автор evadoesurmom123 (2 года)
homemade piece of shit....fucking child made this hoee this fucking sucks

Автор shkarkim zhavorri (3 года)
this was supposted to be scary ... or .. a f movie ?! lol... more like a

Автор MyWhorehouse (2 года)
assholes with miserable lives .!.

Автор Clare Robinson (2 года)
what a heep of actual shite!

Автор InsomaniaPW (2 года)
@QuilavaOwns This is so funny :D I cant stop imagine your face while
watching the old man. I cried tears

Автор DJLemarx (2 года)
@TheExaltism nope, but this is so sad..

Автор Rhianna Colvin (2 года)
Hey , Thats where the other dwarf went !

Автор EBKCuz (2 года)
@CORZER0 Trickery! Like how it got you, me, and 699,998 other people

Автор blessthefall4578 (2 года)

Автор sooki stachouse (2 года)
: ︻┳デ═一 ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ kill me now

Автор P4uLGR (2 года)

Автор TheHugglesx3 (2 года)
Haha Yeah..No.

Автор WordsForWise (2 года)
@kiwee1234 the breathing was filmed and just slowed down. The music and
other sound fx are all from garage band.

Автор MrUnclePekka (2 года)
Hidden valley? but i don't see any power armourz :(

Автор mauriss17 (2 года)
Mr. Pork Police

Автор Chris Graham (2 года)
The Puppet Monster Massacre looked better than this. Can't wait to see
that, lol

Автор TheFlameknight21 (2 года)
i thought hidden vally ranch waz safe.....

Автор BaalsJurisdiction (2 года)

Автор captain90hot (2 года)
this movie makes me afraid to die of laughting

Автор TheBluebell63 (3 года)
Yet to be rated? Try C for Crap...

Автор pat6447 (2 года)

Автор RenosEMR (2 года)
hehe just noticed I watch this and the recommended video at the top is
"inbred" someone trying to say something?

Автор Dab11082 (2 года)

Автор JaSperB (2 года)
wtf did i just watch...?

Автор berlinmark (2 года)
hmm, I don't know why but this reminds me somehow of "Shrooms" :-)

Автор ohhelloboys (2 года)
HOLY SHIT! Seriously, if you GENUiNELY want to have the ultimate HORROR
FREAK OUT... try the dares on wvvw.13horror,com - you will nearly DIE with
fright if you do it properly. Takes five mins. Good luck...

Автор Lee Shriberg (1 год)

Автор Troo Kidd (2 года)
@ThatsMrZombieToYou It isn't an actual movie, smart one. Read the

Автор fantasyfan12341234 (2 года)
Why is santa in this ??

Автор ThatsMrZombieToYou (2 года)

Автор rc4OOO (2 года)
You gotta give him some credit, the filming was not bad ;D

Автор Jessica Davis (1 год)
is this movie about how they make that ranch dressing?

Автор Zettan Oo (2 года)

Автор Mary Feather (1 год)
my God ..people forgot how to speak now??what's next?the end of the
world??if u can't speak correctly don't speak at all..Jesus..look at the
first comment for Christ's sakes

Автор Damnationization (2 года)
Wow, I thought this was gonna show how they make there dressings. :)

Автор MrBahhh31 (2 года)

Автор thatsthe true (2 года)
gets raped at 0:45 ...

Автор kitkatpattywhack (2 года)
Was that the Traveling Gnome??? :-D

Автор hferral (2 года)
bad ass work !!!

Автор vlady678 (2 года)
esto es una mierda de video...

Автор Dylan Anderson (2 года)
im not gonna lie.... it was pretty good for a home made movie preview

Автор HerPerfect (2 года)
Me and my buddies have a term for these kinds of movies :) It's known as
the "45 Pence Production's" XD

Автор jimAYYE1 (2 года)
man solid effort on the camera angles bro

Автор ohitsmerenz (2 года)
@WordsForWise LOL >:)

Автор superpotatofruit (3 года)
hey dosent ranch dressing come from there?

Автор cyberlord64 (3 года)
0:28 this is how gandalf would look if he would have found tthe ring!

Автор insaneness (3 года)

Автор P O P culture (2 года)

Автор XuLiz367 (2 года)
wonder why so many dislikes >_> its a good vid no matter what. i like it
and well its just hm not thrilling enough. the guy with the old-man-mask
should have a scene were he takes it off and shows something more evil
under it. just an idea.

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