King of the travellers Bartley Gorman

ok so i said I would upload this video even though i know there will be confusion and disputes about it :) Paddy ward is the king now- undisputed in my eyes. before him there was Joe Joyce and this man here Baretly Gorman. Joe Joyce is hated by many people on youtube but do not know him and like Bartley, there isnt any proper fights of them in their prime on youtube so do not judge them just by the videos. Both of these men believed they were king but it is being thought more and more that Bartley was pretty much the best BKB fighter ever. So take it as what you want, i am not saying who was and who wasnt king but i will say one thing, Paddy Doherty was never king of the travellers and he never claimed to be. Hes just known but is still a good fighter and like Bartley, respected by most

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Автор Stuart Cole ( назад)
Mick hucnels dad lol

Автор Γιωργος Γιωργου ( назад)
thats some heavy hands on the bag

Автор tincan tincan ( назад)
the governor lenny mcclean is the only bare knuckle CHAMP he would make mincemeat of these guys. in less then 45secs

Автор steve eustace ( назад)
he was not unbeaten my mate Taffy Fletcher fought him for 40 minutes and lost with 6 broken rib so his brother came up from Leinster and put Bartley down in 4.

Автор Olibersyko ( назад)
King? LOL! Borat would kill this gypsy.

Автор The Chemo Treatment ( назад)
Tell me, Why Does He Wear The Hoodie?

Автор bill carry ( назад)
Lotta Europeans in these comments

Автор bill carry ( назад)
Lotta Europeans in these comments

Автор Alexander Brown ( назад)
came here to see if this guy sounds like Bane, i was highly disappointed. [2]

Автор paul kelly ( назад)
Good voice on him

Автор Jim Thorn ( назад)
Gunnery Sgt Highway of force recon USMC would lose to this true gent

Автор tony pointon ( назад)
The Real Deal !

Автор factnotfictionpeople ( назад)
Ignoring the racist and hateful replies that I'll probably get, can I just ask this question: Are this 'kind' of Gypsy and 'Travellers' the same 'breed?'

Автор Paul Reed ( назад)
Bartley Gorman should be in the dictionary as the definition of a gentleman. He is definitely a dying breed. Rest in Peace bartley x

Автор DREWY STYLA ( назад)
a fascinating insight, made by Shane Meadows who also directed Dead Man's Shoes, This Is England and the Stone Roses comeback film. Thanks for uploading, this is far more interesting than the shoddy call-out gypsy fight videos that are all over YouTube nowadays. Mr.Gorman speaks wisely as an honourable Gentleman and may I compliment his beautiful Daughter for her glorious hair.

Автор Brian Ward ( назад)
what song is that he was singing

Автор Max Davis ( назад)
Gorman not pretty but ALL man... wired for doing two things well... kick men's ass and sire sons... full repect for his manly prowess here

Автор Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight ( назад)
one punch from him,and my ribs would be gone lol

Автор Mike Gorman ( назад)
love for old king.. ledgend

Автор Chris Coleman ( назад)
ide like to know how many kings the gypsies have actually got??..there bout 20 odd laying claim to being the "king"

Автор john k ( назад)
hard man and a gentleman and looks after his own ,not like the arseholes I know.

Автор James O'Morain ( назад)
Fucking scum, gas them all

Автор Floyd Mayweather ( назад)
You can tell he's got fury in him check out his voice

Автор Gemma Summers ( назад)
His book is a great read it really is. A true gentleman you just don't get this kind of men anymore.

Автор XxStoneCold316xX ( назад)
Read his book King of The Gypsies & a good read it is👍

Автор Tomas O'Se ( назад)
CFight me instead ,I don't know you but I bet your part of he ECTG huh???? The English computer tough guy!!!!! I guarantee by you saying that I will fight you and we can tape it and then you can talk about the fight, damn all you English pricks got a hard on for everything and anything Irish......literally go to any YouTube Irish video about anything and there is English computer tough guys talking shit like you lol wow sad lol

Автор T OSULLIVAN ( назад)
Ppl talking bout style... Them days wast about style straight bang for bang

Автор grungesoundsgood ( назад)
Such a fascinating story, i'm gonna have to buy the book.

Автор James Connoley ( назад)
golgotha shut the fuck up you melt

Автор golgotha9622 ( назад)
Not impressed, just another bag of wind bigging himself up.
I'd fight him and knock him spark out.

