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Автор Dylan Bourassa (5 месяцев)
Who came here because of Hellsing Ultimate?

Автор TheMonzon (10 месяцев)
rip van winkle
rest un peace

Автор linda gehringer (3 месяца)
I only know this because of Hellsing. 😂

Автор KilroyTheGreat (1 год)
"Send up ze beacon! Our signal fire of defiance! Announcing our grand
return to zis mortal world!"

Автор Fantasy_Raver (1 год)
Germany... Why did you have to be evil? We only wanted to share your beer
and bratwurst.

Автор oliver gutierrez (7 месяцев)
hellsing ultimate brought me here

Автор satan abomination (15 дней)

Автор Addsmartpunhere (9 месяцев)
I love how everybody thinks this is a Nazi song.

Автор Noah Gatewood (5 месяцев)
Dies ist die beste Version iv'e gehört , so klar.

Автор oni thien (3 месяца)
ferme la a tout jamais,c et pas une chanson nazi m et bien allemande rien a

Автор IULIAN POPESCU (10 месяцев)
in timpul razboiului l-am cantat in cor cu cuvinte romanesti "Vrem
Ardealul" popescu iulian

Автор gromaniak16 (1 год)
Hellsing brought me here.

Автор DJ0of0the0X0Universe (2 года)
so wie so haben viele lieder (inkl. unserer Nationalhymne mit allen
Strophen) die in dieser Zeit oft gesungen wurden nichts mit dem Dritten
Reich zu tun... schade um die lieder...

Автор gtaadicion (2 года)
xD, i have a question, he is from U.S.? i can't believe how stupid he is xD

Автор stormneko (2 года)
as i'm reading the comments, i find that there are people insulting
englishmen, and people insulting germans. and so i think to myself, "damn
racist bastards posting opinions that no one gives a fuck about. and stop
Nazi bashing, they lost the war, that's humiliation enough, and the only
nazis left I know of are fictional - millennium from hellsing." :3

Автор passsiero (1 год)
That's all lies. Here in Germany we have the most Informations about WW2,
and I can tell you for SURE, that Hitler did nothing right. He was even
from the begining a Psychopath, and he claimed to might with a hole bunch
of lies. Okay right he brought us out of the shitter, but then he brought
us into a even bigger shitter. He was a Psycho, and Megalomaniac. And
brought SO. MUCH. Hate. over us. The Video that you posted is full of Nazi
lies and shit. Don't believe everything on the Internet ._.

Автор kittykittyey (1 год)
Lucky you! Spanish is your maternal language! You don't have to learn it!
XD don't worry about the english!it was a big problem for me too maybe 5 or
4 years ago! Thanks to the internet, I get bored in every single english
class: too easy -.- XD

Автор Baka - Pressy (2 года)
Little late on that reply Lol. Anyways, My teacher told me that you use
"Sie" for formal talk. You only use "du" if you know the person. and what I
meant was, "Are you from Germany?"

Автор passsiero (1 год)
Well, you can choose at the 6th grade if you want to learn French, but not
every School does it

Автор Ritterbag (2 года)
I do agree with your basic point; though I would like to point out that A)
They didn't "work most of the Jews to death", they actively gassed most of
them because they wanted them to die, and B) The Germans haven't exactly
let the past go and moved on, they still require police guard at all major
Jewish institutions in Germany, which is pretty unbelievable (though it
does make a change, I suppose, from November 9th 1938, when the police
happily turned a blind eye to their destruction).

Автор salvador madrid (2 года)
you are from germany?

Автор stapler pit (3 года)
@staplerpit1 zu vermeiden! Haß, oder Haßgefühle gegenüber anderen Völkern,
war und ist der Grund, Krieg zu führen! Dieses Lied ist nur ein
Geschichtsfragment. In anderen Ländern gibt es auch Lieder aus dieser Zeit,
die, vom Text her, Deutschland verunglimpfen. Deshalb müssen diese Lieder
aber nicht verboten werden. Im Gegenteil: Nur wer weiß, wie man ein Volk
gegen ein anderes aufstachelt, wird begreifen, wie wichtig es ist, Frieden
mit dem Nachbarn zu bewahren!!!

Автор Maxwell Edison (3 года)
Daumen hoch wer es von Hellsing kennt

Автор passsiero (1 год)
I know :D Hmm .. Let's see .. Du kommst also aus Dänemark, wie viel Deutsch
verstehst du denn? Nur ein wenig, oder recht viel? :D Lernt ihr deutsch in
der Schule, oder hast du dir das selbst beigebracht? :)

Автор Qdance81 (3 года)
@Qdance81 Idiot

Автор ooOOJanOOoo (4 года)
@fafjaafh Ahoi Kamerad! *gg*

Автор Porkion (3 года)
This song was written in a time when for example the Boer war was still
fresh in the memory of many Dutch and German people. After gold was found
in Witwatersrand, the Brits waged war against their protestant brothers - a
war by Jews for Jews, just not fought by Jews.

Автор Todistmeinleben (3 года)
@endofday11 Really that's unneed I'm German and Idc what happend back then
its in the past let's forgive forget life is different we don't need people
like you going off and saying stiff like that to start fights it makes us
both look bad

Автор MATTBOBVV (2 года)
yay hellsing. lol

Автор tulius01 (4 года)
Dieses Lied singen wir immer noch regelmäßig zu fortgeschrittener Stunde in
erlesener Runde zum Gedenken an die tapferen Soldaten des ersten und
zweiten Weltkriegs.

Автор abandoned wolf (2 года)

Автор Baka - Pressy (2 года)
OK. Kleine Quiz: Hallo, Wie alt bist Sie? Bist du komme Deuteschland? I
can't resist. I love German Culture. Did you ever go on a trip to Germany?
My class will in what will be my Senior year, I think. Either that year or
my junior. I am only a Sophmore. And please, correct me if I am wrong with
the German I typed. O.o

Автор Myuutsuu85 (2 года)
well, his profile (and post) states, he is from U.K. But he certanly dosn't
fit into the image of an english gentleman

Автор Ronald Jo (1 год)
Please, God forgive him - he has no feeling for Billions, Millions and
Milliarden ! A Billion (american counting) is in Europe a Milliarde. He
thinks that in the WW2 was killing 80 Millarden? And in Germany most of the
People stupid about the History and big Propaganda the last 65Years.
Greetings from TelAviv and the old communists

Автор jesus alberto armenta olivares (4 года)
nyce!!! :D sehr schones lied (:

Автор DatOneBrony (2 года)

Автор Lanayru19 (2 года)
Hah! I love the versions that sound like a 50+ year old record playing.
Gives it that hunt of nostalgia!

Автор TeaRules (1 год)
would it get you into legal trouble to hum songs like this, or any song
from WWII in public? Because ever since I heard this song I can't stop
humming it. -_-;

Автор Carles Manrich i Peres (3 года)
like "gott mit uns" but fortunately, this was seen more as a symbol of
imperial germany and the police and army used it till 1972.

Автор Don Willingham (2 года)
google translate says that it's some guy looking for support from his
family as he sets sail to destroy england. in the last verse he dies and
tells his family to remain strong for Germany

Автор zexion5040 (3 года)
@IrischerKobold rip van winkle xD

Автор TheThaumaturgist (3 года)
@IrischerKobold ja, hier, ich! ^^

Автор Slaneech01 (5 лет)
Kein Problem ^^

Автор Frank Bernstein (4 года)

Автор BewareTheShinigami (2 года)
Hellsing. What? Too soon?

Автор kairitohrukagome819 (4 года)
@heumbrella she definietly sings it better

Автор NezuNey Blue (4 года)
ist das eigentlich erlaubt so lieder auf Youtube hoch zu laden??? Ich
meine... Krieg??? Nazis???? und dann noch ENGLAND? Ich meine ich bin auch
zum teil engländer...aber irgendwie mag ichs xD aber mein dad meinte ich
soll sowas nit anhörn -.-" ich würde mich über ne private antwort freuen

Автор morganmiller41 (2 года)
I came cause I heard Rip Van Winkle sing this

Автор DasNeueFeuer (2 года)
Well scumbag YouTube made me notice your comment late. Aber ach nein, ich
bin nicht aus Deutschland ;) aber ich spreche ein bischen deutsch :) But
you are right, in the sense that you use "du" to a person you know (2nd
person singular) and Sie as formal talk. I am not sure though if it's still
considered 2nd person singular, but I think so.

Автор CUBETechie (2 года)
kennt jemand diese orchestale lied heißt welches am anfang von der 4.
hellsing ova kommt wenn der herr major mit seinen zeppelin landet ?

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