King of the travellers Bartley Gorman

ok so i said I would upload this video even though i know there will be confusion and disputes about it :) Paddy ward is the king now- undisputed in my eyes. before him there was Joe Joyce and this man here Baretly Gorman. Joe Joyce is hated by many people on youtube but do not know him and like Bartley, there isnt any proper fights of them in their prime on youtube so do not judge them just by the videos. Both of these men believed they were king but it is being thought more and more that Bartley was pretty much the best BKB fighter ever. So take it as what you want, i am not saying who was and who wasnt king but i will say one thing, Paddy Doherty was never king of the travellers and he never claimed to be. Hes just known but is still a good fighter and like Bartley, respected by most

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Автор Thom B (21 час)
What a life.

Автор Rob Goldthorpe (1 месяц)
A true Gent from the days of respect and honour. "LEGEND"... 

Автор toolband1992 (2 месяца)
Amazing book! Incredible story! So recommend it. R.I.P. BG V... You were an
amazing fighter and incredible man.

Thanks again.


Автор catflap1919 (5 месяцев)
I came here to see if this guy sounds like Bane, i was highly

Автор dogsnoses (1 месяц)

Автор rally4th (4 месяца)
just my opinion but there are a couple of thousand travelers and millions
of Londoners... so if you're the guvner you have the respect of a lot more
people... ps read Bartleys book was a good read

Автор stitcha123 (3 месяца)
ell do it fara caravan!

Автор stitcha123 (3 месяца)
ok ok, to solve the mystery, bane's voice is similar to this in that accent
is fluid and changing - sometimes he sounds irish, sometimes he sounds
english, it slips here and there. 

Автор Chris66able (1 год)
Where , when ?

Автор antonio gambino (1 год)
Yes he did you fool he fought John Rooney an Irish traveller and that's dan
Rooney's brother!?and if there was any decent Irish travellers at that time
why didn't they offer Bartley out? Because they know they would of got

Автор Chris66able (11 месяцев)
Look told where, now your looking for excuses. Either put up or shut up !
I'll even travel to Manchester , city centre, take on you and any of your
shithouse mates !

Автор Chris66able (1 год)
Where, when ?

Автор Ben Wade (1 год)
is it true he fought a giant aligator in the sewer that was eating gypsie
people at night ????

Автор Paul Gordon (1 год)
what a gentelmen true ledgend may he R.I.P....BIG RESPECT..

Автор sadasdsadsadsadsa (7 месяцев)
similar to bane ,, NO

Автор MrTacktoe (1 год)
Bart fought no one of consequence from the Pavee community (aka irish
Travellers) He was one of the top men among the gypsies but not the
Travellers..the fact he beat none of the top men at the time is proof of

Автор MrTacktoe (1 год)
There doesn't seem to be one...so much money is at stake now that there are
many more training up to fight, causing all sorts of challenges and
claims..But one thing is there are not many fights arranged between the two
Traveller communities and even less between the Pavee and non-Traveller...

Автор Chris66able (1 год)
How come he hits that bag like a girl ?

Автор petal635 (11 месяцев)
So moving. Strange how you can miss someone you never met.

Автор MrSupertwo (1 год)
This is a serious man.

Автор bigbuddaful (11 месяцев)
Joe Joyce is the king of fuck all! He's an old man who can't take time has
caught up with him!!! Paddy doc would smash him and they are about same
age??? Please tell me if u disagree???

Автор antonio gambino (1 год)
Oh and John Rooney is an Irish traveller and Bartley beat him

Автор Sardodurro (1 год)
Are you a gypsy man? Do you know if Bartley fought at stow fair for 2hrs?

Автор THE FIGHT GURU (9 месяцев)
joshor123 liked your video but did not your description,but hey im only 1
man out of neary 8 billion

Автор DaSnail96 (1 год)
god rest his soul

Автор steveobalboa (5 месяцев)
he sure did. on the commentary to romeo brass he says so himself. does a
decent job of it aswell

Автор Sardodurro (1 год)

Автор tom Fairhurst (1 год)
more like anderson slva:)

Автор Shaun O'Neill (1 год)
Hi there I this man is a true legend, god bless him.

