Austin Moon (Ross Lynch) - Steal Your Heart [HD]

Austin Moon, played by Ross Lynch, sings his new song 'Steal Your Heart' from Disney Channel's hit show 'Austin & Ally' which aired on July 19th.

Watch 'Austin & Ally' on Disney Channel. Check local listings.

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Автор Trevonte Kendrick ( назад)
I love your music

Автор Laura dawson ( назад)

Автор Laura dawson ( назад)
lol voll cool😘😘😘😘😋😍😍😊

Автор karlyn chambers ( назад)
austin in this episode is so cute and how he writes this song about

Автор Absalom Tate ( назад)
Call me criminal! I won't deny it you make me want it all, everything you
are! So lock it up! Go on and try it! No matter what you do I'm gonna steal
your heart! 0:34 - 0:50

Автор Eddy Perez ( назад)
I love Roos linch

Автор Jessica Rollwagen ( назад)
leider is die serie vorbei

Автор Omariqbal vevo ( назад)

Автор Dari Ivanova Ivanova ( назад)
много ми харесаха всички

Автор Lovesweet Girl123 ( назад)
I like the song

Автор Junighter Hayes ( назад)
he love my sister ally my name is mia

Автор SC Begay ( назад)
I love you austin moon

Автор TheBlue Rose ( назад)
the judges face is just too much 4 me 2 handle

Автор Jersey Olson ( назад)
Why did Austin and ally end

Автор mariyah Davis ( назад)
I miss you ross lynch you still my heart

Автор Monet Carter ( назад)
I love this song very much and you Austin Moon

Автор Mathilda Colonge ( назад)

Автор NeXezZz ( назад)
Somebody know where i can find this jacket?

Автор Victoria Euler ( назад)
I love this show and song, and I am 18 years old.( Is this song really
about Ally)(Laura Marano)

Автор Roberto D Duarte ( назад)
Austin moon rocks

Автор Roberto D Duarte ( назад)
Austin moon rocks

Автор ‫יהודה סביש‬‎ ( назад)
איזה אלוף

Автор Brenda Lee ( назад)
asutin moon songs

Автор Tylizea Sanders ( назад)
this is old but which one u like I like him he cute lol lol ha

Автор north face ( назад)
I love you Austen <3 <3

Автор precious summers ( назад)
Cool i am seven Austin moon

Автор Ella Eco ( назад)
I feel old

Автор Tatjana Curic ( назад)
He is so cute😘❤💗💖💕💓💞

Автор Luciano Milad ( назад)
que hermosa que es la modelo esa de blanco ❤

Автор Annalena ( назад)
Staffel 2 and/und Folge/Episode?

Автор Jack Satterfield ( назад)
I like at video steal your heart

Автор Julija Jarc ( назад)
to je osm

Автор Samanta Zavala ( назад)

Автор Elizabeth Sobalvarro ( назад)
l love you

Автор Lisakhanya Mbotshelwa ( назад)
Ross Lynch is so gorgeous I love him to the moon and back. Love this show
so much♥

Автор Robyn McCaughey ( назад)
And the only girl he didn't look at was Ally...❤️ (I'm 17😂😂)

Автор Timiesha James ( назад)
No problem with this. It

Автор Beth OBrien ( назад)
LOVE you

Автор Beth OBrien ( назад)
I LOVE you too so cute

Автор Scarlet Jords ( назад)
we all thought it was for the other three girL WHILE IT WAS FOR ALLY HAH.


Автор Shana Williams ( назад)
I love it 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋😘 my daughter said

Автор Ava Baden ( назад)
Deez nuts

Автор Anthony Flores ( назад)
mix Austin moon Ross Lynch steal your heart he my boyfriend teen beach the
movie starring with Ross Lynch Brady

Автор Zeki Özaykan ( назад)

Автор Zeki Özaykan ( назад)
I love you ross

Автор Melissa De Erick Colón ( назад)
Cuánto extraño esta serie, para mí era la mejor Austin y Ally😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

Автор my mundo luna valente ( назад)
is m my foriter

Автор mafalda Sanfins ( назад)
what episode??

