King of the travellers Bartley Gorman

ok so i said I would upload this video even though i know there will be confusion and disputes about it :) Paddy ward is the king now- undisputed in my eyes. before him there was Joe Joyce and this man here Baretly Gorman. Joe Joyce is hated by many people on youtube but do not know him and like Bartley, there isnt any proper fights of them in their prime on youtube so do not judge them just by the videos. Both of these men believed they were king but it is being thought more and more that Bartley was pretty much the best BKB fighter ever. So take it as what you want, i am not saying who was and who wasnt king but i will say one thing, Paddy Doherty was never king of the travellers and he never claimed to be. Hes just known but is still a good fighter and like Bartley, respected by most

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Автор SlickWilly ( назад)
This guy was a solid human being all around. I just can't see how Tom Hardy
used gorman's as an inspiration for bane's voice. But I do wonder if Brad
Pitt's character Mickey in the movie Snatch was inspired by him.

Автор Philip Licinio ( назад)
Bartley Gormans book is incredible..such a good read! Captures the decades
of his time as a fighter so well!! Big respect BG...RIP!

Автор chris house ( назад)
Wish there was footage of his fights.

Автор christopher serna ( назад)
Visit one american prison everyone's a Bartley Gorton 

Автор steph chapman ( назад)
Did he ever fight Hughey Burton? 

Автор mark stephens ( назад)
many tthanks for the inspiration Mr. Gorman you remind me of my grandfather
a strong man of spirit and the sword - I currently have a fight against
cancer and your display of strength, will, dignity and humility will aid me
on my journey however that may end - best of the morning to you Sir.

Автор TFury93 ( назад)
Proud to be a Fury!

Автор FamasFTW98 ( назад)
song is raggle taggle gypsyo

Автор Con-z Daly ( назад)
Who knows the song hes singing ?

Автор helen williams ( назад)
This man was a gentlman hope I meet u in heaven ur a legand met shaun good
few times dana shrewsbury spend good time met him newtoxetor also good
people happy new year to you all

Автор achieving consciousness ( назад)

Автор sonny boyo ( назад)
What a joke this Bartley Gorman is. He must think everyone is as stupid as
he is.Pro Boxers fight with gloves on, they wear gloves, not to protect
their opponents face. But to protect their hands. if a boxer was to punch
his opponent on the head, with his bare knuckles, that boxer would break
every bone in his hand. He would then never ever be able to fight again. He
would never be able to punch again. These clowns are bluffers. Bartley
Gorman, Roy Shaw, Lenny McLean and Co have never been in a gymnasium in
their lives. they are nothing but a bunch of braggarts.

Автор John Hegarty ( назад)
Big joe would break him up in a matter of about 4 minutes lol!!!

Автор Ahle e sunnah wal jammah ( назад)
Tough man 

Автор WACO Glider Man ( назад)
You fucking limey's are hilarious with what you think is actually tough lol

Автор Rockunstank ( назад)
and he's a great singer as well!

Автор Leelee (1648 лет назад)
For those looking for the voice of Bane, you won't fight it. Tom Hardy
wasn't doing a straight up impersonation of this guy, merely his accent.

Автор ayeyotray2 ( назад)
ROFL 4:30 for gypsie Randy Bobandie!

Автор sam bird ( назад)
What is the song called he is singing ??

Автор Thom B ( назад)
What a life.

Автор Rob Goldthorpe ( назад)
A true Gent from the days of respect and honour. "LEGEND"... 

Автор dogsnoses ( назад)

Автор toolband1992 ( назад)
Amazing book! Incredible story! So recommend it. R.I.P. BG V... You were an
amazing fighter and incredible man.

Thanks again.


Автор stitcha123 ( назад)
ok ok, to solve the mystery, bane's voice is similar to this in that accent
is fluid and changing - sometimes he sounds irish, sometimes he sounds
english, it slips here and there. 

Автор stitcha123 ( назад)
ell do it fara caravan!