Автор angie back (9 месяцев)
nice singing mr

Автор Hughie McLeod (6 месяцев)
Mr Tacktoe ya big mettrica ya ! First of all Bartley is "ancestraly" a
pavee (Irish Traveller) His people along with others of his jeal like the
Fury's arrived in England after the turn of the century. Unlike other Irish
Traveller families, the Gorman's and the Fury's integrated with the English
Gypsies (Romanies) allready settled here. Hence why Bartley and Big John
Fury speak more like Romanies, who they generally spent more time with. So
he is refered to as the "King of the Gypsies"

Автор David Kebell (1 год)
hello, i'm actually from the UK, just to clarify. and jon jones would
annihilate this gypo

Автор Shadow Shadow (1 год)
old wive's tale, you crazy mofo

Автор Bradley Gray (9 месяцев)
Bartley Gorman was the main influence for Tom Hardys voice in The Dark
Knight Rises :)

Автор antonio gambino (1 год)
Like I said bartLEY was 45 at his brother SAMs funeral and jhon hit Bartley
whilst he was sat down then got beat real bad by bartley in the end!!also
Henry Francis who many considered the top man after bartley wel they fought
when Bartley was 51 and bartley was paralytic drunk!also dan Rooney,j
Joyce,cash wer alot younger than bartley and bartley was retiring when they
were around

Автор BuckStrickland19 (9 месяцев)
how the fuck did this guys voice influence Tom hardy while playing bane?

Автор meanmachinemash ravat (1 год)
p***y S**M......

Автор fawtz (7 месяцев)
If you listen carefully you can hear the gruff tone of banes voice when
Bartley speaks. Bartley is a champion of the underworld hence the bane
reference from Tom Hardy.

Автор James Warrior Groves (6 месяцев)

Автор gavin kavanagh (11 месяцев)
Were can I find the words to so.g sung at the start if video

Автор WatchAndGame (1 год)
Actually no. I think you can hear the little darker voice like bane's. If
you slow down the voice in this video you can hear it better maybe, because
bane spoke slower than this guy.

Автор Olgha Nk (1 год)
Hmm i now get why he was Tom Hardy's inspiration for "Bane"!!

Автор Chris66able (11 месяцев)
What happened to you ripping my head off ! You are full of shit ! Like I
commented earlier non of you keyboard hard men on here will, or ever would
stand and fight like a man. Just like all the gypos, they spout how hard
they are, but they are just like you. You spineless little toad !

Автор callum potter (11 месяцев)
Just on the book king of the gypsy s ATM and Bartley was an amazing man

Автор Sardodurro (11 месяцев)
Haha bring it you fucking spouse cunt ...

Автор rexoid0800 (1 год)
if you remember the original voice was changed in the movie because
american test audience couldn't understand it

Автор Scotty joyce (1 год)
jon jones would be running around in a circle backing away like a bitch
while bartley stalks him. Bartley is tough as fuck so he would take all
jones punches and if he lands one jon jones is FUCKED ! stick to mma kid
you obviously know nothing about bareknuckle fighting

Автор Hughie McLeod (6 месяцев)
And not Travellers. You are also forgetting about Blondie Simon Docherty,
who was considered by some to be the top pavee in Bartley's prime. Bartley
went to duchy road in Manchester (Paddy Doherty's site) and challenged out
the site ! However Simon wasn't there ! It is not Bartley's fault he wasn't
there ! He was prepared to fight him, just like he was anyone who came
along ! Dan Rooney, Joe Joyce, Aney Mcginley, Michael Cash, Paddy Doherty
etc all came later when Bartley was getting older,

Автор David Kebell (1 год)
jon jones is a celebrity because hes so hard. the only reason 99% of people
know about barty gormless is because of bane

Автор Kevin Fitzgerald (1 год)
Great book and free on I books

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