Автор sama muna ( назад)

Автор JAmari Harris ( назад)
I love

Автор Nauzchell Sellers ( назад)
i'm Steal Your Heart

Автор Nauzchell Sellers ( назад)
This my jam

Автор Shaq Darcell ( назад)
hey now baby my part

Автор Faby R5 dy atticus mitchell ( назад)
q sería tomarle la mano a ross??
yo me derrito en sus brazos

Автор aseret mora ( назад)
ross is very handsome xD

Автор Ali Najdi ( назад)
what is this episode called

Автор Fish Denniston ( назад)
Love this.

Автор elif cemre gulercan ( назад)
i listen this song again and again and i have never been bored

Автор KippsterPlayzMC ( назад)
i love this song!

Автор catherine austin and ally forever ( назад)
Το πρώτο τραγούδι που έγραψε ο Όστιν τον έκανε να τρέχει στα δικαστήρια....
Μπράβο, ίσος θα είναι καλύτερα να μην ξαναγράψει τραγούδι😄😄😄😄

Автор Ricardo OMG ( назад)
stel your hard

Автор Shadowcon 22 ( назад)
I was waiting for the teen beach movie

Автор Jennn__ ( назад)
And the Teen Beach timer in the corner XD

Автор Kyler Walden ( назад)
I know why did it end whyyyyyyy I am so mad and sad😠😠😠😠😣😣😣😣

Автор Kyler Walden ( назад)
I know he is so hot ❤❤❤❤💕💓💞💗👍👍👍love Ross lych

Автор Kyler Walden ( назад)
I am not over this ending too😣😣😣😣😣

Автор Kyler Walden ( назад)
this is kyler ant you are the best singer in the world love you

Автор Anthony Flores ( назад)
mix Austin moon Ross lynch steel your heart teen beach the movie starring
with Ross Lynch Brady

Автор Wanna Speak ( назад)
The hey now baby bit

Автор Lola Hans ( назад)
Austin loves ally

Автор Josie March ( назад)
dude I'm 24 and I still love this show shame it's over but songs will
always stick with me lol x

Автор Dorses Figuereo ( назад)
I can never stop this and just so seriously tell me about it

Автор Waild Ali ( назад)
it is nice

Автор Waild Ali ( назад)
it is nice

Автор Tracey Gombwe ( назад)
I like listening to steal your heart

Автор Claudia Bautista ( назад)
love this it is the best song that Austin and ally have wrote

Автор Igor Klimiont ( назад)
oh my god... the best... for ever.... and ever ......😍😍😍😍

Автор alaysha Glenn ( назад)
a good nsic

Автор Zafar Imran ( назад)
I'm 16 I don't care if you judge me I still like this show

Автор MendesArmy sz ( назад)
i miss Austin Moon so much :(

Автор Cleo Rojas ( назад)
esto es malo

Автор Jorden Silvera ( назад)
Bra Austin is so cool and fun and awesome

Автор xsupergirlxmusic ( назад)
I'm over here crying my eyes out. I loved Austin and ally so much and it
broke my heart when it ended. the memories😄

Автор jose luisis ( назад)
Austin Moon, played by Ross Lynch, sings his new song 'Steal Your Heart'
from Disney Channel's hit show 'Austin & Ally' which aired on July
19th.daady yankee rompe

Автор Dante Hernandez ( назад)
Hola. en. verdad. soy. una. niña. y. me. llamó. Julieta. y. les. pongo. me.
gusta. ^_^.....

Автор Astrid Nolasco ( назад)
Ross es lo maximo

Автор totalfangirl _12 ( назад)
Ugh Ross lynch sets my boyfriend expectations so high 😭😭

Автор Dollys Valencia ( назад)
yo quiero conocer a ostin mun

Автор ahreona johnson ( назад)
austin moon is a good Singer

Автор Gabi Paunescu ( назад)
E cea mai tare piesă

Автор Princess Princess ( назад)

Автор Alaysha Glenn ( назад)

Автор Alaysha Glenn ( назад)

Автор Mc Keney Charles ( назад)

Автор Mc Keney Charles ( назад)
i. love you guys

Автор ивена иванова ( назад)
много яка песен

Автор Laugh Out Liya ( назад)
The 1K that disliked this probably meant dis-I-like.

Автор Yara Maree ( назад)
how many girls does he

Автор LetsPlayWith RYLIE ( назад)
OMG the part with Kira Made Me Fall In Love With Him 😍👄

Автор Edriane Ramoran ( назад)
Ahh memories, I miss watching this show

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