Автор rally4th ( назад)
just my opinion but there are a couple of thousand travelers and millions
of Londoners... so if you're the guvner you have the respect of a lot more
people... ps read Bartleys book was a good read

Автор catflap1919 ( назад)
I came here to see if this guy sounds like Bane, i was highly

Автор steveobalboa ( назад)
he sure did. on the commentary to romeo brass he says so himself. does a
decent job of it aswell

Автор Edward Davis Films ( назад)
I don't know but tell me Paddy Considine didn't base his voice in A Room
for Romeo Brass on it.

Автор Declan H ( назад)
i can hear it

Автор St James Warrior ( назад)

Автор fawtz ( назад)
If you listen carefully you can hear the gruff tone of banes voice when
Bartley speaks. Bartley is a champion of the underworld hence the bane
reference from Tom Hardy.

Автор Bob Marley ( назад)
irish travelers are all wrong uns and grasses

Автор Bob Marley ( назад)
English travelers are made of better stuff than the irish knackers who rob
old people and rob eachother

Автор Handsdown09 ( назад)
It is really obvious how it did....

Автор sadasdsadsadsadsa ( назад)
similar to bane ,, NO

Автор slimithy12 ( назад)
Hard as a coffin nail! I do think that a lot of those American Heavy
weights of his era (Ali, Holms, Frazier and Forman) would probably out
skill him and beat him in an official ring under Queensbury rules but in a
field in England?....Not a fucking chance.

Автор Helios601 ( назад)
I think that lot would most likely have gotten tired out, it would suit
Lenny with no rules tbh, just standing and trading, I have Gorman beating
them all.

Автор CrazyEddi3 ( назад)
Can you not hear it?

Автор TheFight Guru ( назад)
joshor123 liked your video but did not your description,but hey im only 1
man out of neary 8 billion

Автор TheFight Guru ( назад)
bartleys book is a masterpiece,i felt privilege reading it...all these so
called londan hard men lenny mclean,roy shaw,bronson etc would of not stood
a chance & I don't mean any disrespect

Автор angie back ( назад)
nice singing mr

Автор pachecoking100 . ( назад)
Sounds nothing like Bane

Автор BuckStrickland19 ( назад)
how the fuck did this guys voice influence Tom hardy while playing bane?

Автор Bradley Gray ( назад)
Bartley Gorman was the main influence for Tom Hardys voice in The Dark
Knight Rises :)

Автор TheUnseenWorlds ( назад)
They are not gypsys they are lousy pikies or diddies there is a big
difference between genuine gypsys and those who have hijacked the title of
"gypsy" thinking it gives them a free ticket to do as they please
unmolested. Unfortunately they are all lumped unfairly into one

Автор nuff sed ( назад)
gypos spoil so many good nights out

Автор Cion O'Callaghan ( назад)
I think he is singing a version of the 'Raggle Taggle gypsie', an old Irish
folk song.

Автор gavin kavanagh ( назад)
Were can I find the words to so.g sung at the start if video

Автор XxSAVE TRICKSxX ( назад)
Just on the book king of the gypsy s ATM and Bartley was an amazing man

Автор bigbuddaful ( назад)
Joe Joyce is the king of fuck all! He's an old man who can't take time has
caught up with him!!! Paddy doc would smash him and they are about same
age??? Please tell me if u disagree???

Автор bigbuddaful ( назад)
Have u fought James Quinn o'donald???? He would bash u? I've never knew
Bartley Gorman had any other fighting sons?????

Автор Chris66able ( назад)
It just shows how pathetic you are , insulting my mother ! Last time I
heard or saw anything like that was from a teenager ! BTW all the Gypos, I
have ever met or heard about would kill you for insulting their Mums. You
sad, sad , sad little , small minded Manc.

Автор Chris66able ( назад)
What happened to you ripping my head off ! You are full of shit ! Like I
commented earlier non of you keyboard hard men on here will, or ever would
stand and fight like a man. Just like all the gypos, they spout how hard
they are, but they are just like you. You spineless little toad !

