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Das Engelandlied
Hermann Löns, deutscher Journalist und Schriftsteller.
* 29. August 1866 in Culm bei Bromberg in Westpreußen,
† 26. September 1914 bei Loivre in der Nähe von Reims,

1. Heute wollen wir ein Liedlein singen,
Trinken wollen wir den kühlen Wein
Und die Gläser sollen dazu klingen,
Denn es muß, es muß geschieden sein.

Gib' mir deine Hand, deine weiße Hand,
Leb' wohl, mein Schatz, leb' wohl mein
Leb' wohl, lebe wohl
Denn wir fahren, denn wir fahren,
Denn wir fahren gegen Engeland, Engeland.

2. Unsre Flagge und die wehet auf dem Maste,
Sie verkündet unsres Reiches Macht,
Denn wir wollen es nicht länger leiden,
Daß der Englischmann darüber lacht.

3. Kommt die Kunde, daß ich bin gefallen,
Daß ich schlafe in der Meeresflut,
Weine nicht um mich, mein Schatz, und denke:
Für das Vaterland da floß sein Blut.

Es darf nicht ohne meine Erlaubniss kopiert werden.

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Автор Martin Aracon ( назад)
W h y d o t h e y t e l l u s t o f i g h t a g a i n s t GERMANY??? - at
the other hand: This is the best version of this smash-hit from Germanys
propganda machine!

Автор manuelkong10 ( назад)
Wir Fahren Gegen Engeland!

Автор Matthew Pribble ( назад)
Those of you saying hellsing/Rip van winkle brought you here, let me say
she didn't sing Das engelandlied. She sang a song called Derfreichutz by

Автор arpiszan ( назад)
This is now getting more and more popular after the Brexit

Автор Sammy Whiteley ( назад)
I'm listening to this while boarding the flight to my vacation in England

Автор mikesavio66 ( назад)
"Friends...I. Love. WAR!"

Автор Hatsune Minku ( назад)
I can't stop singing this in Rip's dub voice xD

Автор satan abomination ( назад)

Автор oni thien ( назад)
ferme la a tout jamais,c et pas une chanson nazi m et bien allemande rien a

Автор linda gehringer ( назад)
I only know this because of Hellsing. 😂

Автор Potato Hank ( назад)
Dies ist die beste Version iv'e gehört , so klar.

Автор Addsmartpunhere ( назад)
I love how everybody thinks this is a Nazi song.

Автор IULIAN POPESCU ( назад)
in timpul razboiului l-am cantat in cor cu cuvinte romanesti "Vrem
Ardealul" popescu iulian

Автор TheMonzon ( назад)
rip van winkle
rest un peace

Автор Fantasy_Raver ( назад)
Germany... Why did you have to be evil? We only wanted to share your beer
and bratwurst.

Автор KilroyTheGreat ( назад)
"Send up ze beacon! Our signal fire of defiance! Announcing our grand
return to zis mortal world!"

Автор gromaniak16 ( назад)
Hellsing brought me here.

Автор kittykittyey ( назад)
the french souldn't exist in the Internet! XD because the internet is a
tool for me to learn and practice the english ^-^ 

Автор TeaRules ( назад)
would it get you into legal trouble to hum songs like this, or any song
from WWII in public? Because ever since I heard this song I can't stop
humming it. -_-;

Автор Alex Salinas ( назад)
Et apparemment, votre langue maternelle est le français. Et oui, j'ai
utilisé un traducteur

Автор kittykittyey ( назад)
Lucky you! Spanish is your maternal language! You don't have to learn it!
XD don't worry about the english!it was a big problem for me too maybe 5 or
4 years ago! Thanks to the internet, I get bored in every single english
class: too easy -.- XD

Автор Alex Salinas ( назад)
I tell you somthing, i from Argentina and the inglish is my most big
problem jaja

Автор kittykittyey ( назад)
Not really I suck in spanish XD it's my 4th year and I'm still crying at
every single spanish class! XD

Автор Alex Salinas ( назад)
yo hablo español ¿Eso ayuda?

Автор passsiero ( назад)
Well, you can choose at the 6th grade if you want to learn French, but not
every School does it

Автор kittykittyey ( назад)
Not even French or Italiano? 0.0 Or Spanish?

Автор J.R ( назад)
es mejor interpretada por Rip van winkle

Автор passsiero ( назад)
Oh man, we learn in School English and German .. I don't get why! :D Every
Country around us can speak german, but we're can't speak their languages
.. Thats Awkward xD

Автор DasNeueFeuer ( назад)
I understood everything you just said, but I can read German, however, not
write it or talk so good xD Learned it in school ;)

Автор passsiero ( назад)
I know :D Hmm .. Let's see .. Du kommst also aus Dänemark, wie viel Deutsch
verstehst du denn? Nur ein wenig, oder recht viel? :D Lernt ihr deutsch in
der Schule, oder hast du dir das selbst beigebracht? :)

Автор DasNeueFeuer ( назад)
I'm actually from Denmark so I can understand waaaay more than just those
few words you meantioned :D But yeah, the German words you did mention are
really close to English. Kindergarten basically derived DIRECTLY from
German - didn't even derive, it's just the same thing!

Автор passsiero ( назад)
Oh sorry, my fault I mean Millions .. Not Billions. What do you mean with
Propaganda the last 65 Years? Here in Germany is no Propagada xD

Автор Ronald Jo ( назад)
Please, God forgive him - he has no feeling for Billions, Millions and
Milliarden ! A Billion (american counting) is in Europe a Milliarde. He
thinks that in the WW2 was killing 80 Millarden? And in Germany most of the
People stupid about the History and big Propaganda the last 65Years.
Greetings from TelAviv and the old communists 

Автор NS ( назад)
Right i'm not disputing that Germany got put in a whole worse situation
but: how did it come to that? When Hitler didn't declare war on anyone...
That video is full of facts, really you should watch more of it... I don't
believe everything I just looked up a few things and did the math...
/watch?v=9kY4DmYu1ts I'll leave it there, if you want to talk more about it
PM me (Y)

Автор passsiero ( назад)
And you can't bring a Country out of the shitter with killing Billions of
People. During the WW2 died about 80 Billions of People, and this isn't
helping a Country at all.

Автор passsiero ( назад)
That's all lies. Here in Germany we have the most Informations about WW2,
and I can tell you for SURE, that Hitler did nothing right. He was even
from the begining a Psychopath, and he claimed to might with a hole bunch
of lies. Okay right he brought us out of the shitter, but then he brought
us into a even bigger shitter. He was a Psycho, and Megalomaniac. And
brought SO. MUCH. Hate. over us. The Video that you posted is full of Nazi
lies and shit. Don't believe everything on the Internet ._.

Автор NS ( назад)
I have one question for you: Why hate a man who brought your country out of
the shitter and then with the German men and women, fight against powers
[that wanted it dead] to the death. I'm sorry but Hitler never claimed war
once... He attacked Poland to relieve the German ethnics from their own
holocaust in which no one mentions... /watch?v=lejfGhWeakY 

Автор passsiero ( назад)
It is really funny to read,your sentences :DDD (I'm from Germany :D) You
can use "Sie" as "She", the formal talk "You", and plural "They". Yeah I
know which words you mean :D For Example: Schule, Kindergarten, Gitarre,
Bett, Lampe. Got every word? ;)

Автор passsiero ( назад)
I have a question for you. I am german and I hate Adolf Hitlers work. If
I'd have the Chance I would kill him. What can I do, for the Sins of my
ancestors? I have absolutly NOTHING to do with the 3. Reich, or Nazi's, or
Hitler! And the most germans either. You know? It really hurts me, cause
that is what the world thinks of germany, that we are all Nazis and that we
like Hitlers work. It hurts because I really like Great Britain. But when
you are german, you are allways a Nazi .. I hate it -.-"

Автор nan0n1 ( назад)
says the island monkey :D

Автор Powerwookie of love ( назад)
What are you saying here? I am a german guy and I hate Nazis, only the
second Worldwar is by the Germans, the first one wasn´t only by us. Please
shut up, I wantet to enjoy this day, but you destroy It, I dont hate people
out of german. Not every german is a nazi, so you must not talk so abou us

Автор DigitalCupcakes ( назад)
that's why i'm here too. xD

Автор cobraxsize ( назад)
Rip Van Winkle *-* 

Автор Don Willingham ( назад)
google translate says that it's some guy looking for support from his
family as he sets sail to destroy england. in the last verse he dies and
tells his family to remain strong for Germany

Автор Natsu Dragneel ( назад)
America gave us the resources France helped us ALLOT Russia was always on
the front line the British started it but America and Russia finished it
and i personally love the Germans 

Автор Rip Van Winkle ( назад)

Автор SlutMcMuffin ( назад)

Автор EisenKreuzKrieger GER ( назад)

Автор Myuutsuu85 ( назад)
well, his profile (and post) states, he is from U.K. But he certanly dosn't
fit into the image of an english gentleman

Автор gtaadicion ( назад)
xD, i have a question, he is from U.S.? i can't believe how stupid he is xD

Автор Necrotic ( назад)
"Friends I like War. Friends I love War."

Автор DasNeueFeuer ( назад)
I know what you mean.

Автор NOS351W ( назад)
Same here my friend.

Автор morganmiller41 ( назад)
I came cause I heard Rip Van Winkle sing this

Автор Baka - Pressy ( назад)
Sigh* I really don't know. I have to say though, German is, to me, easier
to learn than some of the others. There are words in German that you can
almost instantley tell what they mean.

Автор DasNeueFeuer ( назад)
Well scumbag YouTube made me notice your comment late. Aber ach nein, ich
bin nicht aus Deutschland ;) aber ich spreche ein bischen deutsch :) But
you are right, in the sense that you use "du" to a person you know (2nd
person singular) and Sie as formal talk. I am not sure though if it's still
considered 2nd person singular, but I think so.

Автор Baka - Pressy ( назад)
Little late on that reply Lol. Anyways, My teacher told me that you use
"Sie" for formal talk. You only use "du" if you know the person. and what I
meant was, "Are you from Germany?"

Автор DasNeueFeuer ( назад)
Well "Wie alt bist Sie" is wrong because bist is 2nd pers. singular, and
Sie is 3rd pers. plural. So it would either be "Wie alt bist du" or "Wie
alt sind Sie" And what are you trying to say "Bist du komme Deutschland?" ?
It makes no sense. "Are you coming to Germany?" is that it?

Автор xDGlomb ( назад)
germany today has the same enemy as every european nation: islam terror

Автор lonely wolf ( назад)

Автор Krystyna Nowak ( назад)

Автор Baka - Pressy ( назад)
Please leave the past in the past. The Germans do NOT need to be reminded.
The modern generations don't need to be blamed for something their great
grandparents did. And! If you're only here to hate, please show yourself
the exit. Thank you.

Автор nitush1000 ( назад)
yeah. the germans are so perfect with what they do. all there machinary is
the bast at work- cars, driers, mixers, Extermination camps.. 

Автор nitush1000 ( назад)
though i agree with your anger point, i can relate to the anger. the war
ended 70 years ago, but if you look back at history you can see that it
repeats itself. the world didn't care about the jews and what the germans
did to them- we'd think the world leaders will learn a lesson but look what
happens is syria- the world just waves an angry finger at them. china?? the
world gave them the olimpics. Iran nuclear bomb? the same finger and a
little sanctions. no, the world did not learn it's lesson.

Автор Baka - Pressy ( назад)
OK. Kleine Quiz: Hallo, Wie alt bist Sie? Bist du komme Deuteschland? I
can't resist. I love German Culture. Did you ever go on a trip to Germany?
My class will in what will be my Senior year, I think. Either that year or
my junior. I am only a Sophmore. And please, correct me if I am wrong with
the German I typed. O.o

Автор FireOps ( назад)
So how exactly does this World War 1 sailor song has something to do with
the Holocaust?

Автор BewareTheShinigami ( назад)
Hellsing. What? Too soon?

Автор MATTBOBVV ( назад)
yay hellsing. lol

Автор EisenKreuzKrieger GER ( назад)
ist ja auch scheißenschwer die sprache :D

Автор Ritterbag ( назад)
I do agree with your basic point; though I would like to point out that A)
They didn't "work most of the Jews to death", they actively gassed most of
them because they wanted them to die, and B) The Germans haven't exactly
let the past go and moved on, they still require police guard at all major
Jewish institutions in Germany, which is pretty unbelievable (though it
does make a change, I suppose, from November 9th 1938, when the police
happily turned a blind eye to their destruction).

Автор guykinniku ( назад)
Grow up you you pathetic little man.

Автор DasNeueFeuer ( назад)
Yeah man it's weird! I am truly baffled by this! I wasn't even paying much
attention during those years :/ But okay, these lyrics aren't that hard to
understand :b put me up with Der Untergang and I can't understand shit xD

Автор FreddeX91 ( назад)
Lucky bastard, i studied german from the 6th grade to the 9th grade as well
as in collegue but for some reason it just refused to stick... :/

Автор Unus Domus ( назад)
.... has absolutely nothing to do with what I said.

Автор The Major ( назад)
Doesn't really matter when or why or how the song was made as a song is
neither good nor evil. And the fact that the song is a sad one on top of
that means that I rather enjoy it. Old warsongs are usually sad.

Автор The Major ( назад)
I can't speak a single word of German but alas I understood it all.

Автор Anthony Smith (Ant) ( назад)
i sang the whole thing but only understood Engeland :P

Автор CUBETechie ( назад)
kennt jemand diese orchestale lied heißt welches am anfang von der 4.
hellsing ova kommt wenn der herr major mit seinen zeppelin landet ? 

Автор salvador madrid ( назад)
you are from germany?

Автор MrAstralika (440 лет назад)
Kannte das Lied schon vorher, aber als ich Hellsing schaute fande ich es
erst aufeinmal gut. Eigenartig, obwohl ich andere Lieder wie: Schwarzbraun
ist die Haselnuss, Oh du schöner Westerwald, Flieg Deutsche Fahne flieg
schon so gut fand. 

Автор DasNeueFeuer ( назад)
I can actually understand the lyrics, and I've only had german in 6th to
8th grade :oo I'm 18 now and somehow my german has just sticked to my brain
O.o freaky

Автор bittertongue96 ( назад)
Das Engelandlied / The song of England 1. Today we want to sing a song, we
want to drink cold wine and the glasses shall clink, because it must, it
must be divorced. 

Автор bittertongue96 ( назад)
chorus: Give me your Hand, your white hand, farewell sweety, farewell
sweety, farewell, farewell, because we'll move, we'll move, we'll move
toward England, England. 2. Our flag which flutters on the mast, announces
the power of our Reich, because we can't stand it anymore, that the
englishman laughs at it [the Reich]. chorus. 

Автор bittertongue96 ( назад)
When the message comes, that I died, that I'm sleeping in the see, Don't
cry for me sweety, and consider: His blood was shed for the fatherland. 

Автор Unus Domus ( назад)
The lyrics are pre-WWII, but the music was written in 39.

Автор bittertongue96 ( назад)
it was written before 1939 :/ dumbass. And definitely not during the 2nd
world war

Автор stormneko ( назад)
as i'm reading the comments, i find that there are people insulting
englishmen, and people insulting germans. and so i think to myself, "damn
racist bastards posting opinions that no one gives a fuck about. and stop
Nazi bashing, they lost the war, that's humiliation enough, and the only
nazis left I know of are fictional - millennium from hellsing." :3

Автор Unus Domus ( назад)
It was written in 39, so it could easily be a 50+ year old record playing.

Автор Lanayru19 ( назад)
Hah! I love the versions that sound like a 50+ year old record playing.
Gives it that hunt of nostalgia!

Автор wape1 ( назад)
I sometimes find myself humming this song while flying my Messerschmitt Bf
109 E-3 against British Spitfires and Hurricanes. Horrido!

Автор SailorMars768 ( назад)
Rip <3

Автор Myuutsuu85 ( назад)
yeah yeah, it's allright. Now take your medicine. It's good for you

Автор MLGPCMasterRace ( назад)
big fat black jewish gay nerd 

Автор MLGPCMasterRace ( назад)
big fat black jewish nerd

Автор MLGPCMasterRace ( назад)
big fat black nerd

Автор MLGPCMasterRace ( назад)
big fat nerd

Автор MLGPCMasterRace ( назад)

Автор MrB3se ( назад)
I guess war is over guys just stfu the 3rd reich isnt a topic for immature
5 yr olds Und fuer alle deutschen... Regt euch nit uber solche spacken auf
das ist YT da wird nie was ordentliches gepostet...zB "wir bomben euch weg"
koennt ihr mongos euch sparen PS : bin deutscher also dont hate :P

Автор Luis17544 ( назад)
what the fuck is wrontg with you!?!? -_- at first i was in britain for 2
weeks,and the englishman I have met were very nice to us and have nothing
against purely German 2.your a idiot a fucking stupid idiot-.- and 3. the
german army,so the bundeswehr,is superior to the British Army weapon
systems so shut up asshole-.- and at last:I am German and have absolutely
nothing against people or englishman from other countries. But what I'm
against are idiots also tot allen megavollidioten,sowie dir-.-

Автор Carles Manrich i Peres (voëlvry93) ( назад)
yeah, they are a lot of jews in britain (ironical)

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