SansAmp - AIC attempt

This is the first of many SansAmp videos I'll be posting. It's nice to resurrect an old friend. In fact, give me a tonal challenge and I'll see if I can meet it with this SansAmp Classic Relic.

The settings you see before each clip are the ones used for that clip. The SansAmp was was connected directly to the computer. I put a little spring reverb on the track for some dimension.

A quick attempt at pulling an AIC sound as requested by a HC forum member. Listening to it back now I think a little less high mids for the solo part and perhaps a little more tops for the groove would have nearly done it. However, it's not a bad place to start your fine tuning.

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Автор Brett Kingman (7 месяцев)
Yep. Coming up shortly.

Автор cast390 (3 года)
I never knew this box sounded this good,great video thanks!!

Автор Santiago Tapia (4 года)
nice video dude... please can you do a video about kurt cobain´s settings
in his sans amp? Thanks a lot

Автор Kote Melivadze (7 месяцев)
can you make demo of sansamp gt2?

Автор lexist7 (4 года)
@treuzel i see. thanks!

Автор Kote Melivadze (7 месяцев)
Thx ;)

Автор josefrancisco6969 (4 года)
Nice video

Автор rowla (4 года)
Burgs, will the sansamp power headphones, or even sound any good through
them? I can't recall if it has a speaker simulator too?

Автор raquel1234ful (4 года)
@treuzel cobains wasnt recked up.

Автор lexist7 (4 года)
i really don't understand the concept of a relic pedal.

Автор 81giorikas (4 года)
I liked it very much but yes the treble in general need some fine tuning.
How's this pedal in front of an amp or into a power amp???

Автор hackerwacker4 (3 года)
@stereoloud may i have it???? lol

Автор skropomakos9 (2 года)
can i play man in the box with this?

Автор brandon9271 (3 года)
some how in 16 years of guitar player I've NEVER played thru a Sansamp!
I've been listening to tons of clips lately Classic, GT2, PSA 1.1, etc.
Holy crap! I want one! This might finally give me what I'm after,

Автор lexist7 (4 года)
lol. bit of a comedian too, Burgs? I still don't get why they would sell a
reliced pedal though.

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