Автор Chris66able ( назад)
You really are a pathetic little shithouse. You harp on about how hard you
are, writing shit like " I'll fight ya", " bring it on you scouse cunt ",
and "any time any where ", but you are just a sad little excuse for a man ,
hiding behind your keyboard.

Автор Chris66able ( назад)
Bring them ! Where and when ? AGAIN ! ! !

Автор Chris66able ( назад)
SPOUSE ? Where and when ? I'll be on my own, you bring as many as you can !
Keyboard hard case !

Автор Chris66able ( назад)
Look told where, now your looking for excuses. Either put up or shut up !
I'll even travel to Manchester , city centre, take on you and any of your
shithouse mates !

Автор Chris66able ( назад)
Stanley Vaults, King St., Wallasey.. When ever you want !

Автор Chris66able ( назад)
Where , when ?

Автор Chris66able ( назад)

Автор eamon banton ( назад)
jaws ward ,

Автор Chris66able ( назад)
Funny that, every time I offer these internet hard cases, OR gypos a 1 on 1
fight, they turn tail, run and hide. They all spout on how hard they are,
especially the pikies and yet they shit themselves if a genuine fighter
challenges them. ALL gypos are thieving , child battering scum. Where ever
they move to the crime rate soars, especially burglary ! That is no
coincidence ! ! !

Автор Chris66able ( назад)
Oooooh You want to meet a tough man ehhh, nudge, nudge, wink , wink !

Автор Chris66able ( назад)
Have done many, many times and never found a Gypo who will fight me ! And
as for being a dole dosser, I am a successful business man ! I Challenge
any Gypo to fight me , any time , any where ! How about you , you tit

Автор Chris66able ( назад)
I know : )

Автор Chris66able ( назад)
Does King of the Gypos also mean King of house burglars, King of thieves,
King of child batterers, and King of in breeding ! Or just king of
shithouses !

Автор Chris66able ( назад)
Been busy for a while, but back now, where and when ?

Автор hustleandsnow ( назад)

Автор SuperBoogley ( назад)
i think people shouting kill him during the fight were neanderthals lenny
and bartley were both hard as nails on the cobbles

Автор Kevin Fitzgerald ( назад)
Great book and free on I books

Автор Red Rum ( назад)
Yeah, it's a defo worth reading. My fav is Geoff Thompson's Watch My Back,
though more so the original release.

Автор TheWWE82 ( назад)
When England is... ashes... then you have my permission to die.

Автор Antipodean33 ( назад)
I never saw this man fight, but i've known hundreds of genuine tough men
and i can tell that this man would've been one genuine tough man. He fights
for honour and respect of his family and men who fight for that reason
alone are the real deal

Автор matwil123456 ( назад)
As i said..........never lost a BARE KNUCKLE FIGHT OR STREET FIGHT, lenny
admitted he wasn't the best boxer and was in the ring for the money

Автор Gary Turnball ( назад)
Roy shaw and McLean were thugs, thieves and bullies. Gorman was not. He was
a true fighter with principles, honour, respect and not a thug.........

Автор Paul Gordon ( назад)
what a gentelmen true ledgend may he R.I.P....BIG RESPECT..

Автор Steven MacGill ( назад)
He died 10 years ago...RIP

Автор dangerousslave ( назад)
Sounds like the man has a good soul, its time for him to enjoy his family
and leave the fighting for the young.

Автор rexoid0800 ( назад)
if you remember the original voice was changed in the movie because
american test audience couldn't understand it

Автор MrTacktoe ( назад)
There doesn't seem to be one...so much money is at stake now that there are
many more training up to fight, causing all sorts of challenges and
claims..But one thing is there are not many fights arranged between the two
Traveller communities and even less between the Pavee and non-Traveller...

Автор antonio gambino ( назад)
The truth is no 1 wanted to fight bartley he went round to traveller sites
and offered men out!he was a feared man to fight in gypsy community!he
claimed the title of eng scot and Wales and ire and no1 wanted to fight
him!thats the truth!its not like boxing at all!you can't just cause trouble
by wanted to fight allthe Irish because families get involved!eg what
happend at Doncaster because they couldn't touch Bartley they ganged up!

Автор antonio gambino ( назад)
Like I said bartLEY was 45 at his brother SAMs funeral and jhon hit Bartley
whilst he was sat down then got beat real bad by bartley in the end!!also
Henry Francis who many considered the top man after bartley wel they fought
when Bartley was 51 and bartley was paralytic drunk!also dan Rooney,j
Joyce,cash wer alot younger than bartley and bartley was retiring when they
were around

Автор MrTacktoe ( назад)
There were many among the Traveller he didn't fight. Snick Kiely...Big Joe
Joyce..Dan Rooney..Michael Cash.. just to mention four...Yet these guys
fought each other more than once. The only Pavee (Irish Traveller) Bart
fought was Johnny Rooney who wasn't in the top 100 of Pavee fighters. Many
Challenges are issued ( as with professional boxing) but until they are
fought there is no king...Bart beat most o the top Gypsies but he never
fought a top Pavee.

Автор MrTacktoe ( назад)
Bart fought no one of consequence from the Pavee community (aka irish
Travellers) He was one of the top men among the gypsies but not the
Travellers..the fact he beat none of the top men at the time is proof of

Автор Shaun O'Neill ( назад)
Hi there I this man is a true legend, god bless him.

Автор Matthew Csure ( назад)
Yes, Fields knocked him out twice (neither mentioned in his autobiography.)

Автор Matthew Csure ( назад)
He lost to Cliff Fields twice, the true Guvnor.

Автор meanmachinemash ravat ( назад)
p***y S**M......

Автор MrSupertwo ( назад)
This is a serious man.

Автор antonio gambino ( назад)
Paddy doherty?? U for real ? Bartley was 45 years old when danny Rooney was
in his prime and joe Joyce!listen bartley never backed down from a fight
ever and he offered men out were ever he went put leaflets out at fairs ect
Doncaster challenging every gypsy man and no1 would fight him!what u tryna
say bartley avoided Irish travellers!!!bartley wouldn't of cared for jack
jhonson or John l Sullivan

Автор Mistafixa101 ( назад)
not king of much so

Автор MrTacktoe ( назад)
No need for the fool epithet is there? With all due respect John isn't the
best or even in the top 100 of Pavee Fighters is he? Now if Bart had fought
Dan then there might of been something to boast about...or Big Joe Joyce or
Snicky Kiely, or Barney Mcginley, Paddy Doherty and Kojack ..etc etc. This
never happened and there are reasons why such things dont happen to often.
He never fought anyone of note within the Pavee hierarchy and that is

Автор antonio gambino ( назад)
Yes he did you fool he fought John Rooney an Irish traveller and that's dan
Rooney's brother!?and if there was any decent Irish travellers at that time
why didn't they offer Bartley out? Because they know they would of got

Автор MrTacktoe ( назад)
It doesn't work that way does it! offering to fight everybody doesn't get
to everybody. He NEVER fought any irish Traveller and that wasn't by
accident. He may be king of the Gypsies but he wasn't king of the Travellers

Автор antonio gambino ( назад)
Oh and John Rooney is an Irish traveller and Bartley beat him

Автор antonio gambino ( назад)
He offered everyone out in eng scot Ireland and Wales no1 took him on plus
going to Doncaster and stripped to the waste offering every1 out .. Takes

Автор MrTacktoe ( назад)
BG may of been king of the Gypsies but he wasn't king of the
Travellers..which Irish Travellers did he ever beat?

Автор Nigel Whelan ( назад)
Agreed. Check out Paddy Considine's character in "A room for Romeo Brass",
it's essentially an impression if Bartley's voice!

Автор antonio gambino ( назад)
Your a fucking scumbag !you gobshite...

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