Автор diaz carmen ( назад)

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Randy bobandee holding the heavy bag

Автор Stanley Jones ( назад)
Paddy Doherty is the king now!

Автор Mr Hollywood ( назад)
little nath's gotta fit aunty.
you couldnt dislike Bartly from watching this video, just a nice respectful fella telling it how it was

Автор jim cragg ( назад)
I am no Gypsy, or a pretended hard man, my uncial married a Gypsy girl I was young but I can remember how stunning these girls were, and fibey who my uncial married was so good looking I can remember her picking me up, and giving me a kiss which I will always remember, but this man Bartley I could listen to him sing all day, he seems a great guy hard when he needs to be / but also kind and sort of soft if you see what I mean, soft as with the little one's and Family always comes first, what more can you ask for, shame he died, but I hope his kindness rubbed  of on many a Gypsy. jim

Автор alreadythere1993 ( назад)
it baffles me why shane meadows never made a full length version of this , i know there was talk of a film but i dont think many people would of been bothered , if he made a 2 hour doc about his life from the start to his death if could of been one of the greatest docs of all time, maybe the lack of actual footage of bartley was the reason, shame

Автор Andrew Morley ( назад)
lost for words, respect

Автор T.L. Blackburn ( назад)
Maybe this guy should fight Nate Diaz. He couldn't do any worse on the ground!

Автор Senor limpio ( назад)
i`d rather be a paki than a gypo

Автор mucker gee ( назад)
i hate fookin pikey's.... kaka chaveys all

Автор charlie foggie ( назад)
by the sounds of it this guy had it all, brains brawn and a beautiful voice. rest in peace

Автор charlie foggie ( назад)
what's the song he's singing?

Автор Johnny Fartpants ( назад)
Rest in peace Bartley.

Автор feer deeed ( назад)
rip king

Автор Mark Davies ( назад)
whats the song he sings??

Автор BEDFORD303 ( назад)
copacetic, ha keyboard warrior hiding behind your screen, put ya details up, share I could find a 6ft deep hole just rite for you

Автор Rhino 66 ( назад)
Good old English gypsy. All gypsies and travellers should try take a leaf out of this mans books. Proper morals

Автор Brandon Lane ( назад)
I have a 139 IQ Travelers are some of the smartest kindest people on earth and have way more common sense than you REF gawjas.

Автор Brandon Lane ( назад)
+Copacetic You're a disgrace an untold amount of Traveler's died in the Holocaust if you was here I'd show you what an undefeated English Traveler could do to you in less than ten seconds. Coward

Автор shay brennan ( назад)
bartley v lenny what happened there/

Автор shay brennan ( назад)
king of the gypos farce non of them can really fight

Автор Britannia ( назад)
His technique is terrible. He legs are square on instead of one leg infront. He punches with his arms instead of his full body. Does turn his waist when he punches.

Автор simon Grinham ( назад)
sonny boyo your a cunting idiot

Автор John Rosbotham ( назад)
very loyal traditional family man respect to him

Автор thickterranarmor ( назад)
He's a big guy.

Автор MrChillin65 ( назад)
Close friend of two twins who once ruled london ile have you know.

Автор joaquinbond007 ( назад)
Just watching him go to work on that punchbag...age 51...there is no doubt he was really hard man. But I honestly don't believe he'd be able to do Shaw or McLean. It's a shame there isn't any videos of him fighting.

Автор Lynette Cuffy ( назад)
hardest and best gypsy man der every was.

Автор Lenny Mclean ( назад)
Bartley was a real fine chap who could certainly use his mitts ...Joshor do you know where this was filmed ? Do you have any contact with Bartley's daughter Maria ?

Автор Millie Mac ( назад)
Mark Stephens hope u win it fight stay strong they can do more now a days Hope u recover m8

Автор Millie Mac ( назад)
Would he have beaten the bull Adams ? Former king of the gypsys Respect. Bartley. R I p

Автор ME GEOGHEGAN ( назад)
I've read one of his books,proper hard man

Автор Zak Marks ( назад)
He's the only intelligent Gypsie that ever lived.

Автор SlickWilly ( назад)
This guy was a solid human being all around. I just can't see how Tom Hardy used gorman's as an inspiration for bane's voice. But I do wonder if Brad Pitt's character Mickey in the movie Snatch was inspired by him.

Автор Philip Licinio ( назад)
Bartley Gormans book is incredible..such a good read! Captures the decades of his time as a fighter so well!! Big respect BG...RIP!

Автор christopher serna ( назад)
Visit one american prison everyone's a Bartley Gorton

Автор steph chapman ( назад)
Did he ever fight Hughey Burton?

Автор mark stephens ( назад)
many tthanks for the inspiration Mr. Gorman you remind me of my grandfather a strong  man of spirit and the sword -  I currently have a fight against cancer and your display of strength, will, dignity and humility will aid me on my journey however that may end - best of the morning to you Sir.

Автор TFury93 ( назад)
Proud to be a Fury!

Автор FamasFTW98 ( назад)
song is raggle taggle gypsyo

Автор Con-z Daly ( назад)
Who knows the song hes singing ?

Автор helen williams ( назад)
This man was a gentlman hope I meet u in heaven ur a legand met shaun good few times dana shrewsbury spend good time met him newtoxetor also good people happy new year to you all

Автор sonny boyo ( назад)
What a joke this Bartley Gorman is. He must think everyone is as stupid as he is.Pro Boxers fight with gloves on, they wear gloves, not to protect their opponents face. But to protect their hands. if a boxer was to punch his opponent on the head, with his bare knuckles, that boxer would break every bone in his hand. He would then never ever be able to fight again. He would never be able to punch again. These clowns are bluffers. Bartley Gorman, Roy Shaw, Lenny McLean and Co have never been in a gymnasium in their lives. they are nothing but a bunch of braggarts.

Автор John Hegarty ( назад)
Big joe would break him up in a matter of about 4 minutes lol!!!

Автор Ahle e sunnah wal jammah ( назад)
Tough man

Автор WACO Glider Man ( назад)
You fucking limey's are hilarious with what you think is actually tough lol

Автор Rockunstank ( назад)
and he's a great singer as well!

Автор Leelee (1650 лет назад)
For those looking for the voice of Bane, you won't fight it. Tom Hardy wasn't doing a straight up impersonation of this guy, merely his accent.

Автор ayeyotray2 ( назад)
ROFL 4:30 for gypsie Randy Bobandie!

Автор sam bird ( назад)
What is the song called he is singing ??

Автор T B ( назад)
What a life.

Автор Rob Goldthorpe ( назад)
A true Gent from the days of respect and honour. "LEGEND"... 

Автор dogsnoses ( назад)

Автор toolband1992 ( назад)
Amazing book! Incredible story! So recommend it. R.I.P. BG V... You were an amazing fighter and incredible man.

Thanks again.


Автор stitcha123 ( назад)
ok ok, to solve the mystery, bane's voice is similar to this in that accent is fluid and changing - sometimes he sounds irish, sometimes he sounds english, it slips here and there. 

Автор stitcha123 ( назад)
ell do it fara caravan!

Автор rally4th ( назад)
just my opinion but there are a couple of thousand travelers and millions of Londoners... so if you're the guvner you have the respect of a lot more people... ps read Bartleys book was a good read

Автор catflap1919 ( назад)
I came here to see if this guy sounds like Bane, i was highly disappointed. 

Автор steveobalboa ( назад)
he sure did. on the commentary to romeo brass he says so himself. does a decent job of it aswell

Автор Edward Davis Films ( назад)
I don't know but tell me Paddy Considine didn't base his voice in A Room for Romeo Brass on it.

Автор Declan H ( назад)
i can hear it

Автор St James Groves ( назад)

Автор fawtz ( назад)
If you listen carefully you can hear the gruff tone of banes voice when Bartley speaks.
Bartley is a champion of the underworld hence the bane reference from Tom Hardy.

Автор Bob Marley ( назад)
irish travelers are all wrong uns and grasses

Автор Bob Marley ( назад)
English travelers are made of better stuff than the irish knackers who rob old people and rob eachother

Автор Handsdown09 ( назад)
It is really obvious how it did....

Автор sadasdsadsadsadsa ( назад)
similar to bane ,, NO

Автор slimithy12 ( назад)
Hard as a coffin nail! I do think that a lot of those American Heavy weights of his era (Ali, Holms, Frazier and Forman) would probably out skill him and beat him in an official ring under Queensbury rules but in a field in England?....Not a fucking chance.

Автор TheFight Guru ( назад)
joshor123 liked your video but did not your description,but hey im only 1 man out of neary 8 